Crisis of Faith

This is actually old, like from 11/4/17! I forgot to click the Publish button! HAHA!

Last night, I was really missing Erik, but as is rarely the case, I felt angry at him. I asked myself, ‘Why hasn’t he played any of the cool pranks or visited me like he did before, dropping Airsoft BBs from the ceiling, turning on faucets, calling me on the telephone, on physically manifesting himself in front of me?’ He’s done it before, and he does this with many blog members, so why not an occasional one for his ol’ mom? It’s not that I need proof, and it’s not like I’m constantly putting out that dense energy of expectation that might block him, so what’s his excuse? Sure, I’m lucky enough to speak with him through different medium, but he’s my son, and I want something more personal. In fact, last night I was so pissed that I told him that I wanted to scrub the whole thing and dismantle Channeling Erik altogether: no blog, YouTubes, radio show, etc. I’m doing a hell of a lot of costly and laborious work for Erik, so why doesn’t he reciprocate? I know, I know. It should be unconditional, but Jesus, please throw me a bone. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you, my other family, high and dry. It’s just me being a whiny little bitch sometimes on those days I miss him the most. Can you guys band together and tell Erik his mama needs him? 

While we wait for him to come through, enjoy these great Erik stories. You lucky dogs. 

Story #1

Good Morning Elisa! I have been reading all your entries on the CE website for a couple months now and I thought I’d let you know about my 2 encounters so far! My first was a couple of weeks ago, I was at work reading your entries all day (oops lol) when I began asking Erik for signs. I was a little disappointed not having any signs all day until I got off work…. After work I drove to the local FED EX store which I do everyday after work, well on my way driving out of the strip center where the FED EX store is I see a lamp post with a pink sign type thing with ‘ERIK’ on it in big letters. So hard not to miss and I’ve never noticed it there before. I smiled so big because I knew it was him saying “Hey I’m right here! here’s your sign! An actual sign with my name” lol! My second encounter was a week later. During the day I read one of your encounters where Erik says to talk to him and he will talk back. It was late like 11 pm or so and I was with my sister in her room. I was just laying there trying to talk to him in my head and was not “hearing” anything back. I had been trying for 10 minutes or so when I finally just asked for another sign just to know he was listening to me. I specifically in my head said to Erik “manipulate the lights”. I kid you not, 2 seconds later my sister is complaining about her phone flash light. She had her flashlight on for some reason and said that in turned off and on, off and on a couple times. I told my sister why that happened and she was amazed just as I was!

Story #2

On Jan 16, 2017 I woke up and had to use the bathroom, all of a sudden Linkin Park started playing, but it was only one verse. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter I had to fall to lose it all but in the end it doesn’t even matter. I woke up my husband and I said do you hear that , he says yes I said ok got tell your son stop playing music so loud in the morning, mind you it was 6 am. he wouldn’t get up so I got mad and grabbed my pillow. went into the living room and said Keegan stop playing that music. IT played again that verse over and over again. I said well if I have to wake up to music everyone in the house GET UP. Keegan was sleeping all electronics were off. Boy did I feel stupid. I apologized all day to the kids. Then I put two and two together. IT was either Erik or my daughter or both giving me the message they were here..I just wanted to thank Erik and Tara for the message, But I’m still trying to figure out if it was one or the other. Thanks Pattie

I’m pretty sure Erik and your daughter were in cahoots with this one, Pattie!

Story #3

I have been a fan of the show for a few months. I heard about Erik pranking. I decided to ask him out loud to prank me if he wanted. A little while layer I went outside to feed and water the goats. As I was filling the water bucket I heard “mom”. I looked and decided it might have been the cat (who was fighting with another cat) that he sounded like that. Then again I heard “him mom”. It sounded so much like a human I thought “is my daughter (7 years old) home early? Did her dad bring her home?” So, I actually walked around the house to see if she was there. Then I got chills because that was creepy to me. I didn’t think about the fact that I asked Erik to prank me until later. I don’t know if it was him. But, I’m curious.

Elisa here. I always wanted a baby goat or donkey!

On the righthand sidebar, if you scroll down pretty far, you’ll see two buttons: “Share Your Story” and “Share Your Praise.” Please be sure to share your Erik encounters and testimonials. It’s super easy and Erik gets a kick out of them. Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

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