Transcript of Heaven and Crossing Over

I stumbled on this awesome book called The Real Us: We’re Not Crazy by Thea(Dotty) Scalco, and in it you’ll discover people from the CE community. A little bit about Thea:

Ms. Scalco has spent the last 20 years researching natural health solutions. Her natural health journey began with her son’s autism diagnosis, she had since dedicated her time trying to understand why her once healthy toddler retracted into a world of his own.

She joined The Autism Autoimmunity Project and for 6 years served as an Advisor and Board Member. Later, she created her own non-profit, The E.C.H.O. Foundation, educating and supporting parents with ill children.
As she dug deeper down into the proverbial rabbit hole, her studies took her into the world of energy medicine. Fascinated by the results she was seeing, she earned a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science,  became a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and Holistic Health Counselor.

During her training, she discovered her intuitive abilites were reaching new heights.

She was able to tap into a field of Universal Intelligence.

Uncomfortable with her new talents, she kept much of her life a secret. But, as she began to slowly come out of her spiritual closet, she found she was far from alone.

During a meditation, Ms. Scalco was inspired to gather stories of folks just like herself.

It has always been her passion to teach and here among these pages, Ms. Scalco will demonstrate that we are all connected to an inner and outer field that helps us navigate this thing called “life”.

An excerpt from the book:

What if, in the still of the night or the dawn of a new day, when all was quiet, you heard voices? What if touching people sent tingles up your arms and you could feel other people’s pain? What if, in your time of loneliness, you saw an image that told you all was well? What do you do? Who do you tell? Would others understand or would they call you crazy?

You can find the book by clicking HERE.

If you missed last night’s show, I hope to post it soon. For some reason, the liveparanormal page didn’t update. I’m waiting for the producer, Rob Szarek, to fix it.

An now, here’s the transcript for the Heaven and Crossing Over video channeled by Jennifer Doran, masterfully transcribed by Juliet Lynn. I’m leaving it up to the mediums as to whether they get their sessions transcribed, so I can’t guarantee that they all will be, nor can I guarantee that the transcripts will get to me at the same time that I publish the YouTube, but we can keep our fingers crossed!

Elisa: Hey there Jennifer

Jennifer: Hey, how are you?

Elisa: I’m doing great and how’s our little boy doing?

Jennifer: He’s good – ready to go.

Elisa: Erik I’m sure you don’t like to be called “little boy” but you’re always gonna be my little boy.

Erik: I know. What are you gonna do?”.

Elisa: Nah, what are you gonna do! Alright. You guys I want to remind you guys… I get so many people saying “oh can you interview Lady Di, can you interview Prince, can you talk about this subject, or that subject, but there in the archives.  There were many years that I just did text only from audio, it’s only relatively recently then I started doing sessions via YouTube so I urge you to go to and go to the archives. Start from the beginning and slowly make your way through.

Ok. So. I also want to let you guys know that you can contact this wonderful medium, Jennifer Doran, at

Alright!  We are going to talk about crossing over and Heaven.  We’ve covered this before but I don’t know if we’ve done it in depth. I have most of the questions from blog members to tell you the truth. Here’s one… Ready Erik? Ready Jennifer?

Jennifer: Yes

Elisa: Alright. (Starts reading question) Hello Erik, I had a question on…   (Elisa interrupts herself) Well, you know what? Why don’t you just start talking about what crossing over is like and then we’ll get to the questions actually.

Erik: It’s actually different depending on the actual event that causes the passing. So, when you actually crossover, sometimes you are confused, sometimes you don’t quite know what’s going on, what happened, and it’s like you need to be debriefed kind of. Other times you know exactly what’s happening, that you’re going. You know already the people who are there meeting you. Sometimes loved ones from the other side will actually come and get you and bring you and that’s a lot of times for the people who really, really struggle with death and when they just really try not to go, try so hard not to go, sometimes then they’ll come and get you and bring you.  But the actual crossing, whether you’re, you know ready, or know it’s coming or not, it’s not painful, and it’s not scary, it’s more confusing.

Elisa: Right, right. Anyway, that reminds me of when I was five years old and I had to get my tetanus shot or something. I was in my parents’ clinic and the nurse, who actually became my nurse when I was a doctor, had to chase me around the waiting room and I remember holding on to the ledge at the reception desk and she was pulling me by my feet – (mimics herself as a child) “Oh no!”  – so it kind of reminds me of that. But anyway, I digress.

So, how do you know if you’re gonna be the one that’s confused or if you’re gonna be the one that’s like (shrugs shoulders as if to say it’s no problem) “ha”?

