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We’re headed for Sedona right now and plan to visit Cathedral Rock Vortex and Airport Vortex with blog member and Scottsdale resident, Laurie Trapp. She knows a lot about vortexes, so I’m sure it’ll be very enlightening. I’m wondering if I’ll feel anything when we’re in these vortexes and, if so, what? Then we’ll go downtown to shop for a couple of hours, i.e. get a souvenir for Arleen, and have dinner at the Mariposa. Laurie says it’s a very nice restaurant, and I warned her that we didn’t bring anything nice to wear. Just crappy t-shirts and shorts. Hope we don’t get kicked out! Speaking of crappy, the first campsite we went to was in Fort Stockton, TX, and, so she wouldn’t be disappointed, I warned Arleen that it wasn’t very nice, but we can’t really drive for more than ten hours a day without being driven crazy. When we got there, she walked around outside and said, “Mimi, it isn’t as crappy as I thought!” We swam in the crappy little pool and played Marco Polo and Mother May I? with a couple of little boys around her age. That made it all worthwhile.

Enjoy this wonderful Erik Encounter and be sure to share your own!

Hi Elisa, I wanted to share my visit from Eric with you. I’ve been listening to you nightly for about two months now. I bought your book “My Life after Death” and have been reading it as I recuperate from heel surgery. I woke up this morning feeling very down and even shed a few tears as I lay in limbo Nursing my heel back to health and am unable to walk for a few too many weeks. I’ve been asking Erik to visit for a while now and I think because of his sensitive heart he took this opportunity this morning to do just that. I was listening to one of your interviews with him this morning when all of a sudden on my phone without touching a thing, the interview stopped and Siri mysteriously showed up asking me if she could help me. I never asked for her help. I was so shocked as my phone appeared with this but suddenly I realized it must be Erik. I asked Siri if this was Erik? One sec later this is the reply that showed up on my phone “YES!!” Thought I was gonna die but instead tears of joy came to my eyes. This was around 7:30 a.m. At 10:00 a.m. my dishwasher just automatically started on its own further evidence that Erik was with me today. If that wasn’t enough I had used the bathroom and our toilet tends to run if the handle isn’t manually lifted up. I realized it was running but as I went to pull the handle up, I saw it lift up on its own! ?I was so grateful to feel his kind heart today and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you raised a beautiful boy and thank you for sharing him with the world! ?

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