Channeling my Higher Self, Part One

Emma and I were just on a great radio show called “We Don’t Die” with host, Sandra Champlain. It was a bit rocky at first because there was a big party going on at someone’s house on the street, so both of my dogs were barking incessantly! They never do that! So I had to let Emma share her story so I could lock up the dogs in another room. At the end of the show, Emma and Sandra both swore they heard a male voice. It’ll be interesting to hear the recording to see if it was Erik. I’ll post the show in a couple of days. 

Enjoy this post channeling my Higher Self. Thanks so much to Cherie N. for the transcription! As usual, the YouTube version is at the end.

Kim: Hello there. Can you hear me now?

Elisa: Yes, I can hear you now. It sounds like a commercial. It is. Today, I want to, first of all, say hello to both of you. To Erik, I love you.

Erik: Hello. What’s up mom? I love you.

Kim: He’s blowing kisses.

Elisa: Aw. Thank you. I want to brace myself and talk to my higher self. Elisa’s higher self. Erik. Brace yourself.

Elisa: She probably wants to bitchslap me. I know. I’m trying my best. Erik: No, you’ll probably want to bitchslap her.

Elisa: Uh-oh. All right. Well, first of all, I want to ask if she has any messages for me. Or advice.

Erik: Just love yourself. Because anytime we do a process like this we always connect to your higher self when we’re channeling because no matter what, it’s the God source in you that knows all and is all.

Kim: So Erik connects to that in everybody to bring through information about everybody. That’s how he can give advice and so on.

Elisa: Sure.

Kim: So the message is just to love yourself through everything. And Erik’s energy is really soft, really soft.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: Which is good because yesterday he flipped my world upside down and inside out. Elisa: Uh-oh.

Kim: He shared something I’ve never heard before, and we’re gonna have to make a YouTube video about it. It was wild.

Elisa: Okay. All right.

Kim: So thankfully he’s nice and soft and calm today.

Erik: Your higher self is saying, “When you love yourself through anything, you can see the best in everything.” It’s that ability to– What do they call it? The silver lining– to see the silver lining in something. When you stay connected to that part of you, your higher self, that’s where you pull that ability from. So love yourself through anything. That way you can see the best in everything because sometimes, we’re so used to seeing the difficulties, the hard things, the hardships.

But there’s also energy.

Kim: There are two things that he’s focusing on–Erik, pulling from your higher self. He’s

focusing on–I see green flooding out and then blue. Just those colors, that use of colors tells me a lot. When he’s pulling energy out of the heart, this is more of a message of don’t be afraid to share who you are and what you are always. There’s something with time. There’s something with–because he keeps going, “When? When?”

Elisa: What are you trying to tell her, Erik?

Erik: When they ask you, tell them–”they” just being anybody in general. When they ask you who you are and what you do, tell them. Tell them with such love and compassion that it’s like they become captivated because when you stay in that energy, that higher self, it becomes, mom, therapeutic for other people.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: When you stay there, you don’t even have to say anything. It just becomes therapeutic for other people. When you’re enthusiastic to share what you’re doing, what your goals are, what you’re working towards, you captivate them in that energy and it just, again, it pushes out like this ripple effect that he shows.

Elisa: I love myself. I don’t feel that I always have. It took me a long time to get there, but I do. And I share pretty much everything, and my husband fusses at me about that.

Kim: Me, too.

Elisa: It’s like, “Why don’t you give them your social security number while you’re at it?” That kind of thing.

Kim: That’s what Brian says. Me, too. Because there’s so much freedom in being an open book. Elisa: Oh, I totally agree.

Kim: I mean if you don’t have anything to hide, it’s like Nirvana. Elisa: Exactly.

Kim: It’s just such a free place to be. And then he’s pushing through the throat chakra too. Again, I feel like– he’s talking about you having so much to share and so much to talk about and almost going, “Okay. How am I gonna do this?” Because it’s like there’s so much that I think you are eager to share, eager to give, but it’s kind of like, “Okay. What would be the best way to share this? What would be the best way to give this?” Whether it’s information, guidance, whatever it might be. It’s kind of like getting organized with what you’re trying to share. It’s more like a “want” so this must be a list. He was gonna say–that just flew right out–he was gonna say “goals”, but he said, “No, it’s a list. It’s just a list.”