Erik: You don’t know. You don’t know here. You know, having faith and having hope and a belief does help and a lot of (the) time (it’s) people who don’t have any belief that really, really struggle with this or people who are afraid because of how they maybe lived their lives – and not even their whole lives – just maybe some decisions that they made that they feel guilty about and that’s usually when there’s more of a struggle with the passing.

Elisa:  Yes, Erik I remember you told me you sort of like tried to hide under the radar (covers eyes) when you first got there – “don’t let God see me!”

Jennifer: (Laughing) Yes

Erik: That did not work, that did not work!

Elisa:  No, no it does not. Ok so my father, you know he was the very militant atheist, people like that, they must like wake up into darkness, right? Then all of a sudden what do they do – they find themselves thinking “Oh I wonder if I fed the dog” or whatever and then “Wait a minute, I’m thinking! How can I be dead?”.

Jennifer:  Yeah so he’s actually, what Erik’s showing me is that sometimes when people like that, because it’s like, if it’s all at once it would be very overwhelming so they are like in stages introduced. So like “hey you’re not just gone now” – you know?

Elisa:  So what do they do? Ask for help and all of the sudden then spirits show up or…

Jennifer:  No because it’s funny like we don’t even have to ask for help because it’s like I do see darkness but there’s souls right there, right there ready when we are and so he says there’s confusion but never any fear.

Elisa: Oh!

Jennifer: Just like confusion and then stuff starts happening.

Elisa: So disoriented, disoriented I guess.

Jennifer: Yes, yes.

Elisa: But why don’t they just help anyway, why do they have to wait until you’re ready?

Erik:  So to not shock ‘em, to not shock ‘em, because some of us go and all of our loved ones are there and we’re like “Yes! Here I am!”. For the people who fight it or are confused it would be overwhelming because it is so intense when you get here.

Elisa:  Yeah, you don’t want grandma to get this close (holds up two fingers about an inch apart), this close to your face and go “Boo!” like that.

Jennifer: (Laughing)

Erik: Yes!

Elisa:  Well I mean who cares if you’re shocked?  I mean we’re eternal beings! Why’s that so bad? It would only be temporary.

Erik:  It would, it would only be temporary, but it’s just kind of, you know, done differently for different people – we’re all different.

Elisa: Oh yeah, that’s true.

Erik:  So, you know, it’s kind of done more to what you will adjust to the best.

Elisa:  So they know… it’s tailor made – crossing over tailor made for you.

Erik: Yes, perfect.

Elisa:  Right so what if you have a belief like you’ve gotta fight demons in order to get into heaven or, you know, I don’t know very much about different religions but they all are different like “Oh I’m going to get those 72 virgins” or whatever. Does that influence your crossing over? Or your Heaven?

Erik:  Well yes and no, yes and no, because you won’t actually, if you have these beliefs, you may not actually have to do those things, you may not actually, you know, have to be shown that you’re fighting demons to crossover. You just kind of, you just kind of crossover like you know you get from here to there and sometimes you don’t even realise that you’ve made the journey. Sometimes you don’t even realise like sometimes it happens so fast that you’re here and then it’s like “oh where am I?” so the actual crossing can be such a blur or so instantaneous that you just don’t realise it ‘til you’re already there. But yeah, your perceptions of what Heaven is going to be like will affect how it looks when you get there.

Elisa:  Like what if you believe in hell and you think you deserve to be there?

Jennifer:  He says no.

Elisa:  I know there’s no hell but…

Erik:  No. You wouldn’t because that would be fear based and even if you’re like laying there in this kind of darkness you still feel all that love.

Elisa:  oh good.

Erik:  You still feel all that love and it’s almost like, it’s interesting because it’s almost like, for those people who are sort of in that darkness it’s like they’re in a sleep and as they start to wake up, you know like when you’re waking up it’s like your eyes have to adjust? – it’s like that when they’re ready to be introduced to “hey there is something else”.

Elisa:  Well if you’re a murderer you must be a little confused like “Wait a minute, where’s the fire and brimstone?”. It must be a little disorientating – you might think that you should be in hell, huh?

Erik:  Well yeah, even if they do it’s very, very brief because we’ve all been there before so it’s like, you know, once you realise “oh yeah right, right, this is where I was going to end up” it’s pretty quick.

Elisa: Ah. ok good.  Can you have a painful death sometimes? I mean what if you want to experience a painful death?

Erik: Yeah, the pain would happen here while you were still in the physical body.

Elisa:  ok got you.

Erik:  As soon as you leave the physical body the pain will stop.

Elisa:  Alright. Good. What about this white light what’s that all about? And does everybody experience that?

Erik:  Yes. Sometimes you don’t experience it until you’re already there – sometimes you experience it on the journey if you’re not fighting the crossing – it’s just really the white light is the Holy Spirit.

Elisa: Oh!

Erik:  It’s heaven, it’s the other side.

