Erik on Aliens and Crop Circles, Part Two

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Now for the last part of the alien and crop circle series.Prepare to be amazed.

Erik: And what about saving the human race? As we kill the earth, we kill ourselves.

Me: So, what are the disadvantages of this new open line of communication with aliens?

Erik: Well, that we’re so naïve that we’ll trust the ones that aren’t honest, and we’ll believe what they want and we’ll just kind of become—you can’t print this—

Me: Okay, great. (Of course I always do.)

Erik: We’ll kind of become their little guinea pigs. There are so many of us now that get abducted; a lot of it is just for observation—no harm is intended—but a few are being picked up for abduction, and it’s not just for observation. It’s making us ill. It’s giving us disease and hardship.

Me: Well at the very least does it help bring alien races knowledge that might eventually help us and the greater good?

Erik: Not for the humans, but for the aliens, it’s helping them, yeah. They just want to understand how we’re adapting and what’s going on.

Me: Oh, okay. So, in other words, it’ll never translate into greater good for a larger cause.

Erik: Like for healing purposes?

Me: Yeah, I guess.

Erik: Well, maybe once we reach that level where the contract is broken then the aliens can help us cure our diseases.

Me: Why did those aliens sign the contract to be inhibited from opening communication? There were the protectors—that side—but why would the other side—

Erik: No, they didn’t agree to it. The others rallied around and made the universal agreement that this planet was to be protected.

Me: I see.

Pause as Jamie listens to Jamie

Jamie (to Erik): God, Erik. I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to swallow the whole sci fi thing.

I laugh.

Jamie: Uh, he’s talking about a code of respect that if they come into a new solar system and they see it at the beginning of life—and we’re considered to be at that beginning—that it’s respectful to let that planet grow until it reaches a level of intelligence where it can either equal or surpass them to make a band or relationship or to fight.

Me: Otherwise the playing field isn’t level?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, they would have the unfair advantage.

Jamie: Yeah, so it’s an odd code of respect.

Me: Well, are there those who want to fight and destroy us?

Erik: They wouldn’t really see it as a fight, Mom. They would see it as a conquest. And yeah, they would like to use the minerals on the earth. To them, gold is amazing.

Me: An alien’s best friend.

Erik: They really wouldn’t see it as war, because they could just come in and do as they wish.

Me: I see. So, are there races that will protect us?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, good. Will they be successful at protecting us?

Erik: They have for centuries, Mom.

Me: Yeah, but when that contract is up, all bets are off, right? Then, they’ll no longer want to protect us?

Erik: Oh, no. They will.

Me: Oh, thank god. Now, what about UFOs? Are most of them real or hoaxes?

Erik: Hell yeah.

Me: So, what’s their objective? What are they doing? Are they just drive-bys?

Jamie (giggling): That was funny.

Erik: Some of them are observing. You gotta understand that most of what we’re not seeing is what’s protecting us. There are cloaking mechanisms where very large crafts can come right down in broad daylight and no one would see ‘em.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Yeah, these are the ones trying to protect us and our resources. But no, we’re not like fish in a tank by any means. We have our free will. We have our rights. Nothing is being taken away from us. If there’s anything to get angry about it’s why won’t you just breach the contract and tell us; show yourself. Why won’t you lend us a hand and help us out? That would be the only the only thing that I would get pissed about.

Me: Yeah, and? So, why won’t they?

Erik: Because it would interfere with the growth of the human race.

Me: In what way?

Erik: It would kinda rot our intelligence by giving us too much.

Me: Ah, I see! We’re not ready for it. It’s like trying to teach a two year-old how to ski the Rockies. It’s just a waste of time.

Jamie laughs.

Me: The only thing they’ll learn is to hate it. Okay so I think I understand that. Now, what about Area 51, and why is the government shielding us from what they know about things like crop circles and UFOs?

Erik: The government is just trying to keep the same agreement of what the alien life forces have agreed to do. They’re not showing themselves, and they’re asking the government not to rat them out as well. They are in contact with the government, though. They have ways of communicating with them, and that—

Jamie shudders.

Jamie: The way he said it just kind of hits you right in the heart. He just looks at me real plain and leans in and goes, “And THAT is not sci fi.”

Me: Wow. So, higher government officials do know that there are aliens, and they communicate with them, then.

