Channeling Michael Jackson, Part One

Before we start, I’d like to say that I still get a lot of smells and pranks from Erik, but I don’t share them all since they’re usually very similar. Yesterday, while walking alone in the middle of a deep forest, I smelled a very strong scent of pot. I looked around. No skulking teens. Bambi wasn’t sucking on a bong, Yogi wasn’t toking. I was clearly all alone in at least a one mile radius. So it was all Erik. Sigh.

Given the fact that Conrad Murray’s trial is the focus of media attention now, I thought I’d let Michael jump the queue to be heard. This transcript is quite long, so I’ll have to break it up into several parts. Clearly, this sweet, misunderstood soul, has a lot to share.

Me: Can you hunt down Michael Jackson for us, Erik? I know he sometimes hangs out with you and Antal, so you much be on his A-List.

Erik: I’ll get right on it, Ma’am.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me (to Jamie): I always had a soft spot in my heart for Michael. His purity and innocence, his desire to make a difference—I just have such awe for the man. It’s a shame how he was treated in life. I see him as one of those beautiful unicorns that humanity unfortunately feels compelled to slaughter.

Jamie sighs.

Jamie: Oh, he’s here. Erik has him. He doesn’t have any gloves on or anything. He’s dressed in black. Uh, he has a belt on. Boy, he’s tiny!

Me: Oh yeah?

Jamie: Well, he’s petite in the waist. He’s tall, but I just thought he’d have a little more meat on his bones.

Me: Awww. Do I need to come over there and fatten him up? Well, hello, Michael.

Jamie lets out a sharp squeal.

Jamie: Sorry, I didn’t mean to—

Me: What was that from, Jamie!?

Jamie laughs hard.

Jamie (still laughing, now to the point of tears): Oh my god, I’m a little embarrassed.

Me: What happened?

Jamie (giggling): I let out a squeak because of the way he spoke! He does talk like that!

Me: Aw, I loved his voice. It was always so gentle.

Jamie: It is gentle—and airy!

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: I didn’t know if that was part of his act or something—

Me: No, I bet that’s all Michael.

Jamie (giggling—again): That’s him!

Me: Hey, Michael, how are you doing?

Jamie: He’s so polite!

Michael: I’m doing very well, thank you so much.

Me: I always thought that you were such a spiritual—that you ARE such a spiritual person, very misunderstood. I always fantasized about taking you under my wing—-the wing of Mama Elisa—and befriending you, showing you how special you are and making it all better.

Michael: Thank you so much for being such a loving woman.

Me: Aw, thanks, Darling. Okay, we’re going to start with some questions. You know the drill, from what I understand.

Michael: Yes. Yes, I do.

Me: So, you know none of them will be voyeuristic or exploitive. You, of all people, have gotten enough abuse from the public, so we’re going to keep this nice and pure. Okay, what beliefs did you have about death and the afterlife before you died, and did those change after your crossed over?

Michael: Most of my change happened throughout my life, from being raised in many different spiritual angles. My mother was—

Jamie: What was that again, Michael? Oh, Jehovah’s Witness?

Me: Oh, really? Yeah, that sounds familiar.

Michael: My father wasn’t devout. He was more of a hard worker and believed in a firm hand and a firm voice—that structure creates the sanctity of life. Throughout my experiences with fame and travel and culture, I find that belief—religion if you may call it—is so uniquely owned by each person that I couldn’t give it a title for myself.

Me: Were you more into spirituality?

Michael: Yes, I suppose so. I had a lot of visions.

Me: What do you mean?

Jamie (giggling): Aw, he just makes the cutest little smirky smile like, “I’m going to share this now?”

Michael: I had a lot of visions that came to me in a dream state and sometimes a wake state. You know, you often think creative and with a form of artistry, people rely on this kind of intuitive and imaginary place in their life. Mine seemed to be more of  warnings or signs that what my life was doing or what in my life was going to take place and how. I predicted my own death. I remember sharing, just with a few close friends, that I knew I was going to die young.

Me: Hm.

Michael (laughing): I compared myself to Elvis in that way! I never saw myself as an elderly man.


Michael: I think I set the tone for my whole life when you told me I was misunderstood. And that is my whole life—being misunderstood by both my parents, by my siblings as we got older. And of course my private life—that was misunderstood. The only closeness I found were the few friends I intimately opened up to.

Me: And who are they—or do you even want to share that?

Michael: It’s really not necessary.

Stay tuned for part two which I hope to post tomorrow. I do have a request. Many people are having trouble logging in to make comments. We’re using Disqus now, and it’s hard for me to see where people are struggling with it since I’m looking from the administrator position. Can anyone walk us through the steps they took to make it happen?

Be sure to share this post! Thanks and have a lovely weekend! Love you all!

Lastly, please watch this beautiful video. I think it captures Michael’s inner demons well.

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