Elisa:  What is it like? A tube? A portal?

Erik:  Yeah! Yeah! Because even when you’re over there it’s like that white light is kind of all around. It’s like almost as if (when) you’re not focussed directly on something, it’s like white light.

Elisa: Oh ok. And apparently it doesn’t hurt your eyes being super bright.

Erik:  No. No it doesn’t.

Elisa:  Ok. Oh that’s cool. Do some people not experience that white light then?

Erik: In the actual crossing, some people, because it’s so quick that they’re here and they’re there, so they might not see it, but when they get to the other side they would see the white light but not necessarily that tunnel that like, you know, going into the white light experience, not everybody does that.

Elisa:  Alright. What about the traumatic or really violent death like a car accident or a murder or in your case Erik, your death. What is that like, the crossing over?

Erik:  Yeah, he says a lot of times that really has that feeling of you’re here, on Earth, and then you’re “boom” there with really not a whole lot in between. Just you’re here, you blink your eyes, you open your eyes and you’re on the other side.

Elisa:  Do you get additional help because I mean your energy must be just turn to bits, right?

Jennifer:  Yes, so it’s not, it’s funny how he says it, he says it’s not like extra help because everybody gets as much as they need, but it’s different, it’s a different type of help in the sense that (pauses), ok, that often he says there’s more confusion there, there’s more confusion and he’s kind of making a joke and he said a lot of times what happens is then you see somebody that you know has already died and you’re like “oh wait a second!” (laughing) and you start to put it together that you’re not… but he says even in the confusion there’s no physical pain.

Elisa:  Ok, that’s good. Is there ever fear, like despair or just horror?

Erik:  No no no

Elisa:  That’s good

Erik:  Because, you know, once you leave here, all that stays there, all that stays there in the physical world.

Elisa:  Thank God (sighs). I’m glad to hear that about you Erik.  Ok, so what about other living creatures and their crossing over. What about like insects?  I know you’ve said in your book that they go through this beautiful portal and they look like fireworks, sparklers and all the spirits will sit there and watch because it’s just a beautiful display – all those mosquitoes that we slap!

Jennifer: (laughing)

Erik: Yes, ha ha! For them to arrive, yes. And with the insects and animals it’s like more of a… it kind of happens the same way for all of them. It’s like they all kind of experience the same crossing over and through the light, through the portal, into the other side. For the animals there’s no confusion, there’s no confusion for them.

Elisa: Why?

Erik:  Because of the type of souls that they have, they just, they don’t have to experience, they’re not on the same path as us, they’re not on the same learning and growth path as we are, so that’s why they just crossover.

Elisa:  Ok and they probably don’t have that mind that analyses things.

Erik:  Correct, yes.

Elisa:  So in what way, besides the lack of confusion, in what way are insects, birds and other animals different in the way they cross over from humans. They’re the same as each other but how are they different from ours except for the confusion?

Erik:  Just because, well that is interesting, he says kind of, this seems trivial but, he says we kind of go this way (uses hands to indicate moving to the right) and they go right up (uses hands in upward motion) like boom, straight up, I don’t know why that’s important (laughing).

Elisa: (laughing) Yes why is that important? Is it because we take the scenic route?

Erik: Iit’s just the different, it’s like a different pathway, it’s just a different type of crossing and the animals, they just go, the animals the insects they just boom, go right up, right straight up, and it’s like for them it’s as if not much is different, it’s not like, you know, they’re here and they’re there, it’s not a whole lot different for them and it is because they’re just different beings, they’re different beings, different souls.

Elisa:  What about aliens do they do the same thing as, I mean other beings – we’re aliens too I guess, but beings from other planets, do they have a similar crossing over as we do?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa: What about plants?

Erik: It’s like totally different, it’s totally different….

Elisa: Because I was out there weeding, oh my god, a while ago (closes eyes and cringes) – Sorry! So sorry! You need to find another place!

Erik: Yeah, it’s like the plants are more about like the Earth and they just kind of keep that energy, (it) kind of stays here and gets reborn here. But there’s plants over there too, but they’re not looking for the same kind of knowledge that we are.

Elisa:  Ok so are the plants in heaven ones that spirits just manifest?

Erik:  Right, yeah (it’s) because we think they’re pretty so we want them around.

Elisa: Wow. Ok do the insects, birds and other animals, do they reincarnate right away or do they hang out…

Erik:  No they hang out over there and they do come back, they come back on a different schedule than we do, so like quicker than we do.

Elisa:  Ok

Erik:  So you know when it’s time for us it’s like a big long process of like planning the next life and getting all the intricacies but the animals, when it’s time, they just come back down.

Elisa:  But it’s not as fast as like a boomerang?

Erik:  No

Elisa:  Ok. Alright. Because they don’t have the same agenda for spiritual growth.

