The Afterlife Interview with Qassem Soleimani, Part One

Of course, when even the most nefarious characters cross over and lose their humanness, their perspective does a 180. From this interview, you will learn a great deal about the origins of the hatred some Middle East countries have for the West and a lot more. Denise Ramon did such a wonderful job channeling so be sure to check her out at

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I want to share a personal story with you, one of several I have in my interactions with the hardcore Christians. A few years ago, one of Annika’s friends died of an overdose. We traveled with little Emma fro time to time and knew her parents well. Her father, a nephrologist, was a colleague of mine. 
I was heartbroken for the family having been all too familiar with that kind of pain. I didn’t have their telephone number, but I remember where they lived, so I walked, crying, a mile or two to get there. I needed to walk, not drive, for some reason. When I got to their former address, it was an empty lot. They had moved. It took some detective work on my part, but I did find their phone number. I called and the mother answered. Crying, I told her I wanted to be there for her and the rest of the family and offered to cook meals, etc. And I also wanted to attend the memorial service. She gave me the date and time for the service and told me to meet them at their new address. 
I showed up, dressed in the same black dress I had to buy for Erik’s funeral. The mother informed me that I would not be attending the service, but instead, I was to guard their house and two gigantic dogs because there had been home invasions in the neighborhood. She told me that she didn’t believe in what I did, communicating to Erik. She was going to let Emma rest in peace with God. I. WAS. HORRIFIED. DISAPPOINTED.
Eventually, I private messaged her:
I had a dream about you last night revisiting the time of Emma’s memorial service. I was prepared to attend, but to my horror, you asked me, a little woman, to watch over your huge dogs so I could defend them against the apparent home invaders in the area. I know that was because you do not approve of my beliefs because they apparently go against your own religion. I find that ridiculous because Jesus would never ever exclude another person like that. So you in essence are defying His teachings. I love Jesus. And He was a man who believed in unconditional love, in accepting everyone. I’m not talking about tolerating everyone because tolerance implies inferiority. But in all of my dealings with Christian people in this country, I find that they easily shun those who are not on the same page as they are and I find that petty, small, and heretic. I was raised Catholic. In fact my great uncle was Cardinal of Spain. I know all the sins of various religions as well as the good they do. But you, as a supposed follower of Jesus, have committed a huge sin by obviating another human being, a human being who wanted to show love, a human being who has suffered her own tragedy. I’m going to pray for you because I think that is exactly what you need. I hope you look into your heart and reckon with your hypocrisy, pettiness, lack of love, and fear. There is only fear and love. Behind fear there is control hatred bigotry jealousy etc. Behind love there is everything that Jesus taught us. Unfortunately I think you have chosen fear over love and I really feel sad for you.
She responded: 
You have made one critical mistake- the reason I asked you to stay and protect my home was not by any means to exclude you sweet lady but because I trusted you.
My reply:
Why would you ask a small slightly broken woman to protect your house and dogs from big thugs, possibly armed, busting down your front door and stealing stuff and possibly hurting/pistol whipping me? Either your lying, or you value your possessions and dogs more than my life. Both are sins. Still, I send you love and light and prayers.
Eventually, I told her I forgave her because I needed to do that for myself. But this exclusion Christians often partake in is so much the opposite if what Christianity or ANY religion should teach. Another example: Former CE medium, Kim Babcock, was asked to leave the Catholic church she had attended her entire life once they discovered that she channeled. Oof. That devastated her. I bet you have your own stories, perhaps under your own roof.
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I’ll post Part Two Monday!

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