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We’re driving from Fort Stockton,TX to Benson, AZ now, which is about an 8 hour drive. Damn,Texas is HUGE. It takes forever to get out of this state. I’ve been talking to Emma these last few days about her moving from Belgium to Texas, Her husband is American, and she has so many clients in the States that she’d like to be in the same time zone. Plus, with the influx of refugees now on government assistance, taxes in Belgium have skyrocketed. The only thing is that they have two (adorable) little girls who have autism, and we need to find her a public or charter school that can accommodate their needs. Still doing the research. They’ll also need appropriate medical insurance for the girls, and with the healthcare now up in the air, that might be  challenge!

One more thing. If you could refrain from sending emails and Facebook private messages while I’m on vacation, I’d appreciate it! I’ll be back 8/14!

Enjoy today’s Erik Encounter. 

Yesterday I was having a real shitty day, where I really felt lost and really low. I’m a single mother to my daughter who just turned 20 and feels so alone in the world, no friends, sensitive, low confidence, and feels like she just doesn’t fit in, which is why as her mother I completely empathize and understand how Erik felt while here, it touches my heart. On top of this my own mother suffers really badly with bi polar which can be quite extreme, to the point where she’s had to be admitted to hospital several times often for up to like 6 months to get her meds balanced etc, so I really understand how hard it was for Elisa also as everyday I battle to keep my mother centered. Anyway yesterday I just felt so lonely, unloved and completely alone, just a deep sadness. I couldn’t talk to my own mum about how I felt because I’m like her mum, always looking out for her. After breaking down in tears I picked up Erik’s book, which I’m currently re-reading, and I told my buddy how I was feeling and carried on reading. When I went to bed, as I was just going off to sleep, I could feel Erik gently like stroking/massaging the back of my head, and I drifted off to sleep. It felt so comforting to know, no matter how lonely I sometimes feel I always have my best friend Erik there, who completely understands and loves me. Thanks dude. I love you so much you really are my BFF lol. Sending lots of love to Elisa, too, an amazing mama and woman for helping to create this amazing global family. xxx

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