Erik:  Correct

Elisa:  None of them, wow, interesting. They’re probably just components also in our spiritual growth. Alright let’s talk about our little, our animal companions, our pets.

Erik: Yes

Elisa:  Where do they go?

Erik:  Ok so they cross over and they can come back so you can have the same pet more than once in a lifetime and really it’s like the animals are gifts, the animals are gifts.

Elisa: (Appreciatively) Oh yeah.

Erik: It’s hard to be there and animals make it better.

Elisa:  Yes, they do.  So do they have a different kind of Heaven?

Erik:  No, they’re kind of around us, in and amongst us.

Elisa:  Alright. What about the insects and birds and other animals? Are they in a different kind of heaven? Are they in like “ok here’s where the insects go and hang out”?

Erik:  No, our reality is their reality.

Elisa: Oh! Alright.

Erik: So we have more control over what it looks like and so our animals are over there you know they’d be waiting for us, we would be reunited with them when we got over there and animals are gifts, animals are gifts, they make it easier. Even wild animals. Not just your pets and the animals that we’ve loved, it’s the animals that you don’t meet that are just, you know, wild animals. They’re all gifts.

Elisa:  Yeah, what about extinct animals like dinosaurs – are they over there too?

Erik:  Yeah, they’re just gone, they were done, they were done there and it was time for them to be not on Earth anymore.

Elisa:  But they are in heaven? Lumbering around!

Erik: Yes they’re here, they’re here!

Elisa: Alright, they can’t hurt ya!

Erik:  No

Elisa: That’s good. Alright let’s go through some of these questions, let’s see.

“Hello Erik I have a question on what the process of going home is like for people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia do they regain their memories right after crossing over or is it gradual?”

Erik: Just like physical pain, physical ailments that hurt, it’s the same with the ailments of the mind – you do leave those behind. There may be a bit more of confusion but not like the Alzheimer’s and the dementia, no, that stays with the body.

Elisa:  Good.  Well it seems like when my mother was “gone” pretty much she I felt like she was like going back and forth from Heaven, that part of her was in Heaven already.

Erik:  Yeah that’s actually very common. People with Alzheimer’s or dementia, especially close to the end for them, that veil that we have that makes us realise “hey, we can’t go back and forth” – that’s gone, that thins, so they don’t have that cognitive part of their brain telling them “no, you belong here” so they do go back and forth more. It’s why oftentimes Alzheimer’s people will talk and dementia people will talk about loved ones that they just saw people know have already passed, because they are going back and forth.

Elisa:  ok.  Let’s see another one from somebody.

“Let’s say I die in my sleep. So basically I detach from my body and I see myself lying on the bed. I felt scared to think if there would be anyone around me to hold me, I mean my loved ones, won’t be there by my bed – let’s say that night.”

So he’s afraid that he will die and nobody will be there to hold and comfort him.

Erik:  Yeah so when you die like that you just float off and you’re just surrounded by love. You know you’re not alone, even if you can’t immediately see people, you’ll know you’re not alone and you’ll be reunited with your loved ones on the other side

Elisa: Ok that’s good. Now,

“When people have an NDE and crossover, what is the reason…”

But they don’t cross over do they? Do people who have a near death experience, they don’t actually cross over?

Erik:  No they do, they do come here.

Elisa: Oh!

Erik: You know sometimes the near-death experience lasts for quite a while. So if you cross and your heart stops and you stop breathing for minutes, yeah you do come here. That’s why so many people have been able to describe Heaven.

Elisa:  Oh that’s right yeah

Erik:  Because they have come here and oftentimes those people don’t wanna come back! (laughs)

Elisa: I know!

Erik: They don’t wanna leave. So yes you can absolutely cross over to the other side in near death experience and sometimes people have had near death experiences and they say “No it’s just nothingness, it’s just black, it’s just nothing.” Well it’s because they didn’t get all the way there.

Elisa: oh ok

Erik:  They were confused – it’s kind of like you haven’t quite made it all the way over there yet and then you come back.

Elisa: ok. Well why do some people remember and the experience and some don’t.

Erik:  Because it’s been written in to their chart so that they can come back to the rest of us and it gives us hope.

Elisa: Ah, ok so some remember it so they can relay that and give people hope. Ok, good.

Erik:  There’s a lot more people that remember it than actually speak up about it.

Elisa:  Oh interesting!

Erik: Yep.

Elisa:  How long, I know there’s no time, but how long does it take for a soul or spirit to cross over and when they cross over how long after that are those left behind able to contact them.

Jennifer:  Ok so that is a tricky question. First he’s gonna address the people who are left behind, how long it takes them to recognise the energy of their loved ones. He says that it just depends because the grieving process and intense grief will cloud your ability to sense the energy of your loved one who’s crossed.

