Sri Swami Svatmananda on Reincarnation

I hope you all had a nice weekend. My was all work, work, work. Since Rune and I have been camping a lot in Galveston, the Honey-Dos have built up. So Saturday, I cleaned all of the sofas and love seats. Some are leather and needed leather cleaner and conditioner and one 3-piece set is fabric, so I had to use my Bissell Green Mean Machine. I also had to use a crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner because for some reason, all sorts of crumbs and lint migrate between the cushions. With the amount of crumbs I sucked up, I could have breaded and fried a couple of catfish filets. Gross. 

Wait, why in the world would I think you guys would be interested in my vacuuming habits? But wait, Sunday I did my most hated job in the world. I cleaned all the travertine, filthy grout and all, throughout the house. It’s a 7 hour ordeal. I get a bucket and fill it with hot water, intensive stone cleaner and a bit of bleach. Then, I slop in around on one area of the floor and spread it with a broom that has very stiff bristles so I can loosen the dirt in the grout. After that, I use my Hoover Spin n’ Scrub which sucks up all the filthy water. The waste water in the tank is like mud. You’d think I had scooped up the mud from the Mississippi Delta. But wait. That’s not all. I then get on my hands and knees and scrub the grout that still looks iffy, then dry every square inch with a clean white towel before any dirty water dries right back into the grout. After finishing all the floors, I apply stone and grout sealer, wait five minutes, then wipe away the excess, again on all fours. I did have a casualty, though. While drying the tiles, I kneeled hard on something very sharp and found a huge chunk of glass embedded deep in my knee. Several rivers of blood were flowing down my leg and ankle onto my pristine floors. Argh! I couldn’t stop right away, though, because I can’t let the possibly dirty water dry into the grout again. A pint of blood later, I got my husband to dig the glass chunk out of my knee, then I washed and bandaged it and went right back to the task at hand. I suspect the glass was from a Pyrex baking dish. Long story made short: Lukas was baking steaks for his friends in our oven, which was preheated to 350 degrees. He opened the door to check on them after five minutes and the entire dish exploded, sending glass flying in an area around 50′ by 50′. He cleaned it all up, but one piece, which was about 25 feet from the oven, remained, determined to attack and unsuspecting human, probably angered over the few years of being tormented in a hot oven. One piece landed in the eye of one of Lukas’s friend, but thankfully, it was safely retrieved. I let Pyrex know, and they wanted to send me $50 and a full set of baking pans, but I told them just to send me a replacement for the one that broke. Here are some pics:

Here’s the session Sri Swami and I did on reincarnation. What a brilliant man. Check him out more at Enjoy!

One more thing: be sure you register for the CE event in October at our house. You won’t regret it, and I can’t wait to give each and every one of you a great big Mama Bear hug! How to register: Click on the button on the righthand sidebar of the blog’s homepage!

Featured image courtesy of Journey with Omraam

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