Lucid Dreams

As some of you might already know, Kate Sitka’s mom was just diagnosed with Stage IV gliobastoma multiform. They weren’t able to get it all during the surgery. Let’s all, as a collective, send both of them love and healing energy at 1:00 PM every day for a few days. Say prayers when you can. Sorry for the short post, guys.


Me: Are there other reasons why you might access your higher self?

Jamie whispers the words to herself.

Me: Oh, never mind. That was already answered. Do you have different names there? Do you have names?

Erik: Yes, we have the names of all the lives we’ve chosen to live on the other planes, so we have a collection of those. And then we have a spiritual name that we go by as well.

Me: What is your spiritual name?

Jamie (laughing): He just told me, “Watch.  My mom’s about to ask me what my name is, and I was just going to flat out tell her, “Erik.””

I chuckle.

Me: Okay. So, you don’t have a spiritual name?

Erik: I really go by, “Erik.”

Me: Okay. Now there are lucid dreams. Go ahead and describe what a lucid dream is and how you come into lucid dreams.

Jamie laughs. I have no idea why at this point.

Erik: Okay, a lucid dream is while you’re sleeping, you’re in a dream state, but your consciousness is also consciously awake and is able to control what the subconscious in the dream state is doing, so they’re sharing the same space. And how I come into them is elbows up, fists in, “To the side, to the side, to the side.”

Jamie mimics him with a little slide dance move.

We both roar in laughter.

Me: Oh Erik!

Jamie (still laughing hard): That was like the first thing he said, and he’s like “And that’s how I get in.”

Erik: It’s just the same as getting into a dream, and it’s just the same as talking to somebody who is awake. We lower our vibration; we step into the energetic field of the human who is having this lucid dream or conscious experience, and we participate energetically with that. What’s helpful in dreams is the visual aspect, because some people believe they can’t see energy or see spirits that have passed away, or people who’ve passed away. (He corrects himself here.) But in the dream state, we all know from childhood on that anything’s possible. You can fall from a twenty-story building and survive and walk away like nothing’s happened.

Yeah, but I never reach the bottom.

Erik: So, you’re able to see people who have passed away. That’s why I like to work with dreams. Once I’m in there having an energetic experience or having a conversation with that person, they’ll allow me to show myself, present myself. It’s real. Lucid dreaming is a true-life experience.

Me: Okay. So, when you visit someone or manifest physically, you have to lower your vibration so that you’re in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Right?

Erik: Bingo.

Me: So that’s really why—I don’t really understand this. People say, “Well, I can’t see them, so they don’t exist” but yet we don’t see radio waves or microwaves, and we know they exist.

Erik: Right.

Me: And you guys vibrate at a much higher frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Erik: Right. Go Mom, go! Go Mom, go!

Jamie smiles.

Me: Okay. I guess we’ll end off here.


Can’t wait to have you listen to Jamie, Erik and me on The Sheila Show! I posted the link on yesterday’s post.

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