Erik, Erik, Everywhere!

Yesterday was gardening day for me. My knock-out roses look like complete crap, so I've admitted them to the ICU for care. Every six weeks, I've been administering a cocktail of three different sprays: One is a 3 in 1 fungicide/fertilizer/insecticide, which basically means I have no idea what the … Continue reading

Xbox One and YouTube

I have came across Erik's story while searching things on the afterlife on YouTube at work beginning of this year of 2015, and ever since he became part of my life. I watched every video and joined this blog. I was aware of his pranks. I did not ask him to come and prank me like some people on … Continue reading

Thanks, Erik

I get my electronics messed with a lot when I am watching Erik's videos. That's the only time I have problems. Go Erik! A few nights ago he moved my coke can on the table about 3", and a few weeks ago knocked a candle from the center of a table onto the ground. All these things happen when I am … Continue reading