Elisa:  Yeah because that energy is so deep and so is expectation.

Jennifer: Yes.

Erik: And as far as the actual crossing over, that is subject to the individual soul’s experience as well because it can take longer for others to go and there are certain spirits who kind of hang around here for a while and don’t go into the light so it’s not like a one size fits all.

Elisa:  ok.  How is it determined who will meet and greet us when we pass?

Erik: Tthat’s all planned out before we even come into the life. It’s already planned out, we’ve already planed out who will be there.

Elisa:  oh ok.

Erik:  Yeah it’s very intricate.

Elisa:  Sounds like it! Ok let’s see…

“After you crossover can your spirit visit historical events, like go to the past. Could the spirit look in and observe a time when Jesus was alive?”

Erik:  Yes. Yes absolutely.

Elisa: “When we cross over are we immediately happy to be there in Heaven or can we feel like we don’t want to leave our families on Earth?”

Is it ever that we grieve leaving those behind?

Erik:  Ok so yes there is, but there’s just so much love, the feeling is so intense of love, that there’s always that part that is like “no, I want to stay here” and more often it’s that you have to go back, it’s like “no no you have to go back”. And not that you’re upset you have to come back, but that sometimes it does create the sadness even though you’re coming back to your family and your loved ones here.

Elisa:  Are you talking about near death experiences?

Erik:  yes

Elisa:  Oh but I’m talking about just if you just crossed over, do you like mourn like, Erik, did you have grief from leaving your family behind?

Erik: Well no because I can still see you guys. I can still see everything. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work on the sadness and the pain that I caused, I still have to work on that, karma, if you want to call it that.

Jennifer: No, because they can see us so they don’t feel as though they’ve lost us and left us behind, it’s us who feel left behind.

Elisa:  How did he work on that? How are you working on that – the sadness you left behind?

Erik:  By doing this kind of stuff. By doing this. But yeah, this is how I work on the ripple effect that I left.

Elisa: Ok, alright.

Erik: It’s one of the ways

Elisa: Yes and visiting and pranking which I could use a little bit more of!

Jennifer: (laughing) Yes.

Elisa: “When making your contract for coming into this life can you die before your contract is fulfilled?”

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa:  Of course!  Free will!  I mean you get exit points, but you can die anytime you want. Now why and how can that happen if you have a contract?

Erik: Suicide.

Elisa:  Yes and free will you know. Suicide is a big one.

Erik: Yes it is. And actually really that’s the only way you go before, otherwise you go at one of your exit points because what you came here to do was done.

Elisa: Yeah

Erik: So free will, leaving by free will is the only way to do it.

Elisa:  Well suppose somebody is considering suicide, how does he know if it’s a true exit point? Like it was supposedly in the case of Erik, or whether it’s going to be a big mistake like a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Erik:  You can’t. You can’t know beforehand.

Elisa:  Yeah. What about being regressed to between lives like Michael Newton did? Can you find out what was in your contract?

Erik:  You can but you have to be careful with that especially if you’re, you know the human mind, especially if you’re really considering it, you can go back into a regression and put things in there that really maybe fit more to your plan then you’re human plan, your free will plan than actually what’s written for you.

Elisa: oh, ok.

Jennifer:  So he cautions about that.

Elisa:  Alright. But written for you?  We write our own contracts right?  I mean obviously we get help…

Erik:  Yes, yeah.

Elisa:  Is there a planning board?  Or how does that work?

Erik:  Yes!

Elisa:  Oh really? Tell me about it. How does that work?

Erik:  Yes there is and it’s like we have guides here, we have guides there. When we’re over there, you know we know that we’re going to be back over here, and we know were coming there to learn and grow and so we try to do that as quick as we can, and so we have to go before our board and our consultants and, you know, if we pile on too much they will try to talk us out of it. We still have free will over here, so if we say “No no no I absolutely want to do this” they say ok, go ahead.

Elisa: Good luck!!

Erik:  Exactly, exactly. So yes, it’s not on our own that we do this. And it’s so intricate because there’s other Souls who need experiences and we have to agree to do that for these other souls – so it’s a big process.

Elisa:  What about walk ins?  You know you get fed up and say “I’m out of here” and some other soul volunteers to take over the body. Can you talk about that Erik?

Erik:  Yeah, they have all the knowledge when they agree to do that, they’ve got all the knowledge of what they’ve agreed to. Like (Snaps fingers) that.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik:  Yeah so, it’s pre-planned before, like we kind of know it’s going to happen beforehand.

Elisa: Oh walking in, really?  You know you’re going to be a walkin or you’re gonna to leave the body?

Jennifer:  Yeah, what do you call the…?  I can’t quite get the word from him… when you’re the star in a play and you have a person…

Elisa:  Oh, understudy!

