Conspiracy Theories, Part Two


Here’s an update on Raylene from Paulina Cuestas Hill: Raylene sends her deepest appreciation to all of you for your tremendous support. She really felt the love from the Community and remembers hearing a female voice telling her, “It’s time to wake up and go back now.”  Raylene is home now and using her creativity on how to use her Mediumship skills to earn income while she fully heals her lungs. Check out her Crystal Jewelry + Card Reading and other offerings on

Paulina Cuestas Hill wants to add a special thank you to the many people who donated money, who bought T shirts and to the 21 Mediums who stepped up to donate their time to do Raylene’s readings while she was in a coma –and to Angie, Jessica and Heather who helped with the support effort. To Ryan who did an immediate healing session for Raylene, to Veronica who said yes to Elisa and Paulina to helped us figure out early on where Raylene was. Also, an incredible thank you to Kathy Dench, who went to check up on Raylene at the hospital (go Momma Bear!!) and checked in with Raylene’s mother in person to find answers for us. A major thank you to Erik and to you Momma Elisa for raising the Awareness.  Together we stand in Light and Love.

Another announcement: Tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show In Thursday’s show, guest and energy healer, Ryan Adragna will discuss the negative energy behind the fear of rejection. In most cases, the human being needs companionship and/or an intimate partner unless you want to be a monk or a nun. There is nothing in the world that hurts the 4th chakra more than giving your heart to someone only to have them turn you away. It’s crushing, and it often causes depression or even suicidal thoughts in some, loneliness, the sense of unworthiness, of being unloved, and so on, not to mention physical complications such as weight gain, insomnia, etc. After that, Jennifer will channel Erik as he answers questions from listeners. You can find her at Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I’ll see you among the list of callers and I usually go down the list from first on. If you’ve tried to get on to talk with our boy more than 4 times, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Honor system, though!

And now for our second session on conspiracy theories. The first was done long ago, but you can search for it using the search bar in the upper righthand corner of the blog’s homepage. As promised, I included the text transcript, courtesy of the wonderful medium, Denise Ramon. Check her out HERE!

Text transcript: 

Me: Hello, Denise and Mr. Erik

Denise: Hello, Elisa

Erik: Hi Mom, how are you?

Me: Good, I love you.

Erik: I love you.

Denise: He’s really holding his heart and really squeezing yours at the same time.

Me: Aw thank you

Denise: Yeah

Me: All right, so a lot of people. We had a conspiracy theory on YouTube a while back, and people loved it, and you know I didn’t realize there were so many conspiracy theories and mysteries out there. So we’re probably going to have to do a part two, part three, and I don’t know maybe even more than that. So let’s just start out with short answers Erik, if you can.

Me: Okay, so can you please ask Erik about Kurt Cobain and how he died. I would really like to find closure for myself with finding out the truth. So a lot of people think that his wife Courtney had something to do with it… but what happened?

Erik: He really did – he overdosed is what he did. Did his wife have anything to do with it? Him and his wife were doing drugs together very heavily. But did she actually cause the overdose? Absolutely not. He overdosed, yeah.

Me: Okay, just curious about any of the Colorado airport conspiracies. I never heard of so many of these. Is there a hidden government bunker there, and is the artwork foretelling? Some say the horse statue is cursed. So I don’t know anything about this… Erik, do you?

Denise: Wow

Erik: There is a secret place there.

Me: Hmmm

Denise: Yeah wow. I never…

Me: Is it in Denver?

Denise: He is showing me Denver, but he’s showing me outside of Denver somewhere.

Me: Oh, so maybe one of the secondary airports or something.

Erik: Yeah, there definitely is one there…

Me: What is it? What is the artwork foretelling?

Erik: It’s about… that it has to do with the ETs

Me: Ooh wow, okay, is there a government bunker there?

Erik: Yes, but not as big as you think.

Me: Oh, okay

Erik: Yes

Me: The horse statue is it cursed?

