Channeling Carl Sagan, Part Three

I don’t know how I forgot to publish this. It was supposed to be the entry for Thanksgiving. Sigh.

Mark your calendars, Peeps. This Tuesday the 29th at 7:00 P.M. CST, Erik will once again be interviewed by Sheila Gale on her internationally renown radio show, The Sheila Show. Here’s the link:

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I’m sure I’m not alone when I share the overwhelming sadness I feel as the holidays loom large. Of course there is much in my life for which I am deeply grateful, but it’s so hard to ignore the gaping wound in my heart knowing that Erik will not be sitting with us tomorrow at our Thanksgiving table.

Erik teasing his grandma

Erik teasing his grandma

EMDR has done a lot to peel back the layers, but since the first layers are the protective facade, there is a rawness that is exposed to the cruel dig of every sad reminder of a loss that will only find its resolution at the end of my own life. With that knowledge, every day, every hour, every minute seems to drag on at an unbearably slow pace as the flames of grief leap and dance vigorously. The stark contrast of my sorrow to the festive mood this time of year only intensifies the misery. If only those flames didn’t burn so. That said, I shower my love on all of you who suffer like me as I hold you in my heart tomorrow. The tears I shed  are not only for my own loss; they are for yours too. So remember you are not alone.

And now it’s Carl’s turn. He’s been waiting so patiently:

Me: Okay. Now, can you share a past life that most influenced your last one, Carl?

Jamie (giggling): He looks at me and he goes, “Well, it would have to be this one.”

Carl: This life right now with me as a light being.

Me: Oh wow. That’s kind of complicated.

Jamie (sounding a bit overwhelmed): I know, please!

Me: Well that does make sense.

Carl: With my abilities to move intergalactically and then being trapped and so confined with a structured belief system that I felt I did very well at disassembling easily.

Me: Yeah. You sure did. When you look at the state of humanity now, what do you think?


Me (in a meek, high-pitched voice): Be gentle.

 Carl: It makes me want to cough!

Me: What? So, it doesn’t want to make you throw up?

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Carl: No, it’s not that vile.

Me: Oh god.

Carl: But it makes me want to cough. It’s just so thick. It’s ill; it’s diseased, and there are only a few beings who are trying to save the millions. We need to start learning that it is our perception; it is how well we use our minds. The perception of life—that’s what’s killing humanity.

Me: Do you have any messages or advice for us?

Jamie (giggling): He and Erik are teasing about how much time do we have!

Me: Oh god!

Jamie: Erik is just glued to him!

Me: Well, that makes sense, because in a session well over a year ago, through Kim, I think, he said he and I used to love traveling to other galaxies together.

Jamie: I-I’m—you ever know that feeling where you are just—you are in a conversation with someone who is just so much smarter than you?

Me: Oh god, that happens all the time to me!

Jamie: Oofff! This guy is so far over my head, I just, I don’t—wow.

Carl: I would tell people on earth that aliens are not mythological creatures. They are real. They’ve inhabited the earth before, and they will do so again, in larger numbers than now. 

Me: Okay Interesting. Erik do you have any questions for Dr. Sagan?

Erik: What are you doing for lunch?

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Me: Erik, you understand him better than we do, huh! Smarty Pants.

Erik (chuckling): Oh, I might have one up on you!

Me: Yeah, I guess so! Well, thank you, Carl. I appreciate your time.

Carl: Thank you very much for having me.

Jamie: Really sweet. He kind of did like a slight bow, like a nod of appreciation.

Me: Aww! How nice! Okay, so do you want to—

Jamie: Phew! Talk to someone dumber?

Me: Oh god, yes!


Now, if you need another dessert recipe for tomorrow, Carl is happy to oblige.

Carl’s Recipe for Thanksgiving

Without knowing it, I interviewed Carl three days before Carl Sagan day. What synchronicity!

Carl Sagan Day



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