Erik on Climate Change, Part One

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Here’s Part One in our series on Climate Change. Thanks, Deborah B. for transcribing it! The YouTube version follows.

Me: Hey again Emma. We just had a fascinating session about the Moth Man, or I guess they’re Moth Men, cause they’re, well now, four of them. Hello again Erik, I still love you, since you know, thirty minutes ago, just to let you know.

Emma: He’s going (looks at watch) ok, I still love you too, I guess, (laughs).

Me: Ok (eye roll). Alright, today we’re going to talk about climate change, that’s a big worry on everybody’s mind. So Erik, first of all, you know, we just got through enduring Hurricane Harvey in Houston. It was horrible, then Hurricane Irma came along. What is with these hurricanes? What is going on? Are they manmade? So go ahead, all that.

Erik: Yes and no. Let me try and explain. I do want to warn people there are going to be other storms coming, uh, not just in the shape of hurricanes. There’s going to be earthquakes, there’s going to be forest fires, there’s going to be tornadoes. So this is just the beginning, unfortunately. However, I would like everyone to kind of try and see it in a more positive daylight. I know that this brings a lot of material damage, it brings, every now and then, there will be a victim, but I do want people to understand that those people, it was in their contract, that they would pass on, on that day. It doesn’t mean that they made it into their contract that they would drown during a storm. However, it was their day to go, so I do want to make that clear. A lot of people really see this as devastation but what it really brings is a chance to rebuild, to renew everything. For some people, this is really a fresh start. Some people were stuck in a life that they hated; they were stuck in a life that brought misery and pain. And this is almost like a clean slate, it just washed everything away, all the negativity. And these people will encounter other people that will become new friends, and new support systems, and new family members and they get to start over…(unintelligible)

Me: Well, yeah, I think part of it is we change our priorities. So many people have said, I don’t care, I lost everything, but at least my family and I are alive. So it brings a new perspective to what’s really valuable in your life, plus it brought people together and humanity showed the better side of itself. I wish we were like that all the time, just like we were after 9/11, but people were like, volunteering with their boats to rescue people, some lost their lives rescuing people; people were just stepping up to help their neighbor, and help strangers, you know it’s amazing, even people from other parts of the world, although, you know, maybe not as much as America does, really pitched in to help and donate.

Erik: Exactly, and this storm, these storms, really will expand us to a higher vibration, it’ll get us to that fourth dimension that we really need to be. Why? Because it’s like you said Mom, it’s bringing us together, it’s getting us back to what’s important in life, and that is each other. That is supporting one another, being there for one another, and helping each other. Because people have separated themselves from everyone else. It’s all about me, me, me, I, I, I, and what I possess, I want to have it all, I want the big car and I want the boats, and I want this, and I want that, that they stop losing track of what’s really important, and that is social connection, that is feeling that we are connected, that we are one, that we’re all family, love, compassion, etc., etc. All those positive vibes have flourished right now, there are people helping each other to rebuild, to get rid of the slush and all the devastation, and people from all over the world were praying, were praying for you guys, people from all over the world were donating whatever they could to help out, you know. Even now with Irma, (showing Emma the island St. Maarten) people in Holland(?) collected like $50 million. All those homes were destroyed, there’s hardly anything left on that island, you know. So people are joining hands, people are coming together. And um that’s the positive thing about it.

Me: But it never lasts, it never lasts, why does it never last, and what can we do to make that feeling of connection last?

Erik: It never lasts because people have this, this notion in their mind, once things kind of settle down they think ah, we’ll just go back to the way we were.

Me: I know.

Erik: So in order to keep that connection, we really need to work on that, we really need to see and understand that hey, this is a new beginning for us, this is a new chance to create a new world and if we can all live in that frequency, then you’ll see that communities will just get closer and closer, everybody will help out, there won’t be any taboo of, you know, this person can’t be helped or that person can’t be helped, we will do it together, but again, freewill. We need to do it together. Governments are not going to fix you, you need to fix each other, we need to help each other, and that’s the whole thing. Now, what I want people to understand, that these storms, when I said yes and no, when you asked how, if humans create it, these storms, the answer why I said yes, these storms are necessary for Mother Earth to cleanse all the negative energy that has been building up hundreds of years.