Erik: Only to those that believe that it is. No, it isn’t.

Me: Also, since I’m currently living there are there any other beings or entities associated with Yellowstone National Park specifically Lake Yellowstone.

Erik: Yes, there are. Little beings there to larger ones. What is that place the person said?

Me: Lake Yellowstone

Erik: Yeah, they frequent there, they sit around there. Their energy is there, but they don’t live there. They frequent and hang out there. They put their energy around there.

Me: Oh, why are they there? Is it for nefarious purposes, good purposes, they just hanging out, hey I want to vacation in Yellowstone?

Erik: It is for good purposes because it’s almost like that park or whatever isn’t maintained as well as it used to be. So for vegetation purposes they are putting the energy in there so it can keep things…

Me: Keep the vegetation going?

Erik: As raw as it is – there is no more – so we don’t destroy it. Do things like that, yeah.

Me: What about the Super Bowl game there? Is it going to explode and destroy a lot of America?

Erik: No, it’s not going to do that no. Explode? That’s not going to happen any time soon.

Me: At least not in our lifetime, okay. Did men really land on the moon? The first time that they went – a lot of people think it was like on a set that it really was not true.

Erik: This was interviewed before – and yes, they did land on the moon. A previous medium had answered this and had answered it correctly. They did land on the moon, but they were so damn nervous as to what they were going to… they didn’t know what to expect.

Me: Of course, not

Erik: And so they were so afraid of what they might or might not find that they felt like out of their own fear they had to protect us. This was answered before and it’s accurate. Yes, there was a front put up, but they actually did land on the moon.

Me: Okay, that’s good enough. All right, are the Clintons behind all those murders, including Vince Foster and Seth Rich?

Erik: Oooh

Me: If you don’t think we should answer this Erik, that’s cool. Any of these – if you think it’s too dangerous to go there, then don’t give us the answer, please.

Denise: Okay, I’m just the messenger.

Erik: Not everybody is as innocent as they appear to be. Everybody’s not as innocent as they appear to be, and people just know – people just know more than what they’re saying.

Me: Okay, that’s all we’re – that’s safe enough for us to know. All right, what about Clinton and Benghazi – this one person asks. These are all from blog members people, so don’t shoot the messenger. What role did she have to play in that – what good, or what mistakes or what good stuff did she have to do with that?

Denise: See and I don’t know who – I’m assuming they’re talking about Hillary, but I don’t know who the other person is personally…

Me: We got Clinton and Benghazi, Libya – people were killed including the US Ambassador to Libya.

Denise: Did Hillary have a direct result – I mean a direct voice or something to say something for all that went on?

Erik: It’s not as direct as that but people have a lot of knowledge.

Me: Yeah, so she didn’t cause Benghazi obviously, but did she make any mistakes and if so, what were they?

Erik: Yes, there were mistakes. There were mistakes made – she didn’t use her voice.

Me: All right, so what do you mean, Erik? Can you specify? Because she told everybody it was because of the video. Are you saying that she lied?!

Erik: It just wasn’t that cut and dry. Nothing can be that cut and dry with something that big. It just can’t be. She didn’t use her voice prior to anything.

Denise: *laughs* Erik

Me: Uh oh

Erik: And she has a big mouth so she has a voice to use.

Me: Haha that’s funny. But are you saying that she didn’t warn anyone about it? Did she lie about what caused it or not?

Erik: She didn’t directly lie about it… just come out and say, “I have to tell this lie about it,” but she turned her back to a lot of things. Played stupid.

Me: Okay, all right – this is I think the last thing on Hillary. What was in those 30,000 emails that went missing and all that stuff?

Erik: I’m not going into detail about those emails because it really serves no good for anybody to know.

Me: Okay

Erik: But they didn’t go missing – just because there is enough stuff in there where it could put her behind bars – or a regular person behind bars. I am not a political person. I’m not pro anything.

