Erik on Crop Circles, Part One

Me: Erik, tell me about crop circles. I want to give you the platform, because I really don’t have any set list of questions to ask, although I’m sure some will pop up.

Jamie listens to Erik speak, then bursts out laughing.

Jamie: He’s just so funny sometimes!

Me: Oh!

Jamie: He’s got jeans on and a t-shirt. It’s a white t-shirt—there’s nothing on it, it’s just totally plain—and, um, he leans back; he crosses one leg over the other, very feminine, puts one elbow down and pretends to have a pipe—

I laugh hard.

Jamie (giggling): –like he’s about to get all professor on my ass. He’s like, “Let me tell you about these crop circles.”

Me: Oh, jeez!

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): What are you doing!

Me: You need a smoking jacket and an ascot.

Jamie: Yeah, Erik, cuz the outfit doesn’t match the attitude!

Erik laughs.

Jamie: No, you can tell that Erik really likes the topic, and he says that this was something he looked into on his own after he passed away, because he found it so intriguing.

Erik: Crop circles are definitely made by alien life forces, and it’s not just one race of aliens.

Me: Okay.

Erik: There are three different kinds that are leaving their mark. It’s not like graffiti,  but it kind of is. In the graffiti, it’s definitely leaving a message. Some of it is just an emblem or symbol of who they are. Of course to you guys it’ll mean nothing. It’ll look like artwork or something.

Me: Yeah, I can imagine.

Erik: And them some of them are complete messages: accurate locations of where their star system exists, how they live. Some of them are actually encoded in binary code, and—

Jamie: He’s talking about the most interesting one being in England, and they apparently, um the aliens replied to a message that humans sent.

Me: Oh, yeah. That’s one where someone sent information like our DNA code, the fact that we are carbon based life forms, which planet we are from the sun in the planet order from the sun, what our body looks like and lots of other things.

Jamie: That, that, that!

Me: Now, I think we sent it just by radiofrequency, but I’m not sure.

Erik: It was at a tower. We’re being understood and we understand them, but governments in all kinds of countries feel that it’s important that we’re removed from understanding why they ARE here. A lot of the crop circles are specifically telling us to be ready.

Me: Be ready for what?

Erik: For when we are no longer protected. That’s when other races who have been kept away—

Jamie: Okay, wait, Erik, because now I have a million questions.

Me: Me too!

Jamie: Yeah, is this a war effort?

Erik: Well, it does deal with protection. The earth is being protected, I’ll give you that.

Me: By whom? By those races you spoke about?

Erik: Yes, by those three alien races. They’re working with us and protecting us.

Me: Well, why won’t they just continue to protect us?

Erik: They will continue to be on our side, even when the contract opens for –

Me: The protection to end?

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie: Okay, I’m going to use my own words. Sorry, Erik. He’s talking really quick. What he’s describing is a long time ago when we were a young human race, we had open communication with the external alien world, but we couldn’t keep up with the technology, we couldn’t understand what they could, so we needed protection from the alien races that believed that our life was a bit of a purity. They thought Earth was a special place to be kind of like a Garden of Eden, if you want to take it in a religious context.

Me: Oh!

Jamie: They do, as you have heard from spirits and entities, reincarnate into our world—into our bodies.

Me: Yes, Erik told us that before.

Erik: Yes, and that’s why some people are much more understanding of technology and more highly advanced—like Steve Jobs.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Dead on alien.

Me: Yeah, and Carl Sagan, I bet.

Erik (chuckling): Perfect example. And our world has been so blessed, because it’s been allowed to be so simple.

I guess we’re in the remedial class.

Erik: I don’t know where people get off on trying to put aliens against God—that prime source energy. Personally, Mom, that prime source energy—kinda where we’re from—that IS an alien source. We’re all aliens, but nobody wants to put the terminology out like that, because then it makes us, you know, sound like we’re all a member of Scientology.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: But we’re not far apart. We really aren’t.

Me: So you’re saying that we’re all aliens, and we came from other star systems, and some of us came to Earth and some of did not?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Okay, got it.

Erik: Yes, and we’re being protected so that we can grow on our own terms and learn our own technology, and when we reach a certain point, then that’s when it’s going to be open for us to be able to communicate with other planets and star systems.

Me: And there’s obviously some good behind that.

Erik: You know, there’s obviously a lot of good behind that. There’s more good out there than evil.

Me: Yeah, exactly. So, there are some advantages to opening up those communication channels in the form of technology, obviously, but what else?

Erik: Saving our earth from dying of pollution.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Let’s just throw that one out right away.

Me: Okay.

That’s just a taste of what Erik has in store for us on crop circles. I actually have had many sessions with him on the great mysteries of the world which I transcribed onto a completely different document, but I totally forgot about it! Please consider sharing this one using the socializer buttons below, especially your  Facebook wall. Same with Part Two.



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