Erik Comes Through

Enjoy these two Erik stories!

Story #1

I’ve been attempting to develop my clair-s lately. So I’m working on discernment with the messages I pick up. Anyway, I was driving tonight, trying to calm my anxiety about speaking with incorporeal entities and making other various life choices singing, “Baby, don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing’s gonna be all right…” Then, I felt this presence in the car beside me that wasn’t any of the angels I’d been speaking to recently. I got the impression of a skinny guy with short brown, curly hair. “Oh, hey Erik,” I said, feeling suddenly sure of myself that I knew who I was seeing, “What are you doing here?” “Singing,” he said, then, “Hey could you give [a flash in my mind of Elisa Medhus’s face] a message for me?” “Like what?” I asked, hesitant to look like a fool… I’m still very unsure of myself about this whole mediumship thing… Then, he turned his head, almost leaning it on his shoulder, and scrunched up his face all silly and said, “Tell my mama I love her!” “Oh!” I laughed, “Sure, I can do that.” So here I am. Erik says he loves you.


Story #2

When my son first crossed over 2 1/2 years ago via suicide, Erik became very involved with me and my son, John. In the Spirit Realm he helped John learn how to communicate with me better. In the Physical Realm he immediately led me to his and Elisa’s book, which was literally a life saver for me. He was around me quite often, making my leg tingle, etc. He is not around as often these days because I am not in need of that. My psychic abilities have returned to the point that I can communicate with the “Other Side” quite well. He now pops in when John’s pep talks are not working. Last month Erik popped in for a pep talk. I told him I am frustrated because no one in the Spiritual community books venues in Ohio (particularly in the northeast). He told me that Erik’s Tour of Enlightenment was all set and booked up for 2017 but he would see if he could get some changes made and get a booking closer to where I live. I was excited to find today that Erik came through. As I was watching a Channeling Erik video from December 7 on YouTube, Elisa announced they are coming to Columbus. I would insert many exclamation points but that key on my laptop has died. Thank you, Elisa and Erik.


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