Me: Of course, not – not on that side, yeah, there’s no right or wrong there’s just what is…

Erik: I want people to know this because this is a real sensitive subject for both parties. She knew what she was doing and she put a lot of information on those emails that she knows shouldn’t have went out.

Me: Okay, did Peter Struck and Lisa Page and also other higher up people in the FBI, Justice Department try to make sure that Trump didn’t get elected, or that he got impeached?

Erik: There were roadblocks put in – they tried to put roadblocks in to get him there, but they weren’t clever enough and the Trump administration was always one step ahead of them and that really mind boggled them.

Denise: Are they trying to get him impeached or were they trying to get him impeached?

Erik: A lot of people talk a lot of shit. Some people are looking to try to get him impeached, but there’s not enough energy to put behind that.

Me: Okay, all right – is there a Deep State in Washington?

Erik: They mean is there another department within that. Of course, there’s many layers.

Me: I like that, yeah…

Erik: There’s a layer that we’re supposed to see, there’s another layer that other people are supposed to see, and it just keeps going down, but even though the layers are down… the layers are coming up because things are getting to be known. Things are being exposed.

Me: What does the Deep State want to achieve?

Erik: Control.

Me: Why? Because they think it would be best for us or some other reason?

Erik: Best for them because there’s a lot of fear in that. A lot of fear of feeling like they’re not in control.

Me: Is it because they want to control the future of our country for the betterment of mankind? Or is it because they want to be in control for their own – being in power and reaping the benefits from the standpoint of wealth and power or both?

Erik: It’s a combination of things as to why they want to do that. Some of it is fear. If they just would kick the fear out of that things would move differently.

Me: Yeah, fear is a bitch. All right, here’s something that’s off of politics, thank God because there’s so much backlash about that. But these are not my questions! Is it true that the asteroid belt in our solar system is the remains of a planet that existed in that orbit?

Erik: It is a part of a planet… chunks of a part of a planet. Yes, it is, but not of a planet like Earth, but yeah.

Me: Okay, can you describe the planet when it was not in pieces and tell us how it was destroyed?

Denise: Erik is showing me erosion, and I am asking him if there was life on it and stuff like that.

Erik: There was life on it billions and billions and billions of years ago.

Me: Ahhh

Erik: It’s almost like the environment is what destroyed it. Like the Grand Canyon how all of that was caused by water, and how the water turned hot.

Me: Oh yeah

Erik: It’s basically kind of the same thing.

Me: So what split into all sorts of pieces that they call those asteroids?

Erik: An eruption – pressure – something just busted.

Me: A volcano, or earthquake, whatever – planetquake?

Erik: Yeah, like a planetquake. It was kind of equivalent to an earthquake, but yet it’s not the same energy type, yeah.

Me: And I guess the erosion sort of triggered it maybe, is that what you’re saying, Erik?

Erik: It’s because of wear and tear…

Me: Oh, okay

Erik: Just life, life expectancy…

Me: Oh, okay. Did any of the survivors make it to Earth? Or was the other Earth even livable back then?

Erik: There wasn’t any lifeform on it.

Me: Okay, nobody from there that did exist made it to Earth?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay, and this one person says to please describe the civilization of Lemuria – first of all does it even exist?

Denise: I don’t even know what that is… Lemuria.

Me: It’s kind of like Atlantis was a little island – Lemuria, there’s others… way back in the day.

Erik: These theories don’t come about just because somebody decided to start thinking about it.

Me: Yeah

Erik: These ideas came – someone from the higher ups – people who are willing to hear and receive messages… they get these thoughts, these desires, these ideas about things and then they start developing and then that story gets transmuted down to somebody else and it keeps going on. Like the city of Atlantis and people know now that is a true thing. The same is this – yes, it is a real thing. It’s just like mermaids are real, they’re just not as pretty as we have…

Me: Oh yeah because I’ve seen some pictures of possible mermaids, okay…

Erik: These things are real and that’s what people are starting to realize and they’re starting to question a lot of this. That’s why they’re starting to find that yes this is real. There are people that channel this city.

