Channeling Leonardo da Vinci, Part Two

Leonardo: What is it you wish to know?

Me: Reflecting on your life, do you think you accomplished what you came here to do? If so, what was that mission?

Leonardo: I was very happy with my life.


Jamie (to Leonardo): Can you say that again, please?

Leonardo: I’m mostly happy with how I was able to maintain the secrets of what I learned. It was very clear when I was a young man that what I learned about the world around me would not be understood by the masses. So, I took pride in how I was able to refrain from releasing information that I felt was accurate and desirable once people could understand what I was saying. But at that time, the world wasn’t ready for it. My spiritual mission, I completed with great joy. I have no regrets. I was given so many opportunities at a time when there weren’t many.

Me: And you seized every opportunity, too. I can see that.

Jamie: He, um. God, he mumbles, sometimes!

I giggle.

Jamie: It’s almost like when he goes to think, he mumbles it out loud, and then he says it to me. His mouth is really attached to his head!

Me: Oh my gosh; how funny!

Leonardo: In a time when Christianity was forced upon the people, there was no choice of what you could accept, so there was such beauty with different religions. I studied other religions, and in many ways, the other religions felt very secure—felt like home—where Christianity felt like a story that you had to force yourself to believe.

Me: Hm. Okay.

Jamie: He’s talking about being a member of a secret society.

Me: Oh, the Illuminati?

Jamie: Yes.

Me: Is that a good society or a bad society?

Leonardo: It was a good society. I compare it to the private extreme spiritual groups that meet today that can’t find peace or residence in one religion or church; they have a greater understanding of how energy works.


Me: So, what was the purpose of the Illuminati back then?

Leonardo: It was to decode the messages of the Bible to have purpose and understanding in that day and time.

Jamie: Oh, my god, we’re still trying to do that now. Think of all the Bible is—the words and—

Me: Exactly. Many think the Bible is translated much too literally and based in Christian Dogma instead of spiritually the way Jesus intended.

Leonardo: You understand me quite well.

Me: What about the Illuminati now? Are they more of a nefarious group?

Leonardo: They’ve split and divided off. Only a few of the groups have stuck to the original core purpose which allows them to grow with each passing century, but many of them enjoy old traditional rituals which seems to be getting chokes out by cultural changes. It’s never wise to stay the same when you have such great opportunity to accept change.

Me: hmm. What were you here to teach?

Leonardo: I feel I was here to teach that discovery is healthy—to give every man the right to discover for himself. It was already implanted at birth the levels of society in what people were allowed to do for themselves. If you without money, you cannot learn. If you were a woman, you cannot learn. If you had money, you could learn to read.  If someone who had money sponsored you, then you could learn. It was very hand selected—

Me: –who could learn and who could not.

Leonardo: Yes, and I feel so many of our wise people were shut down. I was here to teach people that it’s okay to discover; it’s okay to look at the body. I was scrutinized and criticized for looking the naked body and wanting to see why it functioned the way it did and it did what it did.

Me: Yeah!

Leonardo: How can we not be interested in who we are? It makes no sense! I believe I was here to teach that!

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