Channeling Jimi Hendrix, Part Four

Before Jimi takes the stage, I’d like to share a request for prayers and healing energy from blog member, Tony. Please help in any way you can for this darling child of God.

Hi Elisa, I hope all is well with you. I was hoping you might be able to post on your site a prayer request for a friend of mine & my wife’s. Our friends, Carrie and Robert, had a baby, Hannah, about 2 years ago and the little girl is in the end stages of Gaucher’s Disease.

Carrie has written a blog about her little girl: It’s such a heartbreaking story, but the love is so inspiring. What might pull couples and families apart has brought theirs so much closer together. So amazed at their strength.

I just found out about this recently as my wife had lost touch with her friend Carrie and they just re-united by way of Facebook over the weekend. When we had last seen Carrie and Robert about 9 years ago, they were desperately trying to have a baby. They ended up adopting 2, and then had their own miracle, Hannah, about 2 years ago. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with this terrible disease. I thought of you and the prayer group when reading their story and thought there was no better love to provide.

Another ting I’d like to share: My PTSD/EMDR therapist recommended a 6 CD audio course by trauma expert, Peter Levine, PhD entitled Healing Trauma: Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body. It’s truly amazing. Many of you have had various traumas, major and minor, and I really think nearly everyone could benefit from this course. Here’s a YouTube video with a short explanation.

If you want to buy the audio course, here’s the Amazon link:

If you prefer the online course, here’s that link:


And now, it’s Jimi’s turn. Enjoy!

Me: Is there a past life that you think influenced this last life the most?

(Long pause)

Jamie (laughing): This is awesome, because he’s a bit of a smart-ass! He says in such a calm voice, “Yeah, yeah, probably the one where I was King of France, or maybe it was the one where I was Cleopatra.”

Me: All the famous people!

Jamie: Yeah, he’s finding a sense of humor in it!

Jimi: Really, the life I came out of to get into this last one was one where I was a slave. 

(Long pause)

Jamie (alarmed): There’s the strangest noise in here. Do you hear it?

Me: Not on my end of the phone.

Jamie (to Erik): Erik, do you hear it?


Jamie (to Erik): In my vent? Why?


Jamie (to Erik): From the outside? You’re kidding me!

Me: Something is in your vent?

Jamie: Yeah, Erik says it’s some animal.

Me: Oh, no!

Jamie: So I have to call someone to help it out.

Jamie (to Erik): Will he be fine until we finish our talk?

Erik: Yeah!

Jamie: Okay. Cool! That was a weird sound!

Me: You know, now that you mentioned it, I did hear that scratching sound! Okay, sorry for the interruption, Jimi. Go on, please.

Jimi: It’s all right, Baby. So, the life before the last one where I was a slave probably had the most influence. I was taken from Africa.

Jamie: He’s showing me something on the coast, like a country that starts with an A, kind of fat. Angola?

Me: Oh, I don’t know. I can’t keep up with those countries; they change so much.

Jimi: I was already an older man, but the person who took me took my wife and all my children, because we had such a big family. The language barrier—nobody knew what the other one was saying. We were all cuffed and bound.

Me: Horrible.

Jimi: We were taken. Because of the stress, because of the entanglement of emotions and having no control, on arriving and seeing family split apart, I died. I left my body. I couldn’t handle it. My heart stopped.

Me: Oh, how awful.

Jimi: It was my goal to come back and create a family that I could keep together, and I just failed at that at every turn. But what I found was that when I performed, I had my family right in front of me.

Me: Oh, yeah! Oh, I’m getting goosebumps.

Jimi: That was the only thing that pacified me. That was the only thing that felt right. 





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