Me: Ohh

Erik: And they know that this is real and some of these people who are here now and who… *no sound* species to the human race – there’s a connection there and they’re bringing this forth.

Denise: I am asking him, “What is the importance of it?”

Erik: To get an understanding of what we’re doing here with this planet.

Me: Okay, about how long ago was this civilization in existence?

Erik: Millions of years before B.C.

Me: Oh wow, cool. Oh, so do you know where it was located? This guy says some say it is where Hawaii is today.

Denise: I don’t get that – Erik doesn’t show me that it’s where Hawaii is – I don’t even get that it was in what we would call the United States…

Me: Okay, was it like the Pacific Ocean, maybe? Ring of Fire area…

Denise: I don’t know, and I apologize for not knowing my geography… it’s whatever is next to the Pacific Ocean, it’s borderlining with that somewhere in there whatever that is – I don’t know what that is.

Me: But was it in the Pacific Ocean area?

Erik: Yes, we don’t have the equipment yet, but we’ll start locating things there.

Me: Oh, good. Is it true that Lemuria was the most spiritually evolved human civilization that has ever existed on Earth?

Erik: Every species wants to think that they’re the most highly evolved species…

Me: Oh, that sounds like something Erik would say…

Denise and Me: *laugh*

Erik: We’re all highly evolved in our own way… so that would have to go down to another question – what do you mean highly evolved?

Me: Oh, okay, too complicated – that’s okay. Is it true that unicorns existed in Lemuria?

Erik: Yes, and other places as well.

Me: Oh, cool. How was it destroyed, what happened to it?

Erik: Greed.

Me: Oh, wow, how did greed destroy a civilization?

Erik: They lost touch with what was really going on.

Denise: So what do you mean?

Erik: The way – how they treated the Earth…

Me: Ohhh

Erik: Just over time things were just taken care of – but that isn’t going to happen over here in this lifetime. Those people they were more in tune with how they can create things than we are.

Me: Oh, like manifesting, yeah…

Erik: Yes, we don’t realize what powerful creators we are. We’re getting there, but that’s not going to happen here with the Earth in this lifetime or in the lifetime after that.

Me: Okay, well why is it not a land mass that you see above water?

Erik: Because things have risen since then – the tides have risen.

Me: Oh, the oceans, okay…

Denise: Yeah, the oceans have risen since then and I asked him did it rise because it sunk?

Erik: No, over time things have risen.

Me: Maybe ice caps or glaciers and stuff have melted… are there any artifacts from Lemuria in museums or private collections now?

Denise: Erik gives me the feeling that there are some yeah, and I’m asking him where, and I don’t get that they’re in the US.

Me: Okay, so there are some – that’s all I care about. Are there any remaining traces of Atlantis left on Earth? If so, where?

Erik: There are some and that’s what keeps the story going and going and going because people think, and they see things or hear things and stuff. Yes, there are.

Me: What kind of artifacts are maybe in museums and private collections?

Denise: Clay or pottery – things like that – feels like there are some body parts…

Me: Ew what about any technological things?

Erik: They haven’t discovered any of that yet.

Me: Okay, if archaeologists were to look, where would they look? That part of the globe would they begin their search?

Denise: I don’t know why he is showing me Peru.

Me: Oh, okay, cool. Maybe off the coast of Peru?

Denise: Yeah, because Erik’s showing me Peru somewhere around Peru…

Me: So, Erik, is it off the coast of Peru?

Erik: Yeah there are some things somewhere in Peru.

Me: Some artifacts, or…

Erik: There’s some pieces there and of some other places there, too.

Me: What?

Denise: Feels like there are some ancient fossils there – some type of fish…

Me: Oh, wow, so are there artifacts from Atlantis in Peru or off the waters of Peru?

