Color, Music and Humor

The results of the poll for the radio show are in. Forty-nine percent of you think the amount of time for Erik's discussion and for callers is fine. forty-three percent would like to have more discussion from Erik and the remainder want more time for callers. I imagine that last result was from … Continue reading

The Afterlife, Part Three

Me: In the afterlife, tell me some of the things you have. Are there malls? Are there restaurants? Are there theaters? Tell about some of the structures and establishments you have there besides the ones you talked about like that glass building. Erik: Wow, you’re really into this, huh? Me: … Continue reading

Channeling Elvis, Part Three

Before we give the stage to Elvis, Shannon has an exciting announcement! Everything is explained in her email to me: Hey Girl! Sorry I didn't get my act together quick enough to give you more advance notice, but I'm doing a free call tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 6 p.m. Pacific Time (7:00 Mountain, … Continue reading