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Lately, I’ve been trying to connect with the grandkids more regularly, especially with the three living in a town 40 minutes away. Sustaining a healthy relationship is especially important when they reach the double digits, and I want to be the old lady who has lived many years and has a lot of experiences to draw from that I can share. Last afternoon, my poor sweet grand daughter, Arleen, started crying right away when I asked her how she’s doing. Her mom, my badass ER nurse daughter, was working the night shift and wasn’t there. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was scared, so scared that she couldn’t even get out of her bed (maybe for fear that some monster would grab her by the legs from under the bed? I don’t know.) She finally said that Momo was the source of her fear. She couldn’t explain it, but when I said I was going to have to Google it, she screamed for me not to. Maybe it would unleash the monster’s power? Okay so here’s what I found in my search:

JESUS!! No wonder she’s scared. What’s worse, it’s supposed to be some suicide challenge. Why do sweet, impressionable, innocent kids have to grow up with things like this in their lives? Read more about the Momo Challenge HERE.

On a lighter note, last night’s Hour of Enlightenment Show was AWESOME and Kim Voigt from channeled Erik brilliantly. At some point, I got a bit feisty. Not sure if I want to listen to the recording! LOL. Elisa Unplugged. Or maybe Elisa Unleashed? Enjoy at your leisure:

And now, for the session where Erik shares his perspective on my least favorite pastime, AGING! Jennifer Doran, as always, channeled Erik impeccably. Check her out HERE. Enjoy!

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