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I had a great evening with all my girl pals last night and took Bella along because I had been feeling low all day and she’s like my emotional support dog! She and Kerry’s dog, Skittles, got along great, and Bella was fascinated by Kerry’s two deaf white cats. I brought a berry cobbler made from my grandmother’s recipe from 1910. It’s so easy and delicious. All you have to do is melt two sticks of butter in the bottom of a 9×13 pan, then mix 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of flour, 2 pinches of salt and 4 teaspoons of baking powder (not soda). After mixing the dry ingredients, stir in 1 & 1/2 cups of milk but do not over-mix. Then gently fold the batter on top of the melted butter (but do not mix) and place the fruit of your choice on top: peaches, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, whatever. I use the frozen fruit because it’s sweeter, but I thaw and drain it first. Last night, my berry mixture was blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. Anyway, then you preheat the oven to 400 degrees and bake for 30-40 minutes. After 30 minutes, I check the middle of the cobbler to make sure it’s done. It’s so easy and quick to make, and I’ve never tasted a cobbler that’s more delish. Be sure to top your serving with some Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

By the way, the blog member who lost his wife recently and became homeless has had a positive change in luck recently because of all the prayers I requested you give him. A couple gave him an old, high mileage car and someone offered him a job as a locksmith. He will be trained within 2 weeks and it’s a busy business so he’ll start making excellent money soon. The only thing is, he has to buy his tool set at $2500. He’s wondering if anyone would like to help him out and he will return your investment with a great interest rate return over a quick period of time. If you’re interested in helping this awesome guy out (and I can vouch for him) please send me an email: Erik has been with him, helping him, too. Thanks!

One last thing, Kim will not be doing the Ask Erik questions you submitted a couple of weeks ago. She’s just too busy, and I’m glad for her. So I’ll resubmit the same ones to Emma and will post the magazine column when it’s ready. Also, she won’t be doing the radio show tomorrow night, but next Monday, Veronica will be taking her place. I hope everyone wishes Kim the best. 

Now enjoy these Erik stories.

Story #1

I’m on vacation way over in China right now, not expecting anything to happen those two nights…

I was reading the blog from the very beginning so not to miss anything, as I just found out about the (wonderful and amazing) blog. Those articles were from years ago. While I was reading where the blog members asked Erik to show them evidence of his presence, I had a quiet tingling wonder- would I ask him to show up to me, but quickly I dismissed the thought, as I thought many more people are asking him and they are in need of help more than me. I said to myself and sort of to the open air that I don’t want to waste Erik’s energy when he is helping others, as I don’t really have any problem in life right now. I totally believe spirits from my experience with a famous medium at the Bay area a year ago, where I heard about my Grandpa’s life after he passed. Personally, I haven’t had much interaction with spirits though, so I’m not an expert on this one. So when it happened, it was all surprise and joy. When I was reading the articles about Erik’s pranks shared by the blog members, not expecting anything, I heard two very clear, breaking sounds in my bedroom where I was reading the blog. I knew pretty clear it was him. It was a very different sound than the real life sound; it’s very clear, planned, consecutive sounds, and yet there’s no trace to find what broke to make that sound. A couple of days later, I had an epiphany moment for something I realized for life, and I said it out loud to the open air (God, the Source). It’s more of a self-reflection than a prayer. But it must be that relaxed, released, go-with-it energy that made me more open to spirits, as out of nowhere, a very stinky smell came over, as if from the socks of a soccer player right after he takes them off in the locker room! What is this!! Where are they from!! Then the next second, I realized, it’s Erik! It’s his very specific and unique way of showing himself! I gotta say, it is absolutely one of a kind stinky smell… oh how I enjoyed it! Nice one Erik.

That’s my first personal reception of a signal sent from the spirit. And I thought I wouldn’t bug him as he’s helping others. He must be omnipresent! I wrote to Elisa and she encouraged me to post my experience here, and I want to thank her and Erik for sharing the great insights that have calmed many souls including myself. God bless them! Love.

