Channeling John F. Kennedy, Part Three

Me: Now, obviously you were here to teach something. What was that?

(Long pause)

Jamie: Uh, he straightens up his posture and comes closer to the edge of the chair. He’s-He’s pretty well poised. Okay. Sorry. (Clears throat)

JFK: I was here in this life given this great opportunity to be a public teacher, a public figure, a public leader, to help show that every life that comes into this great nation has a purpose, has a right to be heard and should, above anything, be honored in that way. It was a struggle for me to step outside of my family—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to JFK): Mure? M-? I don’t know that word. I’m sorry. (To me) Some word that means family structure.

JFK: –to really get into the hearts of people. It would not have come across—

Me: Because your family, uh, are you saying your family didn’t believe in equality as much as you did?

JFK: My family believed in it, but didn’t know how to reach out for it.

Me: I see.

JFK: They let their status and their comforts secure them in a place where it narrowed their sight. So, I felt it was my mission to help broaden the vision of every American and really embrace all of the colors of our nation. If we stand united, we stand strong.

Me: Do you think you accomplished that?

JFK: Yes ma’am.

Me: Good. Did you have any insights when you crossed over?

JFK: I have to admit, I was relieved.


Me: Why?

JFK: I knew the burdens and the struggles I was about to step into. I knew more than ever the years to come, and my leadership needed to be stronger than it was in the past. I confess, I was a bit tired of coming across the charlatans who claimed greatness but played foul. I was ready to be a family man, but in my position, it wasn’t going to let me, so when death came upon me that great day, I found relief.

Me: That’s wonderful. Are you currently reincarnated at this time in terms of linear time? I know, of course, there is no time where you are now.

JFK: Not currently as of 2013.

Me: Okay. Can you share another life that most influenced your life as JFK, President John F. Kennedy?

(Long pause)

JFK: I will gladly share.

Jamie: He sits back, um, you know how you put your pointer fingers together almost like to make a steeple on a church?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: He has his pointer fingers up, but the other ones are laced together.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: And he has his pointer fingers together around his lips or on his chin. It’s like a thinking pose or something.

Me: I can see him doing that.

JFK: There was a life when I was a little boy—

Jamie (to JFK): Yeah, if you describe it, it’s easier for me. (To me) He’s giving me pictures and he’s highlighting things like he’s Caucasian. It’s a life in England. So, I told him, ‘Why don’t you tell me this as a story, and I’ll just repeat your words.’ The age he’s showing me is about, yeah, he was three years old.

JFK: I was raised by my mom and two sisters of a wealthy family. The Rutledge and—

Jamie: My god, it reminds me of those candies. Worthington?

Me: Okay.

Jamie: No, I guess it’s Werthers. That’s the candy, right?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: But I hear Worthington and Rutledge. The sisters had married into well to do families. I see the husbands were off at war so they came together to raise the children, and he was one of the kids. He keeps showing me images of him running through VERY manicured gardens, you know, those hedges that are cut so precisely.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: Huge fountains. It’s amazing. It’s what I would imagine seeing in a movie. And he’s just cutting loose. Free as a bird.

JFK: I remember hearing my name being called, so I stopped and sat down underneath one of the shrubs where I could not be seen. I tucked my legs up under. I remember the nannies talking about the war that was going on and how concerned they were for their families, but no one in the house had mentioned that they even had families. It was the first time I became aware that other people had lives, that other people weren’t there just to serve me or my mom or my auntie. When I ran back to the house and asked my mother about my nanny’s family, she shooed me away, you know, “It’s no concern of yours. Everything is fine.” I cried, because my mother didn’t even know my nanny’s husband’s name. She had no idea about her life outside her world. I wanted so badly to make everything okay. I remember telling my nanny that she would be okay. I was consoling her. So, I wanted a lifetime where I could make people see into anyone’s eyes and know their story.

Me: Mm. How profound. And you did.


Jamie: He’s pausing, then he nods his head and says, “Yes ma’am, I did.”

Me: Mm. Now, on that note, do you have any messages or advice for humanity?

JFK: I love the saying—

Jamie: All right. It’s Gandhi? “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Me: Mm hm.

JFK: It’s your responsibility to teach the person next to you no matter where you are: on a bus, on a train, in line. It is your responsibility to teach and to teach without ego, to teach with compassion and to be the change you want to see in the world.

Me: Well said.

JFK: Thank you so much for having me today.

Me: You’re welcome. I’m honored to have you here.

JFK: May your day be blessed.

Me: Aw. Thank you and yours too. Erik, what questions do you have for Mr. President?

Erik: None.

Me: Okay, well thank you so much. We really enjoyed this, and I, for one, learned so much from you.

Jamie chokes up.

Jamie (giggling with embarrassment): I’m a little verklempt!

Me: I can imagine.

Jamie (to JFK): Thank you for coming! Phew!

Jamie: God, he changed the face of the nation as we see it.

Me: Yeah. Amazing man. I don’t know how you do it, Jamie. See, I’m on the telephone hundreds and hundreds of miles away, but you’re over there face to face with them.

Jamie chuckles, then clears her throat.

Jamie: When he got up, he straightened his jacket and kind of brushed the front off and just kind of turned and walked off into the wall.

Me: Wow.

Jamie: Erik wanted to ask about Marilyn Monroe, and I told him no!

Me: Oh, Erik!

Jamie: I said, ‘Ask no questions! Let the man go!’

Me: Well, of course he heard that, though.

Jamie: Well, I know he heard it. He looked straight at me, and I apologized to him, and I just said ‘move on’ because I knew if I opened my mouth and put sound to it, we’d all have to go down a really weird path.

Me: I know. I know.

Jamie laughs hard.

Me: Well, he’s probably with her, I betcha, but we won’t go there.

Jamie (sighing): Oh, my god.

If you would like to here the YouTube video of the interview, it’ll be up tomorrow. Just look for the Channeling Erik channel.

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