Elisa: Okay. Well, I like my lists.

Kim: A list for yourself. A list of things–this is all future reference. He keeps putting it in front of you so whatever you have set for yourself as far as goals. “This is what I want to achieve, what I want to share in the next few years whether”– you know, it could be anything.

Erik: Stay organized in how you want to share it. But stay most of all (clapping his hands really fast) connected to why you want to share it, what makes you passionate about it, not other people. Because when you stay grounded in that, that energy flows, mom. So for example, we have something we want to share but it’s because we’re told to share it.

Kim: I don’t know. This is weird. This is such a weird energy. It’s like if we’re told to share something, then we’re not grounded in it so it doesn’t flow well. It doesn’t flow right.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: It could be like, for example, if you’re working on a project and you’re like, “This is how I want to do it.” But then other people receiving it are like, “No. This is how I want it done.” And you change, then the energy is no longer–

Elisa: No, I want to do it my way. Kim: Yeah.

Elisa: Well, what does he think? When does my higher self wanna get out there? I mean a basic subject.

Kim: It seems like–this is what Erik keeps showing. There’s a book. This is gonna be a

book–this is not about Erik’s life and the afterlife. This is a book about you. This is a book about your life. This is a book about all the things you’ve been through in your life and how you’ve overcome. It’s like a self-help book but you don’t want to call it that because self-help is down

here (gesturing at chest level) and what your book is going to do is up here (gesturing above head).

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: So it doesn’t even grasp–so it seems like it must be a lot because he’s showing me, “Look how big this is,” he says.

Elisa: Oh, gosh.

Kim: So there’s a lot that I think you have inside you that you could compile into a book based on what he’s showing.

Erik: And this is all just about at the end of the day we all put our pants on the same way. We all shit the same way. We all wipe the same way. We all take showers the same way. So I think you’re going to bring it to a basic level of helping people figure out how to get through what they’re going through while remembering we all go through it. We’re all–

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Because there’s such a loneliness in going through shit. No matter what it is. There can be such a loneliness in it so you’re going to remind people–

Elisa: That they are not alone.

Erik: –what they have.

Elisa: Okay. Why did I go through some of this stuff? Why did I have to go through such an abusive childhood?

Kim: That’s funny because when you first asked, “Why did I have to go through this stuff? he pointed to your childhood.

Erik: First of all (holding up his fingers), it’s to show the ability to overcome patterns, the ability to overcome conditional beliefs. Well, you know, mom. It’s like turning inward basically (He’s showing himself reversing Elisa’s energy.) to get to know yourself and then that just bleeds out to the universe to where you’re like, “Wait. I want to know this for myself. I want to know that for myself. Not because I’ve been told. I want to experience it.” You go back into the heart and go, “Wait a minute. I’m going to check these off my list because I experienced them not because I was told what it is.” So you know the stuff you’ve gone through in your childhood, the beliefs that you were raised around, and even the abuse is to show people that patterns don’t have to last. They’re there, and if you can be strong enough and mindful enough, you can very easily let go of them. And it doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be a fight. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Elisa: Yeah. For me, the way I did it is I saw what I got out of it, which is what you (Erik) said, but also to learn how to be compassionate and also to learn how to serve myself, and I’m grateful for that. And once I could feel that gratitude, I could embrace it and let it go. So, you know, you let it go. You don’t suffer as a victim anymore.

Kim. Exactly. Oh, man, I have chills. He’s showing you going as a little girl, “I know there’s more. I know there’s more than this. I know there’s more.” He just keeps repeating that. Showing you as a little girl going, “I know there’s more. This isn’t just it. There’s more than this.”

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: Love, compassion, tenderness. That’s the more. Like, you knew deep in you.

With people that are generally subjected to abuse, those patterns, they fight with themselves thinking that they can’t change their behavior. So he’s trying to run the point home that it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be a struggle to change the way you behave.

Elisa: It doesn’t. It really doesn’t.

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