Erik: Off the waters of Peru

Denise: That’s what he is saying, I get the feeling he is trying to protect…

Me: Oh, that’s where the artifacts are but that’s not where the island of Atlantis was is that what you’re saying, Erik?

Denise: From what he is showing me, the city of Atlantis is really big and he is just showing me that there are some pieces off the coast there – he’s not telling me…

Me: Okay, he doesn’t want to tell anymore, that’s fine. What is buried on Oak Island, who buried it and why and will it ever be recovered? I don’t know anything about Oak Island I kind of heard that there’s something about it but that’s it.

Denise: I don’t know anything about it either.

Me: Yeah

Denise: From the name, I’d think there’s trees there…

Me: Yeah, I would think so.

Denise: What’s buried there?

Erik: A bunch of lies.

Denise: They want to know what’s buried there and will we ever find it? Erik is not telling me if anything’s buried there.

Erik: There’s really nothing of importance buried there. There are some secrets buried there – that’s why I said lies.

Me: Oh, okay, what’s the lie about? A murder, I mean – he also asked who buried it and why? Why does that legend or conspiracy exist I guess is what I want to know?

Erik: The conspiracy is there because people just know that what was said isn’t the truth. So it doesn’t settle with them, so that’s why it just keeps going and going and going until they get settled with it.

Denise: I’m asking him what is buried there and again, Erik just will not answer me.

Me: Okay, sometimes – there are certain things he just does not want us to know.

Denise: And that’s what I keep getting… like there is no value in us knowing this.

Me: Oh, okay and it could be unsafe – maybe, I don’t know…

Denise: That’s what I keep getting that it’s unsafe by what he says – the lies.

Me: Okay, all right, in what nation is the Ark of the Covenant today and will it ever be found?

Denise: What nation…

Me: Boy, they’re working on us in geography, aren’t they? Ugh, not my strong suit, girl.

Denise: I know… I’m not either when you get out of the United States, Canada and Mexico

Me: I know…

Denise: I feel when Erik is saying this, I get over in the European area. And will it ever be found?

Erik: One day…

Denise: I’m asking him like now, and he’s telling me not in my lifetime.

Me: Okay, so not in the Middle East, right – somewhere in Europe.

Denise: And when you said that – for some reason, I feel like when you said not in the Middle East, I feel like somebody moved it and that’s why it’s in Europe, yeah.

Me: Okay, all right. Is it true that three arks were made? Dolores Cannon reported that one is in a glacier, one is in a cave, and one is in a private vault. I think we channeled that third one that it was in a private vault through somebody, can’t remember who.

Erik: That’s 100% accurate.

Denise: He is telling me that is one of the reasons I am so attracted to the Antarctic because of the stuff and everything that is over there.

Erik: Yes, those are accurate and people like us didn’t build them, but there was help…

Me: Extraterrestrials, maybe?

Erik: Yeah, you could go that route because those were massive to build and without the equipment we have today, it would be very challenging. Yes, there was definitely some help – a lot of help.

Me: Do these arks have some sort of special power? Like Raiders of the Lost Ark where they open it up and everybody melts or whatever… that was kind of a gross scene.

Erik: *laughs* No, Mom, they don’t have it like that.

Denise: But do they have special powers?

Erik: Mmmm… one of their special powers is they’re able to survive this length of time.

Me: What, what is it? What’s in there? Why is it so special, Erik?

Erik: Those arks did way more than what we’re being told. The wood is wood but not like wood that we would find from trees nowadays.

Me: Oh

Erik: They have energies about them – people that are sensitive to energies would be able to sense that within it itself.

Me: Were some of the materials brought from other planets brought by ETs or anything?

Erik: Yes, and it would have to be to be able to withstand this length of time.

Me: Well, what’s in it then – one of them, both of them, all three of them, whatever…

Denise: What are the contents in them?

Me: Yeah, at least one.

Erik: Gold

Me: Oh, okay, cool. Is it true that Nazis were working with extraterrestrials before and during WWII, Erik?