Erik: One hundred percent. That’s old news.

Me: I’m surprised it hasn’t been leaked out by now!

Erik: Oh, they tried to, but what’s so great is, you know, UFO’s and aliens have been on that hit list of the entertainment world for so long that any mention of it makes you out to be a kook or whack job.

Me: Ah, I see!

Erik: Yeah, so it’s easy to bury.

Me: Now, Area 51?

Erik: Yeah?

Me: Can you say anything about that and about Roswell in general?

Jamie (giggling): He calls it the alien museum!

Me: Oh, okay. So, that’s where they have what sorts of things?

Erik: Spaceships, instruments, bodies, um, communication tools—they have it all.

Me: So, why does the government hide these things? Do they just not want us to panic? What would really happen if all of this information were released to the public? You said it would blow up our intelligence, but exactly what do you mean by that?

Erik: If you are alive but you can maintain all the information you gain when you die, it’s like becoming the living dead.

Me: Huh? We’d become like the living dead? I don’t get it.

Erik: Well, we’d have all of those answers. We’d have the answers to everything. We’d have no more need to learn; we’d have no more need to grow.

Me: So, it would sort of short circuit the human experience!

Erik: Yes!

Me: In other words, you would not get that chance to go down that path of remembering who and what you truly are, because you would already know.

Erik: You would already know. Here, we know we are part and whole of God. We know that conceptually. We come to Earth forgetting that so we can gain the experiential aspect of that. You know, we got the recipe for the brownie. We come to earth to make that brownie and eat it.

Me: Yum. So, will there ever come a time when we don’t need to re-remember, so to speak?

Erik: That’s what we’re trying to reach completely ON OUR OWN JUST AS HUMAN BEINGS. That’s the big fat goal here.

Me: Yeah. It’s like you don’t want to do your kid’s homework for them. It just defeats the purpose. Then they’ll never get the knowledge they need to move out of your basement when they’re 30.

Erik: Yep. That’s why it’s all gonna come to a head together—the whole spiritual evolution, the whole alien announcement—they are real, oooooooo—

Jamie and I chuckle.

Erik: —the whole “everybody is part of the same source” thing is gonna come out, too!

Me: Interesting. Well, what about the people during The Shift who do not believe in any of this information that will come out, you know, those on the other side of the polar split, so to speak. Will they be cloaked from that information?

Erik: No.

Me: So, they’ll become the living dead, in other words. They’ll have such knowledge that they won’t—

Erik: They won’t really be able to understand it. They’ll become one of the “living dead” we talked about.

Me: What about when they die and reincarnate.

Erik: Then they’ll get it.

Me: Well, that’s good. So, they’ll still have all of that information, or will they be able to enjoy the spiritual amnesia that makes the human experience so valuable?

Erik: Nope.

Me: Because it’ll all be out there.

Erik: Yep.

Me: If that’s the case, will they just stop reincarnating?

Erik: Well, Mom, that’s kind of a silly question.

Mom: Well, thank you! I try!

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Well, it’s just looking at time again. Time is linear.

Me: Oh, I know. I always get messed up by that whole pesky time thing!

Jamie: He made this funny comment before. (to Erik) Tell me again so I can say it in your words. He’s talking about people being racists. You know how before we believed that the Asians shouldn’t be with the Caucasians and the Caucasians shouldn’t be with the Blacks?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Yeah, we were all against interracial breeding a while back. That’s a real racist kind of a thought. We are quite different from each other, and don’t you wonder how we became that way? We actually have—

Jamie: Oh, Erik!

Me: What are we going to do with that boy!

Jamie: I don’t know! My head’s so fat right now! He’s talking about there has been aliens from centuries ago—thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago—that have come and have left part of DNA and part of their learning and understanding, so it has mixed in with us culturally.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Yeah, so for people to think that humans and aliens shouldn’t breed—that’s racist too!

Me: Of course! So you never go around to telling me how those crop circles were made.

Erik: It’s like a gentle push of wind, changing the magnetic direction, the flow of energy. It’s done with ease, not with force, and it’s done within seconds.

Me: Ah. Makes Sense!


Evidence of Alien/Human mixes?



Enjoy this fascinating YouTube. It cuts off abruptly, and I can’t find a Part Two, but it’s enough to amaze.


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