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Thanks, again, for the generous donations, guys! Many of you have noticed that the receipt is under “Atlantis, Inc.” That’s the corporation I use for tax reasons. 

The other day, I received this awesome email from blog member, Janice T., describing the wonderful benefits she received from the Soul Happy Technique and Kim Voigt’s work at Embody Light. Check it out:

I want to share what I have experience with Kim Voigt’s Embody-Light and Soul Happy Technique. To give you a short background, I had an unexpected Social Anxiety Attack (SAA) several weeks ago that caught me by surprise. I knew I had something buried deep inside me that needs to be fixed, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was, and its hard to forgive something/someone that you don’t know what /who it is that needs to be forgiven.

Meanwhile, my SAA got so severe and debilitating, made me very depressed and dysfunctional  I have never experienced anything like this before, and   I couldn’t stop the negative thoughts bombarding my mind constantly. So I asked Erik for his help. I went to your website and found your video about Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, and I purchased the Soul Happy Technique. I found it helpful and I liked it  a lot  because it was more about detaching yourself from the painful memory, and less about forgiving, which can be tricky.

With the Soul Happy Technique, I was able to shut down the painful memory very quickly when painful memories from the SAA floated into my mind. It was great, and I can see how most people would benefit from it immediately. But for me, I felt I had a deeper rooted issue, but I didn’t know what it was. I also couldn’t lessen the frequency of the negative thoughts from the SAA. I wondered if I was going after the wrong cluster of painful memories. Soul Happy mentioned that I can use this in conjunction with other therapy/help. So I asked Erik for his help again, and I went back to your videos and saw Kim Voigt’s video on PTSD and Broken Heart.

I booked the “Energetic Patterns Lifetime Reading” session with Kim, and she had me answer short 120 questions before our session, which she then printed out the results and we went over it together during our session. She pin pointed certain traumas that I have experienced at certain age. I realized it wasn’t the usual “what kind of trauma did you experience when you were a child?”. Instead, she asked me during our session, “At age 6, you had a trauma or experience where you felt you had to suppress your true self, your true feelings; what happened at age 6 that made you feel that way?”. In other words, Kim was able to tell me what I felt during a traumatic event, and that helped me find that event that was causing my present problem. Kim went through other parts (ages) of my life and I realized then that a pattern I didn’t recognize emerged. She helped me identify which traumas were affecting me up until the present time, and that it was a pattern.

For me, this was huge because as long as I remember, I thought it was because of my father’s abuse. Now I know that it was my mother’s abuse that was causing my present problems. It was when Kim mentioned the feelings, was I able to recall those incidents and to remember what I really felt. A memory I thought was about being scared and uncomfortable was really about being suppressed of my true expression of feelings. The other surprise was that there was a cyclical pattern, which these unresolved issues stuck its ugly head out every 5 years or so. Kim then told me which chakras needed more attention to be cleared, and we did the guided meditation/singing bowl session with me.

Until I spoke to Kim, I did not know how my mother put a veil of guilt on me, and blinded me of all the abuse from her. I didn’t realize I was physically and emotionally abused by her because through guilt. I blamed myself and I felt I deserved the hitting/yelling for my bad behavior, and labeled it as “scolding”, rather then “abuse”. My mother told me I asked for it, and hence I believed her. I would have never connected my SAA to my mother in a million years. Kim helped me to see the connection.

During my session with Kim (with her guide Jaii and Erik), I distinctly heard someone else talking in sync with Kim. I’m not psychic, but I have pretty good hearing. We found out afterwards that it was Jaii’s voice (I described the voice to her). After my session with Kim, I felt dazed, and had a very short period of slight headache, so I knew something was going on. I also saw purple and golden clouds floating in my mind’s eye. Kim said those were energies floating. The negative thoughts from the SAA mostly stopped immediately. I spent the next five days feeling lighter and lighter, and thinking about what had happened, and realizing that there was a pattern of self deprecation and self sabotage. I also listened to Kim’s youtube videos to see if I can hear the same second voice I heard, and sure enough, I heard Jaii’s voice on them also. I mean, talking about EVP!

