Channeling Bigfoot, Part Two

The radio show last night, all 90 minutes of it, was great. Dave was a wonderful host, and Kim and Erik were in the zone. I’ll be sure to post it when Dave gives me the link. If you listen to it, see if you can find any Erik EVPs. 

I’d also like to share our most recent Ask Erik magazine column. As you may remember, it’s now being published not only in the Sedona Journal of Emergence but also on the Sivana blog. Every time I write an article, Matt Caron of Sivana gives me a code for a $25 discount at their store. I got a ton of them now and was thinking about giving them away as part of a contest or random drawing. As you know, I don’t like to receive (and never have received) any compensation for what I do because that would be like exploiting Erik’s death. Let me know what you think. The store has some really nice things. Anyway, I digress. If you want to read the article, click HERE.

I know it’s Tuesday, so it should be a Best of Erik day, but I hate to lose momentum on the Bigfoot interview series so here’s the big guy again!

Bigfoot: Can you actually believe you’re talking to a Bigfoot? Did you ever think—

Me: No! I’m so honored, too! How do you change dimensions? What do you do to do that?

Bigfoot: Well, that’s all about your state of mind, your ability to—it starts with the mind.

Kim laughs about something.

Kim: I said, “I assume it’s a he,” and he’s like, “Yeah, I’m a he.”

We both chuckle.

Bigfoot: It starts with the mind. You see, our minds don’t race like humans’ do. Humans are thinking about a million things all at once, so your energy is spread thin. Your consciousness, your awareness is everywhere and in all those places you’re thinking about. We’re not like that. We’re very much “in the moment” types of individuals, and so we don’t worry about the past and the future. That allows us to connect to our mindset, change our vibration based on our thinking and alter ourselves into another dimension because all of our consciousness, all of our awareness, is here with us, not here, there and everywhere.

Me: So it’s very narrowly focused so you can project your consciousness easily into another dimension. Is that what you’re saying?

Bigfoot: Exactly. That’s why humans can’t do that. It takes a completely different spiritual DNA makeup.

Kim: Nomads?

Me: Well that’s another one of my questions. Are you nomadic? Obviously, if you’re flitting from one dimension to the next, that’s the quintessential nomad right there!

Kim: I guess so because he said, “That’s the difference between humans and nomads,” and he was referring to himself when he said that.

Me: Okay. Do you have some sort of spiritual purpose as a collective?

Bigfoot: Our collective spiritual purpose is that our existence is meant to teach collectiveness, to teach that calm and how to have all of you in one place, but we’re not limited to teaching our own kind. We can teach anything outside of us.

Kim: He actually said, “Dinosaurs!”

I could have had him elaborate, but I have too many questions left!

Me: Wow!

Kim (laughing): My mind is going places I never thought possible!

Me: I know! Of course you’re teaching humans that, too, right?

Bigfoot: Absolutely. Humans create ideas and thoughts because their minds will create a thought and run with it, so a lot of that can be false depending on what the mind creates. We don’t operate that way. We only exist in what we experience which is truth.

Me: Oh, I see.

Bigfoot: So there’s a whole different makeup between human understanding and human experience versus our understanding and experience of the world around us.

Me: So, are you saying that your thoughts are only centered around what you experience? Does that mean you don’t have any imagination?

Bigfoot: Partially, yes. Our thoughts are centered around the moment we’re in, and we take that moment, learn from it, and that becomes our truth. We can teach based on who we are and what we’ve experienced, but we’re not big on putting our ideas onto others. We’d rather let others experience for themselves.

Me: Oh, okay.

Bigfoot: We’re not big on giving others preconceived notions. Humans do that left and right!

Me: I know. Why are you so elusive? Are you kind of shy? It seems like you prefer solitude.

Bigfoot: We do prefer solitude, but it’s not out of shyness. It’s out of wanting to cherish our own inner space—knowing that your energy is very sensitive to a degree and not wanting—and having good boundaries. How about that? Let’s say it like that. Having good boundaries in place so that our sense of peace and sense of center doesn’t get disrupted by anything. So it’s not that we’re shy or don’t know how to communicate or don’t want to. It’s more of a self-protection mechanism.

Me: Okay. If you saw us, I mean, you would defend yourself if we tried to kill you, but do you want to kill us or harm us or even eat us and would you if we crossed paths? Be honest now! I won’t hold it against you. We’re kind of tasty, so…

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: Being on Earth, being on the earthly plane and being perceived by humans brings on a whole different experience for us, emotionally. It does trigger deeper, lower emotions where we’re generally higher vibration operating individuals. But being in the physical realm, there is aggression. Aggression does come about, but it’s not geared to the humans. It’s out of protection. Think about the mama bear wanting to protect her cub.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Bigfoot: We just want to protect. So there’s definitely aggression that comes into play. Other lower emotions come into play when we’re visible to the human. As far as eating you, some of us may go as far as harming humans—

Me: Oh!

Bigfoot: There comes a point when you feel like your sacred space is being violated, and we’ll do anything we can to protect that, but as far as eating you goes, we wouldn’t go that far.

Me: So basically, [your aggression is] to protect each other, yourselves and your sacred space. Those would be the preconditions for harming us?

Bigfoot: Right, but we’d rather scare you off than hurt you.

Me: Yeah, well that’s probably easy to do!

Bigfoot: We’ve been given a bad name that we’re these awful creatures that are out to kill and hurt and eat.

Me (tenderly): No you’re not!

Bigfoot: It’s just a misunderstanding. We’re actually a lot smarter. We’re more intelligent than humans.

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: And that’s misunderstood. So we’d rather scare you off than hurt you to get you to leave.

Me: Well Erik once told me that you look upon us like we’re pets like a cat or a dog.

Kim: Yeah, there’s no hierarchy, but it’s like he saying they’re more intelligent so they don’t bother with us too much.

Me: Okay, you know what? We’re going to close off here and make this Part One. When we come back, I want to start off talking about that famous photo of you—of one of you—and whether that’s a hoax—and other questions. I have so many questions to go through! So we’ll talk to you later!

We close this session because I don’t want the YouTube videos to be too long and decided to divide the interview into two videos. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next one!


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