Erik on Cancer, Part One

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Enjoy our first and very illuminating session about cancer. 

Denise: And I’m ok with her being gone because she is with my brother.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: I’m going to let her talk.

Denise’s Mom: In my case there was denial that there could be something bigger than me, mine was lung cancer but I didn’t smoke, mine was not allowing the grief to come out for the loss of my son.

Elisa: Girl, I feel you.

Denise’s Mom: You’re light years ahead of where I could have gotten.

Denise: She’s telling me, and she has her German demeanor around.

Denise’s Mom: I hated God, but I know different now.

Denise: She’s let me feel her, and oh Lord Jesus, Mom, what a surprise. She’s letting me feel her in the energy presence of God, Higher self, Oneness.

Elisa: Awe! Erik, help Denise out a little bit, give her a big hug, come on.

Denise: This is just really a surprise for me, Elisa, I’m so sorry.

Elisa: No, I hope it’s a good surprise.

Denise: It is. It’s always a happy surprise.

Elisa: Good, then no reason to be sorry.

Denise’s Mom: In my case it was the denial of allowing myself to know that there was something else, I was so wrapped up in, somebody took this away from me, which goes back to my childhood.

Denise: I don’t even have on waterproof make-up.

Elisa: Oh, I hate that, I hate when that happens. You look good.

Denise Mom’s: She says that all of that goes back to her childhood, that’s why so important.

Erik: (clapping his hands) That’s why it’s so important when these childhood things come up, that we look at them and allow them to purge out of us and as we call it healing.

Denise’s Mom: We’re letting go of things that really don’t belong to us, we’ve attached to something that we thought was ours because we didn’t know anything different.

Elisa: Because our parents, or siblings or whatever sort of engrained certain things into us, certain traumas and basically in order to help prevent cancer maybe we need to purge all the trauma from our childhood or as much as possible.

Denise’s Mom: That’s a big help.

Denise: I’m going Mom, this wasn’t supposed to be about you.

Erik: It’s not just about, it about getting rid of this stuff inside of us. Some of us choose to exit that way. We’ll get into more of that later.

Denise: Because I feel like there’s some questions that have to deal with why he said we’ll get into more of that later, but we can all heal ourselves from cancer. We really can.

Erik: You really can, it takes a lot of what you would call soul searching, getting rid of things that no longer serve you.

Denise: I feel like I have a family reunion coming on over here.

Elisa: Oh boy!

Denise: They’re all saying that anger, anger, anger.

Elisa: Anger, yeah, like your Mom had anger, hated God for taking her boy away.

Denise: Oh yeah, you couldn’t tell her anything different about that.

Elisa: Well what about denial of self, you’re talking about Erik, can part of it be denying yourself to be who you really are?

Erik: Absolutely, yes!

Elisa: Instead of being who everybody expects you to be, is that part of it?

Erik: Yes, a lot of people that have healed themselves from cancer, they got in touch with that and it’s like they got a really good, they really absorbed who they really are, you know, they know that. Like they know.

Denise: He’s showing me like Louise Hay, I think she did have cancer. He showing how she absorbed all of herself, in the process of healing and of course it’s more than that. It’s nutrition.

Elisa: And I want to ask specific questions about that, yeah.

Erik: That’s why I didn’t want to get into that earlier. Yeah, it definitely has to do with that.

Denise: He makes me feel like, he makes me feel like breast cancer is, has a lot to do with denial.

Elisa: Denial of?

Denise: Of one’s self.

Elisa: Oneself

Denise: And the, power, not the power like, “I have the power”, but the power within.

Elisa: Denying yourself, your power.

Denise: Yeah, your own power within, you know, because we feel like we don’t have the power to do anything, we feel victimized.

Elisa: Let me ask, maybe ask my father’s sister, she died of breast cancer, Erik do you think she can come forward and explain why she developed cancer…breast cancer.

Denise: Erik’s bringing her in, I mean I have an audience over here.

Elisa: Oh my God, you should have sold tickets beforehand, you could have made some cha ching cha ching. Spirit dollars.

Denise: I really wasn’t prepared but that’s okay, that’s the best way. I’m asking her about hers, and what she thinks about it. She talks fast, I don’t know if she talks here but she’s talking fast, and so I’m like okay slow down a little bit, did she speak fluent English?

Elisa: Yeah, she was pretty good but mostly Spanish.