Denise: Erik is telling me because this is a past life, my recent past life that I visually remember when I was two.

Me: Oooh yeah, gosh.

Erik: No, extraterrestrials did not help them do that. All of that was a brainwashed thing and a very sick, distorted mind.

Me: Oh, okay, good. Is it true that the Nazis landed on the moon before the US?

Erik: No, it is not true.

Me: Oh, and he says in what year did the Nazis land on Mars? Actually, let’s start out with did they?

Erik: *laughs* they did not – the Nazis did not land on Mars. They were more preoccupied with the fucking shit that they were doing here on Earth that they didn’t even think about going to Mars.

Me: Oh, yeah, I can imagine.

Denise: Yeah

Me: And it’s something that the ego – Hitler’s ego would probably… so there was no secret space program then with the Nazis…

Erik: Hitler’s mind was infected – he didn’t think properly…

Me: Oh, that’s interesting because there is a rumor that he had neurosyphilis – that he got syphilis and it infected his brain, so wow, that’s kinda cool. So did he have neurosyphilis or something else? Dementia, whatever?

Erik: He didn’t have that luxury of dementia – to claim that…

Me: Okay

Denise: I did get like it was something to that effect, yeah.

Me: Okay, did Hitler really kill himself in a bunker as we’ve been told, or did he escape to South America?

Erik: He did not escape to South America.

Me: So he killed himself or somebody killed him – did he kill himself?

Erik: He killed himself because he knew he was getting closed in on.

Me: Yeah, yeah

Erik: That man – we’ve interviewed him before – so there’s a role and stuff – this man was very clever, even though there was like a…

Me: Infection

Erik: Mm hmm but he was not going to let anybody take him or do anything.

Me: Okay

Erik: He was paranoid as all ever…

Me: Oh, that’s what I understand. Is it true that Dr. Mengele from Auschwitz is still alive, that he cheated death through technology, and if so, where is he and what is he doing today? Making little crocheted pot warmers or something?

Erik: He is on my side of the fence, so no he is not still alive.

Me: Okay, how did Amelia Earhart die and where is her body?

Erik: She didn’t die of a plane crash – she didn’t die on impact.

Me: Oh, ooh that’s what came up – that’s true in an interview. Cool.

Denise: I get like she died from – she did suffer some severe injuries – I’m getting like a broken arm, and something to do with her leg.

Me: Ahh

Denise: I get the feeling like she more or less died from starvation, hunger.

Me: Yeah, that’s what came out in another interview. That’s cool.

Denise: Oh really?

Me: Yeah

Denise: Oh, okay, I don’t know anything about her.

Me: Do you know where? Más o Menos, was it Tall Little Island, was it on the coast of something – I don’t think we ever got that information.

Erik: It’s a real remote area.

Me: Ah, a little island or a land mass or…

Erik: An island – a real remote island.

Me: Okay, can you tell us what ocean? Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean…

Denise: Was she flying to the Atlantic? Because he is showing me “A”.

Me: Atlantic, okay, that’s fine. I think so.

Denise: Okay, he is showing me an “A “Atlantic, and I don’t know why he is doing this guessing game with me.

Me: C’mon, Erik.

Denise: I think he’s playing with me because we said the stuff about the geography thing. I’m asking him will we ever find her remains?

Erik: Yes, we will one day.

Me: Wow, that’s amazing.

Denise: Yeah

Me: Okay, all right, how much power do the Rothschilds really have and do they control the world? I guess they’re talking about the global elite that want to create this new world order.

Erik: Well, Mom, you know money does a lot here.

Me: Yeah, love should be the thing that has the most power.

Erik: That’s what you’re creating with what you’re doing.

Me: Well, what all of us are doing… yeah, okay.

Denise: He’s not answering.

Me: Is it too dangerous, is that why?

Denise: Yeah, my chest is beating very fast.