I continued to listen to Kim’s singing bowls on her youtube videos, and I also did Soul Happy Technique when a negative thought did occasionally pop up. Then, on the evening of the sixth day, all the memories of abuse, hurt, fear, and anger, burst out of me. It was mostly anger. All of the sudden, I remembered all the events I have forgotten about and didn’t know how hurt and scared I felt at that time. Instead of dealing it with the usual “I deserved it” or “she meant well”, I was able to processed it with clear mind and with focus. Something I couldn’t do until I got Kim’s help. The usual guilt and shame just wasn’t there anymore; Kim got rid of that for me by unblocking my chakras. I also didn’t hold back my expression of anger because I understood that it needed to be expressed; spitted out. Now I know I don’t have to make excuses for them, nor judge them, but just to understand why, and my mother will have to own her own behavior. By understanding what and why I reacted/behaved the way I did, I realized I am not to be blamed. I learned how to forgive myself for carrying all that guilt and shame, and it was okay to let it go.  I don’t have to “understand”, or “ make excuses for her; It was solely for me to understand (contracts). Huge difference.  I am responsible for my own emotional attachment to the traumas I have experienced. My mother will have to deal with her own issues, especially now that she is dead (free will, dragging out contracts) Again, something I couldn’t do nor understand until I got Kim’s help.

Its been only 17 days since my session with Kim, but everything seems to be lifted. I feel lighter. I don’t have that cloud hanging over me. Even my boyfriend says I look younger, and that my face physically changed (no need for Botox). Meditation became easier and I also feel tingly whenever I do energy work. I continue to  watch Kim’s youtube videos to keep my chakras cleared/aligned, and maintain the higher vibration that I feel. I now use Soul Happy Technique to maintain this emotional detachment from the negative experiences/thoughts that floats into my mind. If any negative thought that I may have forgotten comes back to me, I use the Soul Happy Technique to resolve it. It is a great tool to have. Lastly, I also decided that these negative thoughts does disservice to the Universe, so I now think of three good thoughts or prayers for every one negative thought to balance the energy out. For some reason, this seems to work very well.

Sometimes the veil of anger, shame, guilt, fear, grief prevents you from seeing the obvious, especially the pattern that is deeply rooted. You need a third person’s point of view to see the things you cannot see. And if that person can also help you spiritually and with vibration (sound) to remove the veil, and clear and re-align your chakras, your mind, and your old pattern of bad habits, then that is the ultimate help anyone can wish for. Kim was that person for me.

If what I wrote is not interesting to you, then please forgive me, and please disregard this email.

I wrote this in hopes that it may be helpful to you. For all the help I’ve received from Erik and you, I’m sorry that I can only give back a tiny bit.

Please don’t worry about replying to this email; I know how busy you are, and please ignore if it is not helpful.

Thank you!

With lots and lot of love,


I find this so rewarding, and it reminds me how important it is to keep on trucking with the blog and all things CE related. 

Now, enjoy the quantum session Kim and Erik conducted on me. It was so cool traveling to the 12th dimension to actually be with my son! Again, check out everything Kim Voigt has to offer at www.embody-light.com! The transcript follows but without the induction. You have to watch the YouTube for that.

Kim emerges Elisa from hypnosis and asks, “Will you share your experience, how was your session?”

Elisa: It was pretty amazing, I had a little hard time going from the yellow up, and then the yellow always seemed to be with me even when I got to the deep purple. Purple was the hardest to visualize. So then I saw Erik, he sat on the bench with me.  He had on a red baseball cap which he never wore when he was alive. And he had on a red baseball shirts with the 3/4 length sleeves and blue jeans. I don’t remember what was on his feet. I asked him “is that you sitting there?“ and he said yeah. So then I asked him to come in front of me so I could see him and he did, even before I finish the sentence. And then he changed it into a blue collar shirt because he knows that, that was the kind of shirt was what he had on when he died. I just basically wanted a hug from him so I go that. I was able to kiss him on the lips which he would never do when he was alive, so that felt nice. But then when you said to cross back over the bridge I couldn’t go right away because I wanted him to turn into his little boy self, and I wanted to hold him in my lap for a while. So I got to do that, it was wonderful. Then he gets up and we say goodbye; and he runs off, waving behind him saying “see ya later,” as a little boy. And then I went across the bridge and dropped the anchor. {Referring to a portion of the meditation.}

Kim: Erik wants to tell you that it’s happened to many of my clients that once they have an experience like this; it is easier to connect and recognize his energy. You’ll notice and hear him more clearly.

Elisa: good, I believe that.

Erik: you’re really going to pick up on me this weekend. I’m around a lot anyway but especially now with the new baby.

Elisa: awesome, yeah when we talked about that Erik said that he’s an awesome dude, and that he played with him a lot before he incarnated.

Erik: this was an excellent session and an excellent practice. You can do this mom, and you’ll get better and better at it every time.

Elisa: yeah I can watch this over and over. Until I can totally embed myself in the 5th dimension. Other people came through that I forgot I had even crossed paths with. A lot of it was just general shadows of people, but then all of the sudden I was like oh my God I forgot all about her.

The 12 Dimensions of Consciousness, courtesy of Life Coach Code



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