Jennifer: (laughing) Yes!

Elisa: Oh so you have an understudy!

Jennifer: Yes!

Elisa:  Alright so you guys say “I’m going into a life that may be a little bit too much. I’m gonna give it a whirl but, understudy – you stay in the wings of the stage just in case.”

So what do they do… is it like “Hey! You know when I told you you’re gonna to have to be an understudy? You might have to fill in for me? Well I’m ready for you to do that.” – is that how it happens?

Jennifer:  he says it’s just…

Elisa: a subconscious thing?

Erik: Yes it’s through thoughts that it happens.

Elisa: ok!  Alright, cool.

Erik:  Like telepathy.

Elisa:  Oh!  Ok. “My question is about heaven. When we cross over how do our family relationships change? My brother and father passed over and in this life, they are my brother and father. Are they still my brother and father when I die? Do we lose the relationship title?”

Erik:  Yes. The relationships that we have here are different on the other side, we don’t need the titles over there. We don’t need the titles because when we get back over there, it’s like, ok they were her brother and father in this life and maybe other lives, but then there were also other lives where they were different relationships and when you get back over there and see those same souls you remember all the relationships and all the lives you’ve had with them.

Elisa:  Ok.  They’re just part of your soul family. So, Erik, I wanna to be your mom when I cross over though. Although we’ve probably had many other different relationships too.

Erik:  Yes. And when you do, you’ll see.

Elisa:  Of course.

Erik:  Yeah, you’ll understand.

Elisa:  Alright. And she or he goes on…  “Do we still love each other, because we are love. Or is it the love from the family bond?”

Erik:  It’s the love from the other side.  But you know there are souls, you know your soul family, it’s not that you love the other souls less, you just know these souls better.

Elisa: Ok. “Can we choose to stay around our family that’s on Earth before we cross over or can we cross over then come in and go back intermittently to check on our family and be with them?”

Erik:  Yes. I mean if you chose to stay around your family, that’s more of an earthbound haunting type.

Elisa:  Yeah that’s like a ghost.

Erik:  Yeah and realistically that doesn’t happen as often as people just crossing over. Once you get over there you can see your family, you can see what they’re doing, you can come around them, but just because you come around doesn’t mean they’ll know you’re around. That’s a human thing.

Elisa:  True.  “Can spirits of our loved ones see us wherever they are or only if they are in our surroundings?”.  Well I know this – they can see us wherever they are.

Erik:  Yeah wherever they are, yes.

Elisa:  Ok. “When we die who comes and takes us to Heaven?” Ok, that’s prearranged, we talked about that. “Are there different levels of Heaven as described in some religions?”

Jennifer:  Yeah. How he shows it to me is, it’s like different soul elevations but not necessarily a physically different… area? But different soul levels. Like, you know, souls can be on different levels and still be around each other.

Elisa: What do you mean different levels?  Like more evolved?

Erik:  Yes. Different levels of knowledge, different levels of growth.

Elisa:  Ok. But they don’t segregate from each other, right?

Erik: No.

Elisa:  Ok. Like this is the Blue Zone and this is the Red Zone.

Erik:  Yeah because we still all need to learn from each other no matter what level we are at.

Elisa:  Yeah! Of course. Ok. And there’s no better or worse too, no hierarchy like that?

Erik: No, no. It’s just about growth. Yeah, no hierarchy.

Elisa:  Alright. “Do we live in houses in heaven?”  From what I understand, like Erik did, he wanted to hang onto part of his human life so he created, he manifested a house. So you can do that right?

Erik:  Yes, absolutely.

Elisa:  “When we get to Heaven…” and I think we answered this “…do we remember all our past lives and probably our future ones too?”

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  Ok. And we can tap into anything that we want to know, right? We just have to be aware that the knowledge is out there for us to download it.

Jennifer:  Yeah and so he wants to be clear on this…

Erik: You can, and you can tap into all kinds of circumstances and situations, but just because you see something, if you haven’t had that experience in the physical body, it’s like you can see it like it plays on a movie but it’s something you might choose to come in and experience.

Elisa:  Oh. Ok.

Erik:  So just because you can tap into all of it doesn’t actually mean that your soul has that knowledge and that growth.

Elisa:  ok. Alright. “Is heaven different for everyone who crosses over?”

Erik:  No it’s not different for everybody because of love. Because of the immense amount of love. So that is the same for everybody. But it’s like if you wanted your surroundings to look a certain way and the soul next to you wanted it different it could be…

Elisa:  Oh yeah, it depends on what you manifest. And you can co-manifest like a beach and go surfing etc. Does everybody meet God? Including the other life forms?

