Different Energies and Other Random Topics

Last night’s radio show was a big hit! We had Ryan Adragna, energy healer, as a guest, and he did an excellent job of reading the energy of several callers. Erik, through our wonderful medium, Veronica Drake, chimed throughout the hour. Wanna listen? Here you go!

Enjoy today’s post! We’re driving home from my wonderful camping adventure in the Hill Country as I type!

Me: What is psi, chi and ki energy?

Erik: Mom, that’s all energy. Life energy.

Me: Is it all the same?

Erik: Yeah, it boils down to all the same thing. Mud, skin, hair, cotton, wood—that all boils down to energy, too. It’s all the same kind of energy, but we can use it differently. We can use the energy to make the wood, to make the cotton, to make, you know, whatever the fuck you need, plastic. So, the energy that runs through the body, we can use it intuitively, psychically. We can use it to heal and mend the physical body. We can use it to help convey emotions, help shift the energy in a room. So, psi, chi, ki, pranha, kundalini, hara—all these things, same fucking shit. All of it’s awesome.

Me: Are they different kinds of energy?

Erik: They’re all the same kind of energy, just used differently.

Me: What is each one used for?

Erik: Well, it’s different names from different cultures to try to label the same thing. Psi is normally used for the psychic energy, so it’s more of a, you know, mental, intuitive thing. The chi is the life force one for the physical body. Same with ki, same with hara, pranha. Course you know that’s Eastern, Indian terminology. Japanese, Chinese. There are different words for it everywhere.

Me: Are you saying that ki and chi are the same thing, just a different word from different cultures?

Erik: Yeah, pretty much. It’s all energy. People just decide to use it in different ways.

Here’s another random topic:

Me: When the Earth reaches the fourth dimension, will our bodies change from carbon to crystalline?

Erik: No!

Me: When our vibrations are higher, will there be no diseases or aliments?

Erik: We’re getting there, but just because the vibrations are higher doesn’t mean that every dingle person on Earth is going to tap into that. You know, we still have the choice to avoid, and those who choose to avoid will definitely choose to go through all of the illness and hardship and confusion. That’s the beauty of being human—to have choice. Nobody’s going to take that shit away from us. In spite of what you hear, our free will is not preplanned by events.

Me: Will all of those who are ailing now be brought back to health as their vibrations get higher?

Erik: Most of the time not. That’s like when you’re really sick with full-blown cancer, and you think you’re going to just swing in to a little bit of the homeopathic stuff, and that’s just going to cure you and take care of you. You know, most likely, no, because your body is so far beyond the point of having the homeopathics help. You need the chemicals.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You do the chemicals and then you swing in to the homeopathics, and you got a fucking good formula.

Jamie chuckles. She’s big into homeopathics, so…

Erik: So, if you’re already sick and your vibration is rising, you’re not in a place where you can adapt with the vibration. You know, you have to look at yourself in the instrument that you are. What can you handle? These are really the questions.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Ding.

Me (giggling): Okay. Guess we’re done with that one then.

Erik: Yep.

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