Channeling Session with Erik, Part One

I’ve been so excited lately about the progress I’ve made with my own channeling experiences. I feel like it’s all a matter of tuning in to the right frequency and holding it there, much like you would when you turn the dial on an analog radio to find your favorite radio station. The difference is that there is a lot of static, the bandwidth is exceedingly narrow, and when you let go of the knob, it seems to turn backwards or forwards out of the range of that coveted frequency. I’m better at picking him up, but locking in for very long is a challenge. That said, let’s listen to my favorite radio station, Erik and Kim in the Morning.

I start with my usual greeting: ‘I love you, Erik. How have you been?’

He chuckles and says in a low voice, again in mock exasperation, “Fine, Moooomm. And yes, that was me you saw at the foot of your bed and that was me Annika saw in the front seat of the car. I’ve been working to be more tangible, because I know that’s what you’ve been wanting. So I am going to be seen not only by you and other members of the family but also by strangers. Like you guys will be someplace eating out and the hostess will say, ‘Oh, are there five?’ and you’ll say ‘No, there’s four.’ And she’ll say, ‘oh, I thought he was with you!’

“I want you to know how hard I’m working on it.” Then he chuckles and adds, “I don’t want a time out.”

I smile to myself, recalling the many hours he had spent in the “time out chair” throughout his childhood years. I wish he were sitting in that chair right now!

In acknowledgement, I say, ‘I’m so proud of you, and I’m so grateful that you’re working so hard, Erik. I know you have other things to do and there’s a lot of fun to be had there in Heaven!’

“Oh, I can do both. I realize something now that I didn’t realize there on the earthly plane and that is I can contribute and have fun at the same time!” Kim pauses here to say Erik is struggling to find the right words, then continues. “I used to have fun sometimes, but I also felt like I was worthless. Not until I died did I see how valuable my life was on the earthly plane. Oh, and I’m starting a new project! Mom, you and I are working on a book. And there’s another book I’m going to work on with another author. It’s a book written by a teenager for other teenagers so they get how valuable their lives are, spoken from one who is no longer here and who has really fucked up.”

Kim asks “Erik, you know how kids don’t want to listen to other people’s experiences?”

He shakes his head and explains, “Yeah I thought about that, but I am a ‘kid,’ as you say, so I think others will listen, because I’m a peer and they can relate.”

Confused, I ask for clarification. ‘So, let me get this straight, Erik. This kid, this teenage author is here on Earth, and you’re going to channel to him, right?’


Kim adds, “As human beings we usually have spiritual collaborators while we’re working on a book.”

I feel such an overwhelming pride for my son and his mounting accomplishments as a spiritual being. Yearning to share those feeling with him, I say, ‘I’ve always tried to teach you, Erik, that doing things for other people feels so good, and I’m so proud that you’re actually, you know, that you’ve learned that or you’re realizing that on the spiritual plane. You’ve accomplished so much in such a short time. The fact that you feels like you didn’t accomplish that much here on Earth really makes no difference when you’re accomplishing so much on the spiritual plane. Plus, Erik, you accomplished a lot more than you think while you were here on the earthly plane, because you gave so much love to so many. You taught people to love, you taught people humility, you taught people to live in the moment, so I’m really proud of you, Erik.’

Thanks, Mom! Now I realize how much I contributed and how much I did. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of why I felt so worthless. I know part of it is from past lifetimes, I know it, I know it, but I don’t get why I couldn’t pull myself out of that black hole, why I chose to end my earthly life without having more positive or optimistic thoughts about the next moment or the next hour or the next day, and why I didn’t just come to you and say, ‘Mom, I’m really really really fucked up; I need your help’ because I know you would have helped me.”

‘Erik, maybe you knew deep inside that you would accomplish more in the spiritual plane helping other people,’ I offer.

“Well that’s the way its turning out! Exactly! I feel confident, I feel certain that if I would have stayed there, I would have continued to question my worth and what I was contributing, and that would have made me useless. Mom, you’re absolutely right, as usual! You see what no one else does! I like the blog a lot by the way!”

‘Well it’s really your blog, Erik. You’re doing most of the writing! I’m just your secretary.’

Erik chuckles.

I go on with my next question, one that I’ve wondered about for a long time. ‘Can you communicate with us even when you’re not in the same place we are? In other words, can you and I talk even when I’m at home and you’re somewhere else?’

“Of course!” he assures me.

‘Can you hear me when I call for you? Can you hear me talk to you in my head?’

