Erik Divulges Secrets About the Nazca Lines and Tunnels

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there are tunnels corresponding to the famous Nazca Lines, and what’s in those tunnels and caves will SHOCK you!!Medium and Light Language expert, Linda Lee, channels all of this fascinating information from Erik. You can best reach her
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First, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show TOMORROW at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET.
This Tuesday, Erik, through Kim Voigt, will discuss current events, particularly the murder of George Floyd and the violent reaction to that injustice. Erik will also discuss how this is all affecting the mass consciousness. The memories of some past events are actually in our present life memories as well as the memories of our ancestor. These memories can deeply affect us and our DNA.
Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled by Kim, who actually lives in Ground Zero, Minneapolis. Please pray for her safety!
You can find out all about her at She not only channels, she also heals, does Akashic Records readings, regresses people to past, between or future lives and more!
Last, if you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.
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Second, read this very poignant post by a mother who has also lost her child, and that child has also inspired beautiful poems.

Gone In An Instant – So What Happens Next?

 Hello to the community of Channeling Erik!

A couple of years ago I read Elisa and Erik’s books and meant to get in touch back then.  It is only now, having read both books again, that I feel I must contribute my story to Erik’s blog.

My dearly loved daughter, Jessica, died almost instantly, in a tragic accident the day before her twenty-second birthday in October 2010. I was blessed to already have the knowledge that “life” goes on after the “death” of the physical body and I knew that Jessica had passed into another dimension, where she would be safe and loved.  But I was still devastated and wanted her back in this world with me.

Fantastically, Jessica provided our family with physical signs of her continued existence from day one of her passing! She manages to produce little stars and leaves them for us to find, whenever we are gathered as a family or when I am feeling particularly low.  She has kept in touch and lets us know what she is doing with her time, now she is “living” in such a magical place.

I love to write poetry and like Elisa, I wanted the world to know there is an “afterlife”.  So I wrote a little book called Gone In An Instant – So What Happens Next? by Angela Wignall  The book tells the true story of how Jessica continues to shine out there in our majestic universe and contains several poems written by myself and one written by Jessica. I have sent Elisa two of my poems for the blog and hope they give you interest, comfort and hope.

Love and light, Angela

First poem:

Forever Twenty-One

Days turn into years

and she’s frozen in time.

Forever twenty one in the

depths of my mind.


But, no, I can see her,

as she runs

and she plays.


Giggles with her friends

in those early days.

Learning to swim

then riding a bike.

Walking the hills,

though she hated

to hike!


The banging of doors,

the stamping of feet.

The rows, as a teenager

now remembered

so sweet.


A home of her own,

where she cooked

and she cleaned!

A stir in her heart

of love, no longer

a dream.


All this ‘life’ can’t be frozen,

she’ll continue to shine,

out there in the cosmos

her journey divine.


Composed by Angela – January 2014

Second Poem:

The Magic of Knowing

The magic of knowing

you still walk by my side,

fills my heart with a happiness

I don’t wish to hide!


I thank you so much

for letting us see,

the world you now live in,

that’s so close to me.


I know that one day,

we will walk there together.

Share a hug.

Share a smile.

For we’ll then share, forever!


By Angela Wignall 

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