Me: Oh, okay, we don’t do that, okay. So they’re saying if they have so much power, why didn’t they prevent the Holocaust?

Erik: It didn’t benefit them.

Me: What nefarious activities are they involved in… I know you’re not going to answer that.

Erik: Oh, hell no, we’re not answering that.

Denise: *laughs*

Me: Oh, I figured. Oh my God. Okay, are William Tompkins, Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and other secret space program participants providing accurate information? Is there a secret space program, and basically are they sincere witnesses or are they being used to spread disinformation?

Erik: No, they’re not supposed to do that. No, they’re not doing that.

Denise: And is there a secret space program or something?

Erik: Of course, there’s stuff secret within the secret, but it’s not secret because they’re only going to take…

Denise: Erik is so silly *laughs*

Me: Of course, he is

Erik: They’re not going to only take 444 people…

Denise: I feel like that is related to somewhere in the Bible – that number – because Erik is flipping pages while he is saying that and laughing.

Me: Oh, okay, that’s funny.

Erik: It’s not a secret because it’s just for the elite or something like that – they’re just looking at things.

Me: What do you mean, Erik?

Erik: ETs, Mom, ETs…

Me: Oh, okay, so they are providing some accurate information?

Erik: Yes, they are.

Me: Okay, last question, and I think we will end off because I think we should be 45 minutes instead of an hour. Is the cabal – whoever that is – that controls our planet really under assault by positive forces in our military? What is the cabal, Erik? Is that a bunch of ETs?

Denise: I don’t know what that is either.

Erik: It’s like an energy type field like ETs.

Denise: Are we doing something to destroy it?

Erik: We can’t do that.

Me: Okay, so…

Erik: We only know so much and have so much power.

Me: They overshadow us power wise, is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yes, we think we got the power.

Me: Is the cabal bad, or are they the ones that are trying to protect us from the “bad” ETs?

Denise: Erik is showing me white light – they’re not bad.

Me: I hear there are some Indians that were under contract that are here to protect us for a certain period of time before the bad ETs come and get us and the boogeyman survives.

Erik: There is some truth to that, but this planet is not going to blow up, and we’re not going to disintegrate – we’re here.

Me: Okay, good.

Erik: Yeah, we’re here.

Me: Okay, I think that’s good. Let’s do that and we’re probably have a couple more after this – well, this is part two actually, and part three and four, or maybe five – and you guys need to get in touch with this girl before she is booked up for a decade!

Her name is Denise Ramon and it’s – I will put it here, and Denise, you want to share any last thoughts? Or Erik, do you want to? And thank you, Erik, I know we were treading on some touchy shit.

Denise: Erik is telling me he loves you, he loves you; he really wants me to tell you that. Again, he’s squeezing his heart – he loves you. I have to go look up the cabal; and see what that is because I have no clue what that is.

Me: I don’t know what half of this – Oak Island, I don’t know nothing at all about this stuff.

Denise: Yeah, I don’t either…

Me: Which is good, you know.

Denise: Yeah, Erik’s telling me to look it up because it’s pretty neat to learn about that – to read about it.

Me: Okay

Denise: So I’m going to look that up and see what they…

Me: And Oak Island – I want to know what the heck that’s about.

Denise: Oak Island, yeah

Me: Yeah

Denise: Erik says don’t waste my time with that, but I’m going to look at it because he said that *laughs*

Me: I know, of course – you’re a rebel, Denise the Rebel. All right, thank you, Denise. Love you. Love you, Erik. Love you guys out there. Be sure you go to the archives of the blog because there’s so much there that is not on YouTube, people like the interview with Princess Di and a bunch of stuff. Check it out and check out Erik’s book, “My Life After Death” – if you want to know what death is like, crossing over is like, and what your afterlife is going to be like in great detail. Love you!

Denise: Love you, take care.

Me: Bye.

I know I already posted the video of our interview with Rev. Billy Graham, but I do intend to post the transcript as soon as I get it. 

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