“Absolutely! I hear everything you say and think.” He goes on to explain in an excited voice, “Mom, Mom, Mom, it’s just like I was still on the earthly plane and we were communicating telepathically. It’s exactly the same thing. Say I was at school or at the shop or out riding, it’s exactly the same thing. I hear everything you say. And now, I listen!” Kim notes that Erik is laughing at this last remark.

‘Do you eavesdrop sometimes?” I ask.

Kim laughs and says, “Elisa, no one has ever asked that question in 23 years, and leave it to you to ask it. That is really such a funny question!”

“Of course!” Erik exclaims.

‘What a nosy boy!’

“Anyone in spirit knows what you on the earthly plane think and say. We not only eavesdrop on what you say but what you think!”

I reply with ‘Oh good, maybe you can make sense of some of the things that go on in our heads. Translate for us, Erik!’

Before he responds to my request for translation, I proceed with my next question, ‘Erik do you ever get frustrated with us when we don’t pick up on you? It must be really difficult sometimes.’

Determined to reply to my previous remark, Erik says, chuckling, “To answer your other question about making sense of what you’re thinking, not on my best day!”

I laugh and agree,’ I know that’s next to impossible. It’s a tall order!’

Kim asks me to repeat my previous question and I do.

“No, I’m just resigned. I know that if I speak louder and make myself more tangible with my electrical energy then you’ll know I’m there. I’ve talked about this with my new friends here on the spiritual plane and they’re like ‘this person doesn’t pick up on me and I talk talk talk for nothing.’ And I say, ‘well I think what you need to do is make yourself more tangible; make yourself seen and heard more tangibly and then that’s gonna change things. See Mom, look how much more you’re picking up on me! It’s up to us over here to make our presence known,” he replies.

‘And us over here to be more receptive.’ I add.

“Mom, that’s a good point, that’s true. I have some friends here in spirit who materialize and really make their presence known and the family members are in too much pain to be able to notice them. You’re right Mom; you’re exactly right. So it takes strength over here for us to materialize, and it takes courage for you to pick up on us.”

‘Do you and other spirits experience emotions?’ I ask.

“Shit, yeah! We don’t have our same issues anymore, but we all have personalities and emotions. Shit, yes, Mom!”

‘So you can even get sad?’ I ask in a worried voice.

“Oh, yeah, oh, you can get fucked up over here too!” Not the answer I was hoping for.

‘Does it make you sad when you see us sad or you hear our thoughts of grief?’

“Yes,” he replies with his characteristic succinctness.

Eager for a comforting explanation, I ask, ‘Do you look at us grieving and think, “Hey, you guys have blinders on; you don’t even know the half of it. When you come over here, you’ll see there’s no such thing as true loss?”

“No, no, no.That’s not it at all, Mom. There is true loss. There’s loss when you have a human being pass away, and there’s also a loss when you’re in Heaven and you have loved ones go back to Earth.”

‘I never thought about that. But the loss is never permanent, right?’

“Of course not. We just miss them until we’re together again. When I see you expressing sadness and grief, I understand it perfectly. I take full, full, 100% responsibility for it. I know that if I hadn’t committed that stupid act, I would still be there, at the worst, frustrating you instead of creating this great grief. Every time someone expresses grief over losing me, I feel totally responsible, and I understand it perfectly. You’re all entitled.”

‘Well, I just don’t want you to feel so uncomfortable that you stay away because it’s too painful for you!”

Touched by my concern, Kim says, “Oh, Elisa, you are so amazing.”

Erik responds, “Mom,” but Kim starts laughing before she can finish the sentence, then collects herself and goes on, “Mom, don’t be stupid!”

Kim adds, “You know, his sense of humor is so amazing.”

‘I know,’ I concur, ‘he’s always had a great sense of humor.’

“My God,” Kim replies in astonished agreement.

‘Erik, I want you to know that I am happy for you, because I sense that you are happier there.’

“I am, Mom. I’ve never been happier.”

‘Yeah, so it’s okay. And I’ve been telling you this lately.’ Struggling to choke back my tears, I go on, ‘I may grieve, because I long to hold you, my baby, in my arms, but I am happy that you’ve found peace and joy, and I know we’ll be together again some day.’

Erik senses the need for comic relief and responds, “I still want my Christmas stocking humg every year.”

‘Okay, and yep, we did hang your stocking this past Christmas, Erik.’ Although surely he knows this.

This is a good place to stop. The transcription is fairly long and will need to be divided into three equal parts so your eyes won’t glaze over. Next, Erik will discuss a variety of topics like the differences in abilities between spiritual beings and us peons left here on Earth. So don’t touch that dial! Stay tuned while we break for these commercial messages.

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