Story #2

Hi how are you? I have been afraid of aliens for a long time. I always end up watching one of those abduction shows and it scares the living day lights out of me. One day I was on YouTube looking for alien videos and went downstairs fro something and when I was coming back upstairs I heard a voice tell me to watch the Channeling Erik video where they interviewed a gray alien. I had it queued up but paused on my tablet and was contemplating whether to watch it or not because I hadn’t watched an alien show or video in a while because of how much they scared me. So when this voice told me to watch it and that it would help me, I just thought it was one of my Spirit Guides even though I found out after watching the video that it was Erik. So I watched it and the relief I got from it has changed my life in that sense. I know aliens are real but never knew what their intent was and was terrified of being abducted. So after watching that video I was so happy and I immediately told my one friend who is also afraid of them. After watching many of the YouTube Channeling Erik videos that night, Erik appeared in my room. He was there to help me with another fear I had. This one was about becoming too busy and not having enough time to myself. I’m a big time loner and really value my alone time and I just started a business teaching people how to work with and love their Ego Self. We have a Higher and Ego Self and I can communicate with my Ego Self so I teach others too. It has been slow because most people don’t believe me but I think I’m causing some of the slowness because I love having lots of time to myself which I have now. I asked Erik what he thought of all of this and if he thought I would be too busy when this business got off the ground. He was amazing, first he told me about fear. I asked him if my fear of aliens could actually cause something to happen if I feared it enough, I asked him if that’s how fear worked. He said that I was fine but to imagine a cord going under the ground and being attached to my fear. Now he said to imagine that fear as being one of those huge dancing balloon men you see at car dealerships to get people’s attention. He said that every time I feared something, it inflated one of those balloon men a little more and eventually you fill it up all the way and it comes to you. That made so much sense to me and I was able to drop that type of fear immediately. I have to say that working with my Ego was the beginning of dropping my fear but Erik was the one who helped me do it. Then he had me get out 2 decks of angel cards. He had me do a reading that had two separate outcomes. He told me that I would be pleasantly surprised if I put myself out there more with my business and that even if I was more busy and had less time to myself, I would be really happy. It has still been slow to catch on, the working with the Ego but now, I’m not the one holding it back and it is free to blossom as it should, so I really appreciate Erik for that. After I watched that video of the channeling of the gray alien I decided to see if I could contact one telepathically. I had only thought of the idea and I was gonna do it another night when all of a sudden I was completely overcome with peace and deep love and warmth. I knew instinctively that this was a gray alien. When you talk with any being, it’s not the same as verbally talking to a human. You know this beings true personality and know who they are. Also spirits aren’t like humans in the sense that they are ever too busy to talk to you or visit you, even if they are a celebrity, they will come to visit you if you give them enough time, like a few days to prepare. I’m guessing this is the same as having a conversation with a higher being, like they will make time for you even if they are busy. So somehow, probably with Erik’s help, I was in communication with a gray. I was astonished that it happened that quick and didn’t think to ask how it was happening. It was a short conversation and the love I felt through “him” answered my question of why they were here on Earth. I knew by the love and warmth he emitted that they were here to help so I didn’t ask but he told me anyways. He showed the Earth down in this deep hole and a string of aliens all in a row like tug of war but they were all pulling the Earth up from this hole. So they are here really to help the Earth. I asked next why they won’t let everyone know that they are here and he said that humanity soon would know. Next, I had to ask if there was any truth to the abductions and you could tell he felt bad about it happening but said he would never do that and was furious with any aliens who would and said its wrong. He looked at abductions as we would look at animal cruelty, it’s not okay in any way or allowed but does happen every once in a while but he said that many of the abductions are actually done by our own government. He told me some other things but I forgot them in my excitement. So I want to thank Erik for that and for putting me in touch with the gray as well. I know some people hate the swearing but I swear a lot and so I actually think it makes for a better video. Thank you for doing this revolutionary way of healing people. Erik comes and visits a lot, he is always there with good insight any time I need him.


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