The Moon, Mars and Mercury Retrograde

This is pretty timely because tomorrow (July 16th) there will be a total lunar eclipse. I wonder how we’ll be affected? In this session, Erik discusses all sorts of things about the Moon. What’s on the dark side? What minerals are there? Have aliens been there and are they there now? How do various phases and types of Moons affect the earth and its inhabitants? He also discusses Mars and how it affects our planet and all lifeforms on it, its connection to ancient Egypt, its relationship with aliens and more. Last, we cover Mercury Retrograde, which started recently. That’s why I decided to jump the queue with this YouTube. It started July 7th and will end 7/31. Found out how it affects your zodiac sign HERE. For me and my circle of friends, there is definitely chaos! Two of my neighbor’s cars had to go to the shop. One because when she turned on the ignition, the radio was blaring full blast and she couldn’t turn it down. The other, some sort of rumbling. Things in my house are also breaking, and we’re all dropping stuff left and right.

Another thing: remember Erik’s Video about 2019 predictions? He was right about the earthquake in California. You might want to revisit that post! Click HERE to access the YouTube and the transcript.

Yet another thing (LOL) I’m gathering questions for the following topics:

1) Water (It’s special, you know)

2)The Missing 411 (I have some questions and the session is 5:00 PM CT today. Sorry about the short notice!)

3) Lyme Disease, Morgellon’s, and other diseases we know little or nothing about. (I lost the list of questions when I called out for these before.

Also, I have a list of questions for Genghis Khan and Ernest Hemingway, but not enough, so if you have some for those interviews, send them along!

Send the questions to Don’t place them in this thread. And please keep them in a list, and make them short and concise. I won’t have time to reply but I will put them on the list!!

Also, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. Click on the “LISTEN” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link through

Our guest this Tuesday is Michael Ginsberg. Michael is a spiritual teacher, author, healer and Life/Health reader. He has been doing healing work for 35 years. Spirit flows through him when he is assisting others to heal or to grow, expand and hold in more light.

Michael has had extensive training and practice in transcending all suffering, and he can share the best way we can change our existence. Then he can explain, in an easy to understand way, how we have gotten there and why we’re dealing with the same patterns over and over, with no relief or growth. Michael has prototypically designed a spiritual healing service called, “Walk Down the Light in the Healing Garden.” Using the powerful divine spiritual current, he shows people what the spirit is, and then clears blocks of bound energy that reside in them, releasing long held emotions that have caused great suffering. Michael is also a speaker who teaches people to understand who and what they are. He is finishing up his new book entitled, “A Path to Freedom: The Awakening,” which will be discussed during this show. He will help us answer this profound question: How do we find out who we are and what are we doing on the earthly plane? Then Michael will transmit, a powerful energy that can be felt over the airwaves. Finally, he will do a short life/health reading and take calls from listeners along with Erik, and assistant, Faithe Hoffner, who I’ve known for years, will chime in at the end.

After 20-30 minutes of discussion, he will take calls from listeners, also channeled by Michelle. You can reach Michelle at

Okay, okay. FINALLY the main event! Thank you, Raylene, for the excellent channeling. Check her out HERE.

Sorry but there is no transcript. Not all of the mediums transcribe their sessions. You can try the transcription function on YouTube, though.

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