Unearthing Nazca

I'm sick again. Stayed in bed most of the day yesterday and had one cup of broth to sustain me. Getting tired of this. Aches, nausea, ugh. Watch this and tell me this is not an alien. I dare you! Erik told Emma it's a legit alien and it's from a race that is here to help us.. Click HERE and … Continue reading

Aliens and Crop Circles

Yesterday, Michelle and I were sitting in the backyard when we spotted the most beautiful black dragonfly I have ever seen. In fact, I've never seen a black dragonfly in our area at all! He (or she) hung out with us for an hour or so, and I felt, from it's energy, that Erik brought it to us. Thanks … Continue reading

A Chat with an Alien, Part One

As promised, I had my web guys put up the "Donate" button on the righthand sidebar. Over the years, you all have urged me to accept donations, but of course you know I can't. This is money well spent. However, Kim set the tour ticket prices to barely cover expenses and has no intention of making a … Continue reading

Are You an Alien? Part Two

I'm so excited! Blog member (and extraordinary writer) Lambert Scalvini and a friend of his is really helping me out with the radio show: the intro, the outro, the announcer voiceover and more. I can't believe he's doing this out of the kindness of his heart! I'm so blessed to have you all. We're … Continue reading