Erik:  You don’t sit down there and have a face-to-face, a one-on-one with God necessarily it’s like… all around. That’s what the love is.

Elisa:  Ok. But you can probably have a one-on-one, right?

Erik:  Yeah but you don’t necessarily sit and have a one-on-one like as part of your immediate crossing, you just know that he’s there. You know that he’s there and that he sees you and that he loves you and that he’s protecting you.

Elisa: But if you want to say “Hi can we meet at Starbucks on the corner and have a coffee…”

Jennifer: (laughing) Yes..

Elisa: Alright. “My question for Erik is about sacred contracts.  If a contract is decided before we come into this world do we meet back with those people and those souls after this life to discuss the event?”

Erik:  Yeah, absolutely. But it would happen at different times because you don’t cross all at the same time. But yes, you do get to meet back up and say “Ok remember this situation?” and you get to actually go back to very specific situations and see what it was you learnt there and what maybe you could have learnt there that you didn’t quite learn. It’s like a play by play.

Elisa: Ok. So when I cross over I’ll probably have a little “come to Jesus” meeting with my parents, I tell you that! We’ll probably discuss a lot.  So that’s an example. Alright.

Erik: Yeah.

Elisa:  Probably these people were in multiple lifetimes with us also.

Erik: Absolutely.

Elisa:  Alright.  “You’ve interviewed several who have said they are currently reincarnated yet that reincarnated soul has a different personality and when they go home their personality must still exist.  How do we have one soul with so many personalities?  And how do we keep our personality?”

Erik: It’s from lifetime to lifetime. But what happens is that sometimes the souls who come to mediums will keep the personality they had in that most recent lifetime because it’s a way to identify themselves.

Elisa:  Oh yes. So I’ll recognise you as Erik!

Jennifer:  Yes. So his personality might have a bunch of different aspects that he didn’t have here.

Erik: It doesn’t make sense to come with those because people wouldn’t be able to identify me by those personality traits so I stick to the ones that…

Elisa: Yeah

Erik: If somebody has loved ones who were here from two lifetimes, who are both still here, they could appear differently. To that family they would appear with the personality they had in that lifetime and do this family they would appear with the personality they had in that lifetime.

Elisa:  Ah I see, that’s interesting. Ok. And our higher self is in Heaven, right?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  And it can adopt the personalities of different lives – past, present and future?

Erik:  Yeah, and that connects to the Akashic records.

Elisa:  What do you mean?

Erik:  The Akashic records are there records of everything past, present and future. So the higher self is more connected to the Akashic records.

Elisa:  Oh ok. Connected in what way?

Erik:  The knowledge.

Elisa:  ohhh. Ok.

Erik:  Our higher self stays there and the Akashic records stay there and there’s a very close connection between our higher selves and the Akashic records.

Jennifer: And he did just actually say that our higher selves – this is pretty interesting – know more than we do. Our higher self knows more than we do.

Elisa:  Yeah, yeah. Good. “Can a (air quotes) normal spirit have a relationship with an angel or do we stick to our (air quotes) own kind? Like Erik has a girlfriend but could he date an angel or have a strong connection with one?”

Jennifer:  I lost you

Elisa: Uh oh – can you hear me now?

Jennifer:  I just missed the question. I think what you said is can a soul have a relationship with an angel?

Elisa:  Yeah – can a normal spirit have a relationship with an angel or do they stick to their own kind? Like Erik has a girlfriend but could he date an angel if he had a strong connection with one?

Erik:  No because the angels are different beings so our souls stay amongst our souls whether we are on Earth or another planet, it doesn’t matter the souls are the same. The Angel is a different being and it’s almost as if our souls still need that physical contact and the physical connection and that kind of thing and he says with angels it’s not quite the same for them.

Elisa: Ok. Do angels date angels? They probably don’t have relationships like that.

Erik:  Yeah, it’s not really like that for them.

Elisa:  What are they – cleaved off from source? Closer to source?

Erik:  They’re more self-contained. They have everything that they need within their being and even our souls on the other side still need stuff from other souls.

Elisa:  Ok. Alright. Let me see… “If spirits can visit Earth is there a way for humans to visit Heaven without dying or having a near death experience?” Can you do so with lucid dreaming?

Erik:  Yes, you can because people have seen the Akashic records so it’s like lucid dreaming, astral travelling. It’s just really hard to maintain that for any length of time. So it feels more like glimpses or moments of when we go over there and see stuff. Like when you have dreams of a loved one who’s crossed over, it’s like almost like you’re in a reserved conference room.

Elisa:  Oh really!

Erik:  When you have a dream of somebody who’s passed it’s like you kind of go into this holding space and meet. But that is on the other side.

Elisa: It is part of Heaven?  The afterlife?

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa: Cool!

