Erik Has Fun With Dog Tags, Phones and Cables

Enjoy these two short Erik stories!

Story #1

Hi Elisa,

I live in Australia and came across your Youtube site ‘Channelling Erik’ and have been fascinated by all your sessions with Erik and the channellers. Thank-you!

Recently I asked Erik to send me a sign that he was around and soon after I found my dog, Coco’s dog tag on the ground near where she sleeps. This dog tag is attached by a dual split ring and the few times I’ve had to detach it to put it on a new collar has taken me a Herculean effort to get it off. I stood there looking at it, feeling stunned and then thought ” you are so cheeky Erik, thanks”.

Story #2

It was a typical day off for me. I was laying on my bed watching some TLC on my phone when the dogs needed to go outside. I had my phone charging while I was using it. I took the dogs outside and was outside maybe ten minutes, when I came back inside I went to go check how my phone was doing on the charger. The charger was unplugged laying on the floor and unplugged from my phone. My phone was facing face down in the middle of the circle that my charger had formed. At first it freaked me out a bit and I had to check my closets in my apartment. Then I stood there and all I could say was “what the hell Erik”. This was my first prank from him.

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