My Political Views (to Clarify for the Dissenters and Haters)

Okay, this is my second post today, so be sure you check the first one!

Lately I’ve been criticized a lot for my political views. That goes against everything Erik teaches us about refraining from passing judgment (and unsolicited advice is also a form of judgment,) loving unconditionally because we’re part of a collective and showing mutual respect. I had a session with Sri Swami Svatmananda yesterday, and he says it’s odd how Americans are so dead set against hearing the political opinions of the “opposing side” where are in other countries, they discuss, sometimes heatedly, but return to calm, laugh a bit, give a pat on the back and remain friends.

I try extremely hard to keep my opinions neutral in the posts. Looking at the #MeToo post, I couldn’t find the bias that upset some people, so I think maybe those people are coloring it with their own emotions and intent. However, my personal Facebook page is another story. It’s MY prerogative to express my opinion. When did that become taboo? Even at Ground Zero for free speech, U.C. at Berkeley, they only allow one side of political opinion give lectures. If the other side is scheduled to do so, riots and outrage and violence ensues. I, for one, have learned a lot from all parts of the political spectrum and that would not have happened if I refused to lend an ear.

So let me lay out my political opinions for you. You might find that we’re closer than you think:

I am not a right wing Christian conservative. I’m a libertarian, socially moderate to liberal and financially conservative. I don’t pick sides. I pick events, situations and people based on what aligns with my principles and what I think is best for the Greater Good. For example, I’ve railed on Trump plenty of times for his misdeeds and juvenile rhetoric, but I’ve also praised him for making positive changes including the unemployment rates for minorities. I do the same with other conservatives and liberals alike.

I believe in these things:

I’m pro-LGBT. Love is love is love. Marry who you love.

For abortion, that’s up to the individual and government shouldn’t legislate morality.

I’m against Big Government ruled by the global elite who think they can make better decisions about our own lives than we can and are better stewards of our capital.

I’m against things that hurt the economy like high taxes, unnecessary regulations and unfair trade treaties.

I’m against having career politicians regardless of party affiliation.

That said, I’m against any form of tenure in any public position.

I’m against public employee unions when they negotiate ridiculous terms including very early retirement ages and lavish pensions and perks that come out of taxpayer coffers. Those should be in keeping with the private sector’s.

I’m for increasing teacher pay rather than making school administrators wealthy with lavish salaries.

I’m for helping those who need help regardless of race, party, religion, and socioeconomic status, but that help shouldn’t be enslaving, creating a professional poor class as a voting bloc.

I’m against unfettered, unvetted illegal immigration based on family lineage, but I’m for making legal immigrations easier, less expensive and merit based.

I’m for giving DACA kids a pathway to naturalization and eventually citizenship because they’re in our country through no fault of their own.

I’m against detaining kids at the border. We need to quickly ascertain if they have been smuggled or if they’re with actual relatives and let them go.

I’m against politicians buying votes by giving promises they later don’t keep

I’m for fighting “evil” in the world but if love, education and economic and humanitarian assistance doesn’t work, I’m for doing whatever is necessary if the citizens of the world are truly in eminent danger.

I’m against giving foreign aid to countries that don’t need it and/or hate us. I don’t mind giving humanitarian aids and logistics services, but only if we can be sure this gets into the proper hands.

I am against paying the lion’s share for the UN and NATO because the world is taking advantage of us. It should be proportional to GDP.

I’m against apologizing for our country. It’s not perfect, but it’s awesome and (sort of) free.

I’m against politicizing any department in the U.S. government.

I’m for making government officials pay for their crimes. (Lois Lerner? What happened to her?) Why should they be above the law when much of what they do would make us wind up in prison for a long, long time.

I’m against any attempt to make people guilty until proven innocent and to do away with due process under the law.

I’m against the penal and judicial system and the police force making biases, prejudiced and racists decisions and actions. We should all be treated equally in the eyes of the law. Skin color, country of origin, etc. should play no factor.

I’m against any media outlet (yes, that includes FOX) knowingly publicizing false information of any kind to further their own political agenda, and I’m against them purposely publicizing news in an inflammatory way if they know it’ll kindle the flames of violence.

I’m against paid activists and elected officials condoning violence against and/or bullying our citizens and politicians just because they have a difference of opinion. Stating one’s opinion is an inherent right, but it should NOT be expressed with hatred, a closed mind and violent rhetoric. Instead, we should engage in civil discourse with mutual respect because both sides (or all sides) have much to learn from one another. The latter is based in love. The former is based in fear and hate and stops us from evolving. Blocking other views = no growth.

I am for preserving the doctor/patient relationship as its sacred

I am for a balanced budget amendment. Why should the government spend more than they have when we can’t, especially if (as is the case on all sides) it’s used to buy votes? Of course stipulations can be made to cover natural disasters and the like, but a rainy day fund should be in the budget anyway.

I’m for saving Mother Earth with reasonable environmental regulations and safeguards, but not if they’re unreasonable and meant to line the pockets of special interest groups, politicians and lobbyists.

I’m for a blended economy rooted in capitalism (the only economic policy that has risen people out of poverty) as long as it’s not unfettered in a way that hurts the disadvantaged. It has to have regulations and protections and must have social programs woven within it to help those in need.

I’m against pure socialism, a policy that has caused the death of hundreds of millions over the last century. Look it up. Ask a Venezuelan.

I believe in basing my opinions on facts, intuition and a perspective that is welcome to change rather than on pride, ego, anger, and other negative emotions.

As for the above, as I’ve said before, I’m for giving people a hand up not a permanent hand out. The latter only enslaves them into permanent government assistance that traps and demoralizes them, essentially sending the message that we don’t have faith in them to prevail and that there is no hope. Instead, support them until they transition to a self-empowered way of life so that they can serve as great role models for their children, friends, family and community. We also need to share the love and have faith that others will pitch in: the community, family, friends, non-profit organizations, churches, etc.

It’s so sad that our culture can’t be okay with differences of opinions. I’ve listened and changed my views plenty of time. In that way, I’ve allowed myself to grow and evolve. STOP BUILDING WALLS. EXPRESS AND LISTEN. IT’S A TWO WAY STREET.

That said, I have the right to express my own views, and it hurts me that some people think I shouldn’t be able to on my own personal page. What more do these people want from me? Don’t I give enough of myself? After all, I’ve sacrificed my son to share him with the world.

Again, I’m open to input and am willing to change my opinion when warranted. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Here’s a message from the white winged collective consciousness of nine as channeled by Magenta Pixie.

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