Me: Ah, I see.

Erik: Now, um, so are we responsible for it? Is it human made? Yes, it is all the fear and the anger, it is all the jealousy and the hate and all the cruelty that we do to one another, all the killing.

Me: And to animals.

Erik: Right, and animals, how we’re abusing and mistreating our planet, you know, she needs to reboot, she needs to reenergize and really get rid of the negative energy. And that’s what it is. Now, Mother Earth got help, it wasn’t from the humans.

Me: (Eye roll) of course not.

Erik: You know, she did get the energy of um…you know how we have that group of alien species who are protecting the Earth?

Me: Right.

Erik: They know that this is necessary, they can see the energy, they can feel it. They know that this was necessary, in order to, it’s almost like if Earth wouldn’t cleanse herself, every now and then, it’s almost like she would combust from the inside out. It would just be like that…

Me: Ok, I take a hurricane every now and again, ok, seriously.

Erik: Every now and then we need one. Only why is it so big this time, why is it so many, um, you know, cause it wasn’t just that, you had earthquake in Mexico, and you have forest fires in California, and it’s all over the world. Why are there so many things right now? It’s because we’re in that change of energy, we’re in that shift of energy…

Me: So it’s part of the shift.

Erik: Right, it’s part of the shift, and so what that does it is it kind of heightens, it elevates the energy that’s already there, the negative energy, it elevates it even more, because things are shifting, and so that’s why we’re getting such a heavy cleansing, it’s almost like a super duper washing cycle that we’re getting.

Me: Yeah, like enema and douche all combined. Well, you know things used to be really bad in the time of barbarians in the middle ages and all that, there was a lot, I think a lot more negativity, so were there disasters then that paralleled…

Erik: There were. However, this build up is from several centuries ago.

Me: Ok, I got it.

Erik: So it’s a little bit of everything. Um, and I just want to correct you mom, ok, don’t get mad.

Me: Oh, I’m not going to get mad.

Erik: I’ll fucking correct what you’re saying, if it’s not fucking correct.

Me: Ok, call me out!

Erik: We have just as much violence now as we did before. Ok, only now everything is hidden, ok, it’s all in secret, people are being murdered and prosecuted and butchered but we don’t always see it, half of it is hidden, so that’s the thing, they just show you what they want you to see, and whatever they do in secret, you know, cause governments do kill a lot of people in secret, They really don’t care whether there’s children there. If they want to attack somebody from ISIS, and there’s twenty kids there, oh well, too bad, they will attack them either way, you know, they don’t show that, but that’s what they do.

Me: And I do want you to have a session on the shadow government too one day.

Erik: Yeah, let’s do that, I think people will, yeah, then you’ll get surprised about that stuff.

Me: Yeah, well my family’s afraid of our life.

Erik: The violence hasn’t really reduced, the violence has stayed the same, it’s just changed.

Me: Alright, let’s talk about the global warming thing. What percent of the responsibility falls on man and what percent falls on just the natural cyclical change in climate over tens of thousands of years.

Erik: It’s about 50/50 right now. It’s about 50/50. It’s normal that Mother Earth is going to evolve. We evolve, animals evolve, and so does Mother Earth. It’s normal. So when it comes to the changing and shifting of um…

Emma: (Laughs and motions with her index finger) he says, “I wanna say something.” I don’t know what he’s doing, but he’s very much with his finger today, um…

Me: He’s giving us the finger!

Erik: When it comes to the global, you know how people are like, oh we have a big hole in our ozone layer and blah, blah, blah. A lot of that shit is Bullshit! Ok. It is being created by these entities, these very powerful groups of people, who want, who have investments in everything green, in everything this and everything that, you know they make tons of money off of this. All these solar…

Me: That was a question of mine. It’s like is the government and the military industrial complex and corporations using global warming to fear monger and to make money? That was a blog member’s question.