Denise: Okay, yeah because I feel like, you know how quick people talk in Spanish, it sounds really fast. That’s how she’s talking fast and that’s why I’m like ok did she speak English or was it more something else. She’s laughing at me.

Elisa: She was very fun! And fun loving.

Denise: She’s playing with me right now.

Elisa’s Aunt: My breast cancer was…

Denise: She said she died from it, did she die from it?

Elisa: Yeah.

Denise: Ok so she said she died from it. She’s telling me her point of view of being on the other side. She felt like that was, she choose to go out that way because it was less evasive, and I’m like okay, and I’m asking her is that her denying herself?

Elisa’s Aunt: Of course, I denied my feminine strength.

Elisa: Oh, and that’s why breast.

Elisa’s Aunt: I don’t want people to say okay, this is the only reason why this happened. There is always that one percent or that ten percent or something.

Denise: Was she like a nurse or something? Just the way she is giving me instruction.

Elisa: Her father was a doctor, but she was treated early on as an invalid, and it made my father very jealous because she was doted on and catered to and it’s almost like the put her in a victim, her father put her in a victim mode. I don’t know if that’s true but he did kind of the same thing to his wife, her mother, my father’s mother.

Elisa’s Aunt: Yes, but there was more to it than that.

Denise: Because what she talks about one percent or ten percent, I just thought that was odd that she used that, so I thought maybe she had something medical in her.

Elisa’s Aunt: When women don’t feel their strength, their empowered, when they’re not empowered, it starts to, their feminine parts start to weaken. Like your ovaries, there’s malfunction with that, your uterus, like with women that have a difficult time getting pregnant, they really take that on as something’s wrong with them, feminine wise. With the breast cancer for

me, I just felt defeated, so I guess that is why the cancer attached there, I felt defeated.

Elisa: I can see that. Well thank you Tencorcha (sp?) and thank you Denise’s Mom, okay so there are other spiritual basis, I want also ask, if there’s a spiritual basis for cancer whey do pets get cancer, animal companions let just say or and also I too want to add, other common spiritual basis’ for cancer, go ahead Erik.

Erik: Everything is spiritual.

Elisa: Well, that’s true, because everything is energy.

Denise: Right.

Erik: There’s not just one answer to this because our bodies are very strong machines, where we can re-circulate impurities and stuff like that.

Denise: He’s telling me to uncross my feet (laughs).

Elisa: (laughing) Okay, bossy!

Erik: A lot of our foods, in some of us are extremely sensitive to things and so we just don’t do well with that.

Denise: He showed me how it just triggers our brain and it goes all the way down. He’s making my head swirl. When he showed me these chemical things.

Elisa: Can you name some of these foods?

Erik: All the artificial stuff.

Denise: He’s really shown me artificial sugars are so bad. He showed me there is truth to these dyes, like he’s saying blue and read and he, he’s having me go, and even yellow.

Erik: These dyes, because they’re all chemically made, none of it organic, none of it’s authentic. And that has an effect on our body and you know, sometimes we can be really sick and those things can really make us sick. And then we developed something.

Elisa: And the processed foods of any sort.

Erik: Definitely processed foods.

Denise: The processed food today he’s showing me is so advanced in chemicals than what it was even 20 years ago. And he says you, but we can’t really get into that because he goes out to a whole other segment.

Elisa: I don’t want an organic chemistry lesson.

Denise: I know, and he didn’t want to get me go because I always, he and I talk about that sometimes, but he’s telling me the spiritual part. He goes, but back to the spiritual part.

Erik: You know, it’s also too, when we pick, I mean saying we as the ones that have picked the cancer, like, okay, this is how I’m going to exit out. And we don’t consciously say, okay, give me stomach cancer given me uterus cancer or whatever he says, but there’s a lot to it for the people who are living to work through.

Denise: He’s showing me like people who,

Erik: We have warning signs to reverse this stuff, but we choose not to.

Denise: What he’s given me is a picture of his and I’m not, he’s not saying that everyone that has this is going to get cancer, but he says Crohn’s disease, you know, Celiac. You know, those are, those are like huge warning signs to do something different. Yeah. And, and be real strict about it. And, and when I say real strict, be real clean about it.

Elisa: Yeah. What about pets? What is the spiritual basis for pets?

Denise: He tells me it’s because the way we feed them.

