Channeling Prince, Part Two

Good news! We found a cheaper venue for the CE event in Sedona, so we’re dropping the price by $100! For those of you who have paid, you’ll receive a refund by the end of the week. I encourage you guys to attend this very special long weekend. For one, we’re going to take a trip out to the amazing vortexes. My husband plans to join me for this one. Can’t wait to see you there!

Also, it looks like Europe squeaked past a cruise for our next Channeling Erik event. Here’s a poll to help us narrow it down to a country!

Me: All right, well let’s move along because I have so many questions I want to go through. Did you refuse treatment because of your religious beliefs?

Prince: Because of my lifestyle, there were many ways I chose to live, maybe not so much tied to my religious beliefs but just in who I was and what made me happy and comfortable. Oftentimes, that can get you picked on because you’re not like, or you choose to not be like all the rest. Sometimes you get picked on.

Me: So did your beliefs change after you passed? Did you see the Jehovah’s Witness religion differently.

Prince: Widely. My beliefs widely changed. Think about it like this. When you go through life, you may have a set of beliefs, and you really are attached or tied to them. Then when you come here, you see all the rest, all the other perspectives that you didn’t accept or you didn’t align with in your physical life. Here, it’s more of a sense of accepting always. You really see it as, “It’s all the same thing.”

Kim: He wants to use a painting for an example.

Prince: You can have two different artists paint the very same picture with different color paints. Over here, this artist chose these paints because that’s how he expresses himself, and over there, same picture, different paints.

Me: But it’s still a painting of a bowl of fruit.

Prince: Yeah, exactly. Religion is no exception. It’s all the same, and then when you come here, you sort of break free from whatever you were tied to, and you understand that it’s all One.

Me: Do you have any, I won’t say judgment, but did you look back on Jehovah Witnesses and see some of the negatives? Any negative aspects to it?

Prince: It kept me with tunnel vision. This was really eye-opening. It was really moving for me just to realize that it’s all the same thing.

He smiles.

Me: Can you describe your transition? What happened? Did you enter a white room? Did you go through a white tunnel? Anything like that?

Prince: I was greeted by my grandparents. It was very quiet. I’m a quiet person. (laughing) Imagine that! I’m a quiet person, so my transition was very quiet and subtle. It felt like I was traveling through a tunnel, but I was going through different shades of white.

Kim: Is that possible?

Prince: Go ahead and repeat that for everyone because it sounds ignorant. It’s true though.

Kim: It’s not shades. It’s vibrations.

Prince: I felt pulled. It felt like a pulling sensation. There weren’t very many there because I get overwhelmed easily. I like my space.

Me: Right.

Prince: Then this all-knowing sense of comfort that envelops you and welcomes you into Homeland.

Kim: He gives me the impression of stuffing into, like traveling is the quiet phase, and then all of a sudden I see all kinds of people and plants, but it’s not a world like ours.

Prince: Once I understood that All is One, All is accepted and I am safe, then I saw the image of everything that defines Homeland.

Me: Homeland.

Prince: I never questioned what was happening. I was never scared.

Kim: He was never like, “What the heck just happened.” That never carried with him.

Me: Okay. What was your life review like?

Prince: I’m still learning from a multitude of perspectives.

Kim: He’s kind of looking back like he’s looking at his life review.

Prince: It was profound, deep. The depth that I connected to people I couldn’t have imagined. You don’t really understand the impact you make until you feel it from another perspective.

Me: From their perspective, yeah!

Prince: I was grateful, almost speechless. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot I didn’t want to look at, but you do and you learn from it and you understand the purpose. That’s the fun part because in your physical life you don’t always understand. You just have to suck it up.

Me: That’s true! What was your spiritual mission this last lifetime?


Me: And what were you here to learn and teach?

Prince: I guess I’d call myself an example to move people to find their voice, to express themselves in whatever way they feel is comfortable. Be true to who you are, no matter who that is or what that means.

Me: You sound like Erik. He says the same thing, “Be your true, authentic self.”

Prince: It’s the easiest way to be because if you try to hide who you are and try to be something you’re not, you’ll live a life of misery, and that defeats the whole purpose of being in life, of living. So my spiritual mission was to pull people out of their comfort zone because if you stay there, you don’t grow, you don’t learn and you don’t know who you are.

Kim: Whoa, that was a strong statement with the energy he gave me.

Prince: If you stay in your own comfort zone, you never truly know who you are.

Me: Well, were you here to learn anything?

Kim: He’s so sincere. What were you trying to learn?

Prince: Just that, how to trust myself as I move out of my comfort zone and in such a big way when so many eyes are on me at once. Imagine the ridicule I could have faced, I did face. That’s uncomfortable, but you’re never going to learn about yourself if you don’t pull yourself out of your comfort zone.

Me: Do you think you accomplished all that?

Kim: He’s so kind. He keeps saying, “Make sure there’s no ego; make sure there’s no ego.” He wants his messages to be conveyed with authenticity and sincerity.

Prince: I hope so. I hope people learn from me just to truly be who you are. Don’t hold back. The judgment of others doesn’t matter.

Me: Exactly. One person wants to ask—and this is completely off-topic—Did the New World Order or Illuminati kill you? You know, when someone like you dies, all sorts of conspiracy theories start bubbling up.

Prince: That’s true. Conspiracy theories swarm if you have the public eye on you, but (pointing up) this is Divine Order.

Kim: That’s all he says.

Me: All right.

Kim: He keeps going like this (She makes the hush sign with her index finger to her lips.)


Kim: Yeah, it’s a no.

Another announcement, this time from Belgian blog member and medium, Emanuelle McIntosh: The Channeling Erik event is finally coming to Belgium for the first time. It will be held on Saturday July 23rd and it will be a whole day of spiritual activities like learning how to meditate, mindfulness excercises and soundtherapy and of course a channeling or trance channeling with Erik. The price is 50 euro’s (=56 $) for the whole day and this includes lunch. Tickets are now available at or for more information you can visit our facebookpage : or contact me on

Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link:


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