Erik. Yes. Yes, they do. Does that mean we stop taking care of our planet. No, we do have to take care of our planet. But I can guarantee you that Mother Earth will be here a lot longer than human beings will. So, either way, we’re not going to cause that destruction. However, it would be really nice if we could live in a very comfortable planet and live out our time here on Earth until it’s time for us to move on in an environment that is beneficial to us. Because we’re not just gonna…Mother Earth will always have the help of the energies around her, of the universe, to kind of reboot everything. However we can make it ourselves really complicated. We are basically, if we don’t take care of our planet, we destroy ourselves.

Me: Yeah, so you can’t really destroy Mother Earth, we can’t, humans can’t. We can only destroy ourselves. Is it too late to reverse it all, all the harm we’ve done?

Erik: No, it is never too late. Why? Let me tell you another thing that I think people are not aware of. Because of all these groups of people, who are like you gotta watch out, or we got this or we got that, and we got this and we got that, a lot of that stuff they’re creating themselves you know by using chem-trails and things like that you know, they create a lot of misery themselves…what people…

Emma: What people….what? You’re going too fast Erik. Slow down!

Me: Slow down!

Emma: He’s just going ladalaldada! Slow down Erik!

Erik: So, because of all of that, they’re inducing fear into people’s minds. “Oh my god, our planet is going to get destroyed, oh my god!” So what happens is, all these people are adding fire to the fire. They’re just creating this reality that we’re destroying our planet. So they’re just feeding that fear. So stop feeding that fear! It is never too late to turn around, it is never too late to reboot our planet. Just know that we do it with our mind and with our actions. We have to start…

Me: Well then, that’s weird that he should…I think you have seen my list of questions from blog members, Erik, because one of the questions is: Is thinking it’s bad causing the problem. Is us, our fear of thinking our situation is bad and that global warming is, you know, happening, is that intention causing it?

Erik: Yeah, that’s part of the 50 percent, it’s a partial, um, it’s like, you know, trying to extinguish a fire with more fire. You’re trying to stop our planet from dying by adding fear to it. It just doesn’t work that way. So um, if we could just stay positive about things and start taking action ourselves, you know. We don’t have to buy all these things that they tell us to buy. We can start ourselves with recycling, we can start ourselves with, you know, planting more trees, you know, instead of everything in stone, we need more trees we need more flowers, we need lungs. This planet needs lungs, and we’re destroying them all. So be aware of what you’re buying, don’t give in to all these, you know, all these companies, who are like “Oh, we’re doing this, we’re doing that,” you know, use your common sense and really take action yourself. We won’t be able…these groups of people, you know, not one person, will be able to take these down, we all need to work together as a species, as a human race, to bring these powers down, by stopping the money flow to them.

Me: Alright, what about the fossil fuels the environmentals are so against that, but if we drill for more oil, then we don’t have to rely on the Middle East and help fuel the conflict that’s over there, um, but you know, I agree with electric cars, what can we do?

Emma: Argh, he’s getting frustrated (clapping her hands and smacking the side of her head).

Me: I have that effect on people.

Erik: Let me tell you another secret Mom: The government already has all the clean fuel there is, ok! We can have cars driving on water, it is already invented, ok. It is just being seized by the government and put into a box because they won’t make a dime off of it!

Me: I heard there is actually, they’ve actually tapped into the zero point field of infinite energy, but they’re keeping it under raps.

Erik: They did. They have all the energy in the world that is free, clean, and easy to manufacture. They have all the medicines to cure all the illnesses in this planet, but they won’t do it because they won’t make money. It is all fricken, fucking controlled, ok, and it’s starting to piss me off!

Me: Oh, you’re pissed off! You guys should watch this film that Lukas, my son, tipped me onto called, Unacknowledged, and it talks about how we, the government and the military industrial complex, has all this amazing technology, and we have this little Plexiglas looking thing that we got from aliens that creates endless energy and a bunch of other stuff. So check out Unacknowledged.

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