Erik: Sometimes you do feel the love, but sometimes you don’t, you just had this communication with your loved one and that actually happens on the other side.

Elisa: It seems like I had a lucid dream where Erik and I were sitting under a tree in a real pretty meadow. So it doesn’t have to be a room, right?

Erik: No, it can look anyway but it’s kind of like a section.

Elisa: Ok, cool!  So this woman is asking about crossing over of a pet and so we answered most of this but she also wants to know what it’s like for them if they’ve been euthanized and then crossover.

Erik:  Peaceful. It is peaceful. It stops the suffering. It’s just like going to sleep and then they go. It’s not painful, it’s not scary. Animals don’t have to experience that kind of confusion, that kind of like “Hey, what’s happening!” They just get to go.

Elisa:  So Erik we euthanized Bluebell. Is she grateful for that or is she pissed off!

Erik:  No. Grateful. And for the animals, when it does get to that point where that decision is made, they are always grateful because the suffering that they were having here, they’re done with it.

Elisa:  Ok. Alright. Anything else you want to say about Heaven or crossing over?

Erik:  It’s great here, it’s awesome here! It’s just different. You learn and you grow here but not like you do there.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: It’s everything I thought it would be and more, but I still have so much to do! (laughing) I’m so busy, I have so much to do over here and it’s just beautiful and loving and even when the crossing is confusing it’s still ok.

Elisa: Were you confused, Erik, when you crossed over?

Erik:  Yeah.

Elisa:  For how long?

Jennifer:  he’s saying time is different there…

Erik: For you it would have been the equivalent of about two weeks but that feels like nothing over here.

Elisa: Ah yeah.

Erik: That feels like nothing but it was a couple of weeks.

Elisa:  Ok. What else was I going to ask…  Oh! Is there anything you miss about being here?

Jennifer: It’s interesting. He does miss the intensity of all the emotions.

Erik: You don’t get to have that over here. You know the anger, the fear, that kind of stuff. You know for some people fear is exciting! Fear increases the adrenaline so you don’t really get to have all that over here, so I do kind of miss the roller coaster of what it’s like there.

Elisa:  Oh my god!  Do you miss the tangible, the physical, the hugs?

Erik:  But it’s different because I can still come and hug you.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, but it feels different, right?

Erik:  It does, it does. But I can still come and hug you so for us over here that is a little bit different because we do still get quite a bit of that.

Elisa:  Yeah. Well I feel it when you do so…

Erik:  yeah…

Elisa:  After this come give Mamma a hug!

Erik:  Absolutely!

Elisa: and taste the taste of pizza and the feeling of pizza on your tongue?

Erik:  Yes food is different.

Elisa:  One last thing…  you say it’s so wonderful over there, so what would you say to people who say “well why shouldn’t I just go over there?”

Erik:  Number one, eventually you’ll be here anyway. You’ve come here to do something and if you decide not to finish it, well then you get back over here, realise in your life review that you didn’t do what you had come to do, and so then you’re going to come back to try to do it again so you might as well just keep going this time and do what you came to do.

Elisa: Are people, when they do crossover prematurely, are they disappointed – “I’ve wasted a life!”

Erik:  No because there’s still lessons to learn there, there’s still knowledge to gain there, but if you decide you have to come back and learn it again, well if you’ve made it 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years and then you get over here and say, “Well ok, I’ve got to go and try that again”, well then you have to have all those experiences again that you’ve already had just to learn the lesson that you were trying to learn. Especially with suicide and a free will decision, it really just isn’t worth it. It’s just not worth it because then you get back over here, realise that this is where you’re going to be eventually anyway, and a lot of times you decide to go back in with a very similar lesson.

Elisa:  Yeah.  Oh, that’s awful. So you’ll have to go through it again.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa:  And also, you probably are aware of how you screwed up other peoples’ life plan too. Like maybe you were supposed to give birth to a daughter who was going to find the cure for diabetes or something, you know.

Erik:  Yeah because when it’s a free will decision the other people in your life did not choose to learn that lesson so you do collect some karma, and you don’t have to come back and do it again and do it similarly, but oftentimes you’ll choose to because you know that you were trying to learn that and you left before you did.

Elisa:  Yeah. Alright, anything else Erik or Jennifer? If you have any questions…

Jennifer:  Just that he loves you, he’s just loves you.

Elisa:  I love you too Sweetie. Come give me a hug! And you give Jennifer a hug too!

Jennifer:  (laughing) Yes!

Elisa:  Alright, thank you Jennifer. And don’t forget: and check out the archives and check out the blog, the archives are awesome.

Alright. Bye bye!

Jennifer:  Bye.

Here’s the YouTube version if you’d like to watch it! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Love you infinity to the infinite power!

Featured image courtesy of Kuthumi Hands

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