Dreams, Music, Reiki and Other Balms for the Soul

Here’s an old post way back from the says I was using very talented medium, Kim O’Neill. I remember at the time, our CE medium, Robert Burke, was extremely ill after surgery for an intestinal perforation. We almost lost him. I visited him every day and nursed him back to health in my home after he was discharged. That’s how precious he is to me. Of course, I don’t think he was all that happy about my giving him bed baths, but he was in a weakened state and in no condition to argue!

Update on Robert

Robert was just transferred to a regular room!!! Room 604. If you want to call him, keep the conversations very short because he’s still very tired. When he’s totally wiped, he might unplug the phone, but don’t let that alarm you. The main hospital number is 713-527-5000. They can put you through to his room.

I think I, for one, have learned something very powerful from Robert’s serious condition. Remember how Erik said one of the purposes for his illness was to coax blog members out of hiding and the other reason was to show Robert just how much he is loved? These two purposes can be distilled into one message. Most of us, maybe even all of us, underestimate how much we are loved. It keeps us hidden, withdrawn and unable to reach our full spiritual potential. That said, trust me, you are all loved beyond imagination. Mama Medhus loves each and every one of you. I mean that. I feel a deep love for you all. So take some time today to see the love that flows to you. Embrace it, then send it back by letting others know that they are loved too.

Sorry, no editing today. I’m swamped. Can you let me know if you find an egregious error in spelling, grammar, etc? Sometimes, when I transcribe Kim, I accidentally skip a word or two. She talks so fast! Let me know if you spot anything!

Me: Erik, how do you manifest yourself or come in dreams? What exactly is the procedure? What do you have to go through? Give me the how-to manual.

Kim: Let’s see. This is also a very interesting question.

Erik: Hmm. Well, first I get very, very still.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: Then I focus my energy like a laser beam, and I envision that I’m part of your consciousness.

Me: Okay.

Kim: You asked about him coming in dreams, Elisa, right?

Me: Yeah, and also how to manifest in other ways too, but it’s probably very similar.

Erik: So, I get very still. I focus like a laser beam. Then I envision where I want to go, and I’m able to be right there, manifesting.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Oh, yeah. I can materialize and de-materialize at will, you know.

Me: Yeah. Wow.

Erik: But Mom, you seeing me is a different matter.

Me: Yeah, I know. That’s my end of the bargain, huh?

Erik: Exactly. And another part of my end is being able to manifest in a way that is as physical as possible.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That takes a butt-load of energy.

Me: Oh, God, I bet!

Erik: And the more I practice, the better I’m going to get.

Me: Okay. Very interesting. Um, what is the connection between our love of music and our soul, Erik?

Erik (excitedly): Oh, because, because we’ve—I think, Mom, this is what you’re asking. We’ve had a lot of other lifetimes together. We’re soul mates, and we’ve always enjoyed music.

Me: What about the soul in general? What is our special connection with music? Why do human being, uh, our souls, seem to connect in a special way to music?

Erik: It has to do with a person’s electrical energy and the frequency of the music.

Me: Ah.

Erik: In my opinion, that’s why some people like very specific kinds of music like classical or like—

Me: Um hmm.

Erik: Kim likes big band. Or like country music or like Indian music—

Me: Well, does it do something positive for our frequency, our soul, or—

Erik: Yes, the frequency.

Me: Okay.

Erik: The frequency. Those who like certain types of music, but those who don’t like a certain type of music, it doesn’t help their frequency at all. It’s like our connection to spirit, to the spiritual realm and to each other. And music is also very healing. It has the ability to heal torn or blocked energy.

Me: Right.

Erik: Art can work the same way. Things that you see can work the same way, like if you see a beautiful tree or flower or film, that can work the same way.

Me: Mmmm.

Erik: Physical activity, too. There are certain things that augment a human being’s vibrational energy.

Me: Yeah, and hugging, showing love, there’s all that.

Erik: But a lot of these things are very temporary.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And so, what a human being has to do is find a way to continually recreate this feeling, this vibrational harmony, inside of themselves—

Me: Ahhh!

Erik: —without needing anything outside to induce it.

