The Flat Earth Theory, the God Particle and CERN

I’m really enjoying having Lukas and Annika home from Spring Break. Brunch yesterday was special. I looked around the table at all of my children, two with their spouses and one with my grand daughter and a grandson on the way, and I reflect on the years when they were small, rambunctious and dependent on Mama for love and kisses and the solutions to a lot of their problems. It seemed like only yesterday when I was digging lint covered gummy bears out of the drink holders in my minivan. It seemed like only yesterday when I had two timers set for two kids in timeout at the same time. It seemed like only yesterday when each of them had their own buddy day with Mama with a secret saying and handshake, too. It seemed like yesterday when they all played “ranch” in the wild area of the backyard, commandeering our dogs to play the parts of cows and goats. Time flies so quickly, and here they are, doing so well, excelling in life, happy with who they are and where they’re going. Even Erik, who we all knew was disabled with a poor prognosis for the ability to support himself in life, is doing well, changing lives and feeling fulfilled. I’m so blessed. 

I have a quick poll for you guys. Right now, the weekly radio show starts with 15 minutes of Erik sharing some insight, and then we go right to callers. Some want Erik to spend more time with his discussion, so I thought I’d put it to a vote:

Enjoy today’s post!

Me: I’ve been asked a lot of times about the Flat Earth Theory. Apparently, there are still people who think the earth is flat.

Robert chuckles.

Erik: Okay.


Robert and I laugh.

Robert: The look he gave!

Robert mimics it.

Me: So, is it?

Erik: Not literally, no, but did you think about the universe, itself, the earth itself and all these things? It’s really about perspective. You’re taking it very literally. You’re seeing what’s in front of you, and what’s in front of you looks like it just goes in a straight line forever. The universe feels the same way, but then if you have a different perspective on it, if you’re able to take yourself out of the universe and look at it from a distance, it wouldn’t look like a straight line because you’re not in it. So your perspective is different.

Me: So [the earth] is round.

Erik: Again, it’s about perspective. If you take yourself out of it, it will look round, but say you went further out than that, and you took yourself out of the perspective of the universe. It would look different. It would potentially look amorphous.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Everything is all about perspective.

Me: What about the Hollow Earth Theory? I’ve asked you this before, and I remember you said it’s not true, but there are people who believe the earth is hollow with civilizations within it that we haven’t discovered. I don’t know. That can’t be about perspective, okay?

Erik: That goes back to what we spoke about a little earlier with Paul Walker. That’s just imagination. If they need to believe that, go ahead. I’m all for it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But there isn’t really anything in it, not like what they think.

Robert: He shows me this visual of tribal looking people dancing around a lava pool.

Robert and I laugh.

Me: This is from a blog member: “Have you or Erik ever drawn a parallel to the God Particle that has to do with CERN, the particle accelerator, and manifestation? I think it’s like this. We know that thoughts are things with their own energy/vibration. The Higgs-Boson particle attracts other particle to the energy that’s most excitable, the God Particle, or most defining, our thoughts and wishes, thus giving it mass as other atomic particles join the developing manifestation, voila, and manifest in our 3-D world.

Erik (throwing his hand up near his face as if shocked): What?!

Robert and I laugh.

Erik: First let me put it this way. The physical universe has not smallest component. When you find what you think is the smallest component, you’ll find that that component has an even smaller component.

Me: Okay.

Erik: To infinity. With current human technology, there’s a limit to how small we can go, and we may define that limit as the God Particle, but we’ll learn later down the road that there’s even smaller shit than that.

Me: Wow, that’s what Nassim Haramein says, that things go from infinitely large to infinitely small.

Erik: That’s right. There’s no smallest or largest component.

Me: So what does this God Particle have to do with manifestation?

Erik: Let me tell you what my definition of a God Particle would be. It’s all particles working collectively to create an experience.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You’re interspersed within that and all the different parts that are coming together to give you your consciousness. Not just one particle gives you your consciousness. It’s the collection of all of them together that does it. It’s like your body is a collection of cells, all working together—atoms which then create cells, which then create tissues, which then create the nervous system and the skeletal system—all that together is what creates your consciousness and physical body. That’s being powered by this energy that is nonphysical, that is, what I mentioned earlier, all those different things. Earlier, I said the particles were working together, but underneath those particles is the energy that’s uniform throughout all things. That’s where the consciousness really comes from. The manifestation part, manifestation in the physical world, I’m now a little conflicted by some of the teachings that say you can manifest whatever the hell you want. In this point of human evolution, people are going to be going around doing that thinking, “I can do this; I can do that,” and nothing ever fucking happens. For some people, that can seem very—I don’t want to sound judgmental, but it can seem very egocentric. You’re in control of every fucking thing? But I’m telling you, you came here to live a physical life to learn certain lessons and so if you try to manifest certain things that keep you from learning those things, they’re not going to happen.

Me: Ah, I see. So it all has to honor the lessons you’re here to learn.

Erik: Right. So, Heaven, itself, is a different story. It’s a different plane of existence where you still learn lessons, but they’re rooted to lessons rooted to this existence. We’re a little bit special because we can manifest whatever we want. When you think about it, you don’t really need to manifest money here because all of your needs are already met.

Me: Mm. Nice.

Erik: You can manifest those kinds of things, but it’s just going to be unfulfilling. Over here, what gets manifested tends to come from a place of pure emotionality.

Robert: If that’s even a word.

Erik: You manifest things for the lessons that will bring you the kind of emotion that you already have within yourself. So it helps you to release that emotion. The lesson is getting a deeper level of the emotional energy that you are.

Me: Mm. Fascinating!

Erik: Isn’t it, Mom?

We say our usual closing lines.


Here’s another review for My Life After Death–short but sweet!

Incredibly insightful and takes away the fear! I loved every single page!

–Lisa Quinlan

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