Elisa: You know, I switched, I heard that roundup, you know, carries a shiny show deal. One of the guys was telling me, it was Bruce, was telling me how, glycosides or is it an that’s an insecticide or pesticide that is in a that they used for grain, all shorts. So those grains are in dog food and that they think that might be why there’s an increase in a pet cancer. And, of course we eat that grain too. So, you know, so we changed them to our dogs to taste of the wild because it’s only wild sourced and wild caught salmon. Bison, not even chickens that eat grains., that could have glycoside, not even beef that could eat grain that has glycoside. So, it’s a real problem. So, what do you say about that?

Erik: That’s true. That’s true.

Denise: And he’s glad they changed the Diet. I feel like when he says that, I feel like Bella is seeing a difference.

Elisa: Yeah, absolutely.

Denise: He showed me her intestinal is like feeling more relaxed. He’s telling me that he’s. He also told me, because we have two small dogs that had to have a lot of dental work done and he’s telling me the food has a lot to do with it.

Erik: Just how you know, and you think you’re buying good free because it costs $40 for a bag and he says it isn’t. And you’re exactly right about the chicken eat the grains and the beef eating the grains. And not only, you know, the grains and that can be organic, but then it’s a whole process. You have to think of the soil that it’s grown in.

Elisa: Oh yeah. Was that, did it and not organic type crop. Was it grown there first and then what? What kind of should we eat, should we all go Paleo Erik?

Denise: He laughs because that’s how I am.

Erik: A lot of it has to do with thought how you eat, you know, like he says when you’re eating, you know, are you eating to nourish your body or your eating to a feed an emotion or, you know, in a people.

Denise: And I used to do this all the time. I’d eat three to say, Oh God, I shouldn’t be doing this.

Erik: So, if you’re going to eat something, envision it nourishing your body to the fullest.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: But you know, don’t go eat a pack.

Denise: He showed me Oreos and he showed me that because he says those are nothing but chemicals and Oh God, I know off. He says, but don’t go eat that. And, and so, oh, this is nourishing my body. He says, because of course you’re going to put on three or four pounds if you eat a whole pack. He goes, that’s just the nature of our body. We’re not clear enough to, to get ourselves out there to not do that.

Elisa: So basically, you’re, you’re, you’re telling us that we probably just need to go more toward the Paleo Diet side of things.

Erik: Yes. He says, well, you got to get back to basics.

Elisa: Basics.

Erik: Basics. Fresh and clean stuff, you know, I’ve talked about this in another video about being Vegan or vegetarian. There’s no one way to eat, but it’s whatever works best for you being Vegan, vegetarian or, or a meat eater.

Elisa: Okay, I’m just going real quick and you say yes or no because I don’t want them running out of time. Things that could be effective against cancer, of course we can heal ourselves. What about coconut oil? Coconut oil?

Erik: You’ve got to be careful that you don’t just buy any coconut oil, because people got on that rampage with coconut oil because there’s a market for it now. Just be real clear about it.

Denise: And I’m, and I’m asking him because I just read a blurb a couple of days ago about.

Elisa: Yeah, that it’s not as good as people thought.

Denise: Yeah. Yeah. And, and I’m asking because I was like, well shoot.

Erik: That some of that is hype, but again you have to be careful about the source of where you’re getting your coconut oil from. These people where their coconut oil really came from and how they survived off of it. There’s nothing wrong with their health with that.

Elisa: Okay. Alight, I.V Vitamin C, can that help cure cancer?

Erik: 100 percent. Yes.

Elisa: What about Cannabis, cannabis oil.

Erik: Of course. Mom, you know the answer.

Elisa: I know but not everybody does.

Erik: Absolutely and that’s what scaring them. Not the doctors because they don’t care really as much, but it’s the pharmaceuticals that are like freaking out about that.

Elisa: Yeah, well we’re going to get into that for sure. Yeah, for sure. What about low dose naltrexone in combination with I.V Alpha lipoic acid? Apparently, that’s been known to cure advanced stage pancreatic cancer. Is that a good combo?

Erik: Yes.

Denise: He showed me having the correct dose of it.

Erik: Yes, definitely.

Elisa: Okay. What about crystals?

Erik: There is truth to that, but you know, it’s like when you pick up your crystals, when you get your crystals, you need to be clear what you’re getting in the way.

Denise: He makes me feel like I’m, don’t just go, oh, well, they said it works on getting a beat, be choosy on crystal, you pick and choose the right one.