Me: Okay. Well here’s my last question, which is also about music, so it’s probably a good stopping point. In another session, Erik, you told me you hear music everywhere. What kind of music is it, how is it created, and does it exist in each separate soul’s mind? So, first of all, what kind of music is it, and how is it created?

Erik: Mom, are you talking about here in heaven or—

Me: Yes.

Erik: Well, in this place, I can hear music other souls are materializing or imagining or focusing on. What we have to do, sometimes, is try to shout our what others are manifesting for themselves.

Me: Yeah, okay.

Kim: Wow, interesting.

Me: So it’s not coming from Divine source, it’s—

Erik: No.

Me: Wow, so how is it created? Do you think about the music and it’s created?

Erik: Back up, Mom. Most souls over here consider themselves Divine.

Me: Okay, my bad.

Erik: So it does have a Divine source.

Me: Okay. Well, yeah. I guess we’re all part of the Divine, the collective, whatever you want to call it. So, each person can create their own music—manifest it—

Erik: Right. Just like on the earthly plane.

Me: Okay. It’s just that there are no earphones over there, right?

Kim: He laughs; he laughs!

Erik: Mom, it would be interesting to include in the book what human beings are capable of doing that they don’t realize they’re capable of doing, especially healing.

Me: Okay. Interesting.

Erik: Healing and manifesting. Mom, we need to include that in the book!

Me: Oh, yeah! You know, I have a lot of Reiki masters on the blog. One in particular has all sorts of health problems, has died several times, etc. So she wonders if this contributes to her having supernatural or paranormal experiences. Is it like you hit a rest button when you die?

Erik: No, no, because look at how many times all of us have died.

Me: Well, that’s true I guess in that lifetime. But what she’s wondering is if people who get regular Reiki are more sensitive to their guides, because it clears blockages of stagnant energy that might prevent communication and the free flow of energy from the guides and angels? And what about near death experiences? Do they do the same? Do these events sort of clear the energy blockages?

Kim: You angels say that in regard to Reiki, people who gravitate toward this discipline, people who, arguably, are a little bit more open—

Me: Okay.

Kim: —and already working on themselves and are going to be progressing beautifully—Reiki is going to speed the process, but it’s not going to create it.

Me: Okay, So, the near death experiences, do they undo some energy blockages when—

Erik: Well, for everyone, it’s different. For some people, they remember the perspective they have of going to the white light, of seeing family member, of realizing they’ve got a lot more control on the earthly plane than they thought they had—what are they gonna do with the rest of their lives.

Me: Um hmm.

Erik: For them, it’s a conscious thought process. For others, it created fear, and—

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: So it depends on tons of shit. If it simply had to do with dying or being reborn or whatever—they don’t differentiate. They don’t distinguish between dying an being reborn. They look at birth and death the same way.

Me: Ah, interesting! And so babies, do they, uh, are they so open because they also don’t have energy blocks or stagnant energy?

Erik: It’s the brain, the brain hasn’t—

Me: Well that too, but—

Erik: It’s the brain.

Me: So it’s only the brain? It doesn’t have to do with some energy blockage?

Erik: Yeah, right. Stagnant energy can cause illness, etc. But in regards to openness, blockages have nothing to do with that.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And there isn’t anything like dark entities that attach themselves to you that create good or bad fortune, etc.

Me: Oh, no, no, no. Of course not. Well that sounds good. I guess we’re out of time. Ah, that was awesome, Kim.

Kim: Such amazing questions. Oh my gosh, it is such a joy to channel for you!

Me: Well, it must be exhausting! I’m already beat. Good God!

Kim: It’s a lot of hard work for you to be involved in this process and getting information. I’ve always thought it was more exhausting for the person who is receiving the information!

Kim and I laugh.

Kim: Take care, my dear!

Me: You too, Kim!

Kim: Thank you, and happy holidays to you guys!

Me: You too! Bye Erik, I love you!

Erik: Bye Mom!

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When I read this post again after so many years, I’m aware of how different Erik is now: more mature, wiser, calmer. He has evolved, but then again, I guess all of us in the CE family have.

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