Do Spirits Age, Sleep, Dream and More?

I am so happy to be back home after 9 freaking days of medical courses and other stuff. My little Yorkie about had a seizure, she was so excited to see me. My husband said she’s been moping around the whole time I was gone. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Mike Hulse for beginning the process of tweaking the blog’s website. It really needed cleaning up, and I’m grateful for all he’s done for me over the months with advice, etc. Not only is he a tech guru, he has mediumship skills, he’s a talented tarot reader, as you know, and a guy with a brilliant sense of humor.

Me: Erik, are you ready for some more questions?

Erik: Absolutely.

Me: Let’s go for it. Can you guys age and can you be any age you want?

Erik: We age with increase of knowledge, but our “physical” bodies don’t age. Our energy doesn’t decrease or get older or younger, and we can choose what age we want to be and how we want to represent ourselves to people on Earth.

Me: Can you get married and have children?

Jamie (giggling and making unintelligible sounds): He’s making some weird noise.

Erik: We can unite with people; we can have intimate relationships, like one on one forever and ever and ever. We don’t really get married though. To have children—


Erik: It’s so bizarre. So bizarre.

Jamie (to Erik): You’re thinking. Can you think out loud?

We both laugh.

Jamie: He’s trying to figure out a way to describe it.

Erik: There’s no yearning in the afterlife to find a partner and to have children and to reproduce. This is something that’s kind of embedded into the human experience. It’s the emotional being, earthly experience. Not so much where I am. You can merge and divide yourself, but it’s not really about creating life, Mom. Life exists already.

Me: I know it’s not reproduction in the same way [as it is with us], but can you take another soul who maybe wants to play the part of a baby and “have them” and raise them?

Jamie (laughing and clearly embarrassed): He’s talking about a lot of kinky stuff.

Me: Oh boy. [Typical.]

Erik: There are cases that when children pass over, they need some time and help with coming out of that life and   gaining the knowledge of where they are. There are spirits who assist with that, but there’s really no desire to be young and grow up. It’s not that kind of experience here. Knowledge is all around us. It’s really available. You don’t have to be young and innocent and learn the first few steps or a foundation of information. You just choose that you’re going to open up and learn more. If you want to choose to stay young, you can, but you don’t necessarily need parents. It’s so interesting. Everybody is family here. Everybody has this purpose and unity. It’s intricate, but completely understandable, like staring at a spider web for a really long time. Very intricate, but you understand what the spider is doing. You follow the lines.

Me: Interesting. Well, do you ever take care of children, especially those of blog members? Have you ever taken anybody under your wing?

Erik: I have taken some under my wing.

Jamie: He’s kind of pulling apart your question. He doesn’t take and hasn’t yet, and we’re talking as if time is linear and that this is the only true moment that we’re having. He has not taken an infant or a child and helped them. He has taken on children or younger people who’ve committed suicide and arrived.

Erik: I feel that since I had that experience and it’s fresh in my memory, I can use that to help whoever has come in and show them, kind of, the ropes, I guess if you wanna call it that. The ropes.

Me: What about any one of the blog members that have deceased loved ones that have crossed over? Do you meet them and take care of them a little bit, show them the ropes, or do their other family members do that?

Erik: No, no. I have done that, and it’s not that I sit around and pick and choose, but if I’m working with a blog member and let’s just say that they’re really going through a rough time—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik, smiling): Oh that’s cool. I know what you’re talking about, but we won’t say their names. Don’t say their names. All right, he’s talking about a blog member who was working through the potential death of her father. He stayed with her and helped her understand how it was going to be let go, how it was going to be there in that moment, what the father was going to experience, and then to just show that blog member that everything was going to be okay. He presented himself to the father and was there when the father passed over. His family members helped him cross over, and he showed up and, you know, gave messages to the father, just told him how he was helping the daughter, that he relayed the message, kind of brought it full circle to keep the family together.

Erik: I’ve done that work a handful of times.

Me: I remember there was once instance when, I don’t know, the father of a blog member was dying and the father said something like, “Who’s that curly headed boy?” as he was dying. Is that [the case] you’re talking about?

Erik: Yeah. I told him I wanted to sit down so he told his daughter to “get a chair for the curly haired boy” by his bed.

Me: That was it. That was it!

Jamie giggles.

Me: Aww, that’s so cool, Erik! Now, do spirits sleep?

Erik: Not necessary.

Me: Can they if they want to?

Erik: I guess, if you call it rest. That’s like saying, “Does an atom sleep?”

Me: Okay.

Erik: Not really, right?

Me: I don’t know. I’ve never asked one.

Jamie laughs.

Me: I thought you meant, “Adam,” but I see where you’re going.

Erik: A-T-O-M.

Me: What if they like to, like me, sleep on the earthly plane? I LOVE sleeping.

Erik: You just don’t feel it.

Me: I’d just want to stretch out on that nice little cloud and play my harp for a few millennia.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: You create it; you can have it.

Me: All right. If they dream—if spirits dream—do they also use it to communicate with higher aspects of themselves like we do?

Erik: Higher Aspects. Pretty much we are the higher aspects. What I can differentiate—

Jamie really struggles over that word!

Erik: We’re in an awake state.  We don’t have to sleep or dream to access our subconscious. Our subconscious is very alive when you’re dead. Okay. We can say that we—

Jamie (smiling): He uses the term, “Zen out,” and I’m like, ‘Zen out?’

Erik: —meditate, hone in, focus to be able to attach ourselves to all the other lives that we’re experiencing. That’s a cool trip, cuz you can’t do that in just a casual, walking state. You gotta ground yourself for it and allow the information to come in. So, that can be similar to what you’re asking.

Me: It seems like so much is dependent on focus. You can narrow your focus; you can broaden it. It seems like that’s where the creation is for you.

Erik Yes. Bingo.

Me: Bingo. Now if you don’t dream, wait, do you dream at all?

Erik: No. We create; we have ideas, we have imagination, but dream is a term that’s used in sleep.

Me: Okay. Well, there’s daydreaming.

Erik: Okay. We have daydreams.

Me: Okay. Good.

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