Channeling Freddie Mercury, Part One

Before Freddie takes the mike, as only he can do, I’d like to introduce two new and upcoming psychics over the next two days. The first is Kent Lehman. As is often the case, he embarked on a new path because of Erik. I only found out about his connection with our boy through a third party, and one phone conversation later, I feel honored to know him, pleased that Erik and he are friends, and excited to share his story. He and his wife, Cindy, also have a wonderful band, The Eclectic Verve. I’ve already downloaded their music on iTunes.

After “stumbling” upon the Channeling Erik Blog when I was searching for a name for our band (I say “stumbling” in quotes because I believe there are no coincidences), I began reading and was fascinated by what Elisa was posting.  It reignited a basic belief that I already had but had gone somewhat dormant in my mind’s priorities.  This belief being that our souls have a continuation from life into death and there is a greater consciousness of which we are all a part. 

Following the loss of several family members and friends who crossed over, one of the ways my wife Cindy and I sought to work through our grief was by communicating with loved ones through mediums that we had learned about on the Channeling Erik site.  This led us to Jamie Butler and Jeannie Barnes.  As we healed through the messages they delivered, there was also a consistent theme that we, too could communicate with Spirit. 

We have received training through The Aspen Program of Psychic Development and have also received guidance through Jamie connecting with our guides.  Through Jamie, we have repeatedly been told by Spirit that part of our path in life is to be conduits to help people receive messages that they need as well as help Spirit(s) deliver the messages they want to give.  After struggling for several months over finding the right time to start (as well as work it into our busy schedule), Cindy and I decided that we just had to put ourselves out there because the “right” time may never come.  As a result, at the beginning of December, we started doing practice readings.  We are currently in the midst of providing a Spirit Communication session daily for 14 days in a row to hone my sensitivities regarding how Spirit is communicating with me.  I have been floored and humbled by the response thus far, including several cameos from Erik.

In addition to our Spirit Communication, I also work in my family’s small business, and am a singer/songwriter.  Cindy and I released our debut CD last June for our band Eclectic Verve.  Following is a link to a video for a song I wrote for my cat of 19-1/2 years that was released in December.  Writing the song was instrumental in comforting me and healing my grief after my cat passed.  Originally, the intent of the song was simply to describe my relationship with my cat, but the purpose expanded into a message about the spiritual nature of our animal companions and what we can learn from them.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact Cindy at or (720) 248-8396.  For more information about us, or what Erik has termed “The Colorado Couple’s” Spirit Communication practice, please visit our website


And now, Mr. Freddie Mercury:

Me: Erik, let’s see if we can get Freddie Mercury for us. Jamie and I are big Queen fans.

Jamie: Oh, Erik just left. He didn’t even say anything.


Jamie: And here he is. Mr. Freddie Mercury. He’s got his moustache!

Me: Oh good! Hello Mr. Mercury!

Mercury: Hello ladies.

Me: We’re friend. I mean fans—and friends, of course. You were—and are—so incredible. Such power from the heart when you sing. I just don’t know how to describe it.

Jamie: He says thank you very much, but does he have a lisp?

Me: A little bit of a lisp, yeah. He did.

Jamie: Huh. Really? I never heard it, but of course I guess you don’t really have a lisp when you sing.

Me: Yes, isn’t that something? The same thing with stuttering.

Jamie: All right. Sorry. Go ahead.

Me: Okay, what beliefs did you have about death and the afterlife while you were alive? What did you think was going to happen?

Freddie: I thought that you would die, and the gods would come for you. Then, they would judge you on the life that you lived and that would determine how well you lived in the afterlife.

Me: Really? How interesting. What kind of religion is that?

Freddie (laughing): I think it’s a bit of my own!

Me: Wow, not too many people create their own religion, Freddie!

Freddie: Where I grew up—

Jamie: It’s weird. It’s kind of like Catholic, but not in a Catholic place. Let’s see if that makes sense. Can you explain that to me, Freddie?

(Freddie gives details to Jamie)

Jamie: In a different country? So he says he was raised Catholic, but in a country that was not Catholic in itself. So he heard multiple viewpoints on religion as a young boy and kind of put together the two, because when he was younger, he said anyone who could give me multiple viewpoints on the same topic just proved to him that nobody really understood it.

Me: Ah!

Freddie: So, I just threaded together what I liked about all of them. I guess that was for my own comfort, because I didn’t believe in what the school was teaching.

Me: After you passed over, how did your beliefs change?

Freddie: That didn’t happen at all!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Surprise!

Freddie: Thankfully, I wasn’t judged for who I was. If I had been, I clearly would have defended myself. I felt that I lived a life that most people wanted, because I did what I fell in love with. It didn’t matter if it was proper or improper, if it was boys or girls, I did what my desires led me to do.

Jamie: He laughs. He kind of recants his words.

Freddie: There was a good sized portion of my life where I was very selfish. As you know, when I became ill, that part I also did all that I desired, but it wasn’t selfish. It was very unselfish. I know you’re going to ask me what did I learn; that is what I learned how to do.

Me: Oh, okay. Now, what was your actual transition to heaven like for you?

Freddie: I believe I smiled.

Me: Aw.

Freddie: I was in my room. I remember there was never a quiet moment. You could always hear the people outside.

Jamie: Oh, you had people outside?

Freddie: Yes, sometimes I would have someone hold up a mirror so that I could see out the window and down.

Jamie: He must have been on a hill or up in a second story room. It’s not clear, but he looks like he’s up higher. He wanted the mirror to held in a way that he could see what was happening.

Freddie: I always felt loved by the people who enjoyed my music. I never felt like I was being stripped or robbed of my creative expression.

Me: Aw, that’s good! So your death wasn’t very painful? It was peaceful, then? Like a release? Is that what you’re trying to say?

Freddie: Well, the medications helped. I think without that, it would have been very painful, and my body—I was never once afraid. I knew it was coming; I welcomed it. I had been sick for a very long time, and I just wanted death to come rescue me. 

What a poignant and spiritual song. One of my favorites:

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