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For some reason, I’m the point man when it comes to present wrapping, and I’m terrible at it, especially big and irregular boxes. And when I tear tape off of the tape dispenser, the ragged cutting blade shreds my thumb. So, there’s a bit of blood on some of the packages, but I consider that a mother’s love. I bleed for my family!

Tomorrow, I’m having my once a decade colonoscopy, just 3 years overdue. I’ve procrastinated because I can’s stand the prep. That stuff tastes like the water in a saltwater aquarium that hasn’t been cleaned for week, plus, you know what I’ll be doing all day and night. But in the end (no pun intended,) anyone would be able to have a picnic on the inside surface of my colon. Can’t say the landscape and view will be worth the trouble, though. Anyway, the intentions behind my ramblings is that I won’t be posting tomorrow. 

Since Veronica is our resident expert in numerology, I want you guys to take advantage of her end of year special: 

Unlock your Souls Contract using Numerology and guidance from your angels and guides.  Until December 24th get 2 – 1-hour sessions with Veronica Drake PLUS a 50 plus page numerology report!

Enjoy the first of this two-part series on the subject. I’ll include my numerology report as an example of what you’d get from Veronica. 

Also check out the YouTube version on Numerology at the end of this post.
Elisa: Today we’re going to talk about Numerology. We’ve talked about this before but it’s been a very long time. But numerology, I always found it so fascinating; why numbers? How can it make any sense? I guess when you consider sacred geometry, are we just one big mathematical equation? Is that what the universe is about? Is that what emotions are all about?

Veronica: The easy answer is: everything is energy, everything has a vibrational force to it, and everything has meaning to it. And numbers are no different. So when numbers were created, if you will, when they were “devised”, or brought to mans’ consciousness. When numbers were brought to mans’ consciousness, it was already set in stone that each number would have its own vibrational frequency. Almost like he saying or showing us a musical note; we look at notes and every note has its own vibration so that it can make its own unique sound, and the same is true for numbers.

Elisa: So they weren’t man made then? How were they created? Were they always there?

Veronica: Yes. The easiest way he’s saying is they appeared in your consciousness. Rather than go back and explain “where did it come from” and “how did it get here”, he’s saying it would just serve you best to know that when they appeared in your consciousness. Now, it can go back to Babylon, or the Greeks and hieroglyphics and all of that but when they appeared in your consciousness. He’s saying that numerology is probably, calling it the science, is probably over 35,000 years old. It’s a very old science, but he’s also saying that it’s a very mysterious science because there’s a lot of speculation around it.

Elisa: Can you elaborate?

Veronica: Yes. You will get four different people who work with numbers and you will get four different interpretations, not of the numbers necessarily, but with how to work with the numbers. And these people that were with numbers are obviously numerologists, and what’s interesting, and this goes back to us talking about numerology, psychology is the study of thought, ontology we know is the study of being, and numerology is the study of numbers. And so, people have studied numbers over the course of hundreds of years and he’s saying it’s very simple for the average person, let me say isn’t a numerologist, to understand how to work with our own numbers. Now, he’s also saying what’s fascinating is our numerology, our make-up, our numbers, and he’ll explain where they come from, is the blueprint to our soul. So think about this, he’s saying, you come in with a contract, you write the contract out with the creator, it’s a co-creative process and now we come to earth and we have amnesia, we have spiritual amnesia. And so, if you are of the mindset and open to find numerology, you will now have the key, the blueprint to unlock pieces of your soul’s contract. That’s the real reason for numerology.

Elisa: That is so cool. So, when you say you have different interpretations with numbers and different numerologists can give different interpretations; so how does that work?

Veronica: He’s saying there are different schools, professional learning academies for numerology. Let’s say there’s the pathagorists, someone who is very prominent with numbers, there’s the cabala which also is the ancient mystic has to do with numbers. He’s saying part of this has to do with “whisper down the alley”. So, over the course of time, let’s just say pathagorists found some sort of formula for numbers, which he’s saying he did, he wrote it out one way, and then decades went by and then someone interpreted it a little different. He’s saying it gets a little more watered down with each version.

Elisa: It’s like playing operator or telephone. So where am I? What’s the right thought?

Veronica: And he’s saying you will know what works for you because you will feel it at a soul level. Here’s the thing, he’s saying you can’t get it wrong, it’s not going to be wrong, you’re not going to get somebody that does the cabala form and someone who does the pathagorists form and its wrong, and you’re not that. It’s just going to be, you might get a slight variation because he’s saying everything boils down to a single digit, our whole life boils down to a single digit. So if you have the number 14 he’s showing me, a 14 is a 1 and a 4. A 1 vibrates at a very different energy than a 4. The negative numbers are male energy and the positive numbers are female energies.

Elisa: There’s negative numbers in numerology too? I never knew that.

Veronica: Yes. So 14 is a 1 and a 4 and they come together and he’s saying they have a baby that’s a 5. He wants to give people some really cool ways to get to know themselves better with this technique. So he’s saying, look at the prominent numbers around you; either your phone number, your house number, the number of kids you have, whatever number that you’re drawn to, he’s saying you can look at that number and it can tell you something about yourself. Here’s how you figure it out. So an A is a 1, a B is a 2, a C is a 3, a D is a 4, and so on and so on. And when you get to 9, you start back over again at 1.

Elisa: What about zero? No zero?

Veronica: He’s not talking about the zero, he’s talking about 1 through 9. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number. So if you wanted to do your name, you would take E, that would be a 5. So if we wanted to just take your first name and we have the letter E and that equals the number 5. So what we know about you with the number 5 is you are very OCD. You can be very on track but you can also be very all over the place with multiple balls in the air, but at the end of the day, it will get done.

Elisa: Yes! I like getting stuff done! If I put it on my list, it’s done. Unless it’s something like exercise, then maybe it won’t get done.

Veronica: He’s saying you “getter done”. The other thing about the E, E’s or 5’s can have addictive personalities. The E, or the 5, is a very dynamic person, very charismatic. What I would like to do, if it’s okay with you, is to post a free chart for people underneath the video to see what numbers correspond with their names.

Elisa: And you do that for people too don’t you?

Veronica: I do. I do numerology reports, yes I do. They get a very detailed report but I like to use full disclosure because I am completely honest and truthful. I purchased a very high end proprietary program where I plug in your information and it gives me a 50-60 page report but I am combing through every piece of that report, validating it and hand checking it so I like transparency. And no, I don’t sit here and calculating the 60 page report.

Elisa: That’s pretty cool though.

Veronica: It’s phenomenal. And Eric is saying again, it’s the blueprint to the soul. So, if you keep attracting people in your life that don’t make sense, he says, “no, they do make sense you just don’t understand why they make sense”.

Elisa: So what kinds of things to you find out from this 50-60 page report?

Veronica: You can find out your destiny, what’s your destiny. You can find out what’s truly in your heart’s desire. One of the things that blows my mind with this report is you can see cycles of energy at various ages of your life and you can see challenges that you’re born with. For me, one of my challenges is organization. But it also gives you the insight so you can now work with the numerologist, me or whomever, to help put the steps in place to get that to a positive level and turn it around for yourself. So, Elisa, I want to give you a numerology report.

Elisa: Oh, we can post it.

Veronica: Yes, I want to do yours. And we can also do Erik’s.

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