Erik: Pick the one that goes for you and then make sure that they’re cleansed. That there has been people, more like medicine doctors, like medicine men and women who have done psychic surgery and gotten rid of the cancer. And he showed me that yes, this is true. And I feel like, I don’t know about here in the states, but I know in other countries he showing me that they’ve done this.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I read a book, psychic surgery called Abrigo or rigo or whatever. It was an amazing book. How about immunotherapy?

Denise: What is that?

Elisa: Well, it’s our source, but you could make, um, monoclonal antibodies that you, that you create from the exposing to the Antigen on the cancer cell and you

inject it into the patient and those monoclonal antibodies attack the cancer cells, for example, is one thing.

Denise: And I asked just so I could understand when Erik’s talking to me, because Erik knows.

Erik: Yes, but you have to really have somebody that really is advanced and knowing what they’re doing with that.

Elisa: Okay. What about this Stanislaw Burzynski, he’s just a real controversial, a cancer doctor that seems to have a huge success rate. And of course, the medical boards against the big Pham is attacking him, but he, he does LDN and Alpha Lipoic acid and other things. But he also creates something called Antoneoplasatins, which he makes tailor made to your kind of tumor based on whether you have a need to inhibit tumor growth factor or augment tumor toxic factors and stuff like that. What do you think about him?

Erik: He’s one of them that has a down to a science because he really knows he’s not giving you a one pill fits all type stuff. He, he intuitively knows, and research knows and medically knows. It’s just like he eat and breathe this stuff, but he tells me it’s very intuitive also.

Elisa: He’s right across the freeway from me, like five minutes away. Wow. Go to YouTube and look up. Cancer is big business. There’s a great documentary and it highlights a lot of what he’s doing. What about ultrasound? Does that work on cancer? I didn’t, I’d never heard of that. But.

Erik: It does help to detect it, but it doesn’t help. But cure it or treat it, No.

Elisa: A rose compounds. Are there compounds in roses that cure cancer?

Erik: Absolutely.

Elisa: Oh Wow. So, what do we do?

Erik: That’s a more natural form of vitamin C also too is the rose hips, but he’s also telling me rose pure, Rose oil.

Elisa: Oh really? Okay.

Erik: That’s expensive.

Denise: I, when he’s saying that I’m thinking I remember like a, like a, just a real small bottle was like $60 and this a long time yet it’s real expensive. But that rose oil, that pure rose oil. Yeah.

Erik: It’s hard to find that because it’s so expensive. So, you get like a rose blend oil because it’s cut with something but pure rose oil definitely. He said that works for breast cancer by the way.

Elisa: Oh interesting! What about having an alkaline body? Does that reduce your chance of having cancer?

Erik: Yes, it does because it helps your cells in your body, it’s like a filter it helps keep things filtered.

Elisa: Ah, okay.

Denise: And he’s just showing me how it’s like filtered water running through and it helps with the cells and helps the breathing and stuff.

Elisa: Does that mean eating baking soda would help?

Denise: You know it’s funny that you say that because my chiropractor just told us about that.

Erik: Yes.

Denise: He’s telling me it’s like how my Chiropractor said to do it, because he was a biologist first and then he became a Chiropractor like 26 years ago, he’s amazing. He said to put a fourth of a teaspoon in like a 12-ounce bottle of water.

Elisa: Wow! That’s very dilute.

Denise: Well but then you drink, you put it in each bottle of water that you drink.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Denise: And he had pancreatic cancer, and he healed from it.

Elisa: Oh, my Gosh.

Denise: Yes, he did.

Elisa: Alright, but so, we can also use our own, just control our own energy, how do we do that? And be like, I don’t have cancer, do you do the Law of Attraction to manifest a cancer free body? How do we do that?

Erik: It starts with visualization, you have to visualize, because it’s the cells that are being attacked and everything of course your know your organs.

Denise: But your cells he’s showing me are what help keep your body in health, and stuff and he’s showing me how just you visualize those healthy cells just surrounding whatever area and your whole body, he’s showing me that.

Erik: That is huge, but you know you’ve got to believe it with every fiber of your being though.

Elisa: Yeah. Of course, and you can’t let fear get in the way.

Erik: Yeah, you know, you just keep doing it until you can’t, until you no longer think fear.

Elisa: Okay. One person asks, what about seaweed, and wheatgrass?

Erik: Those alone are not going to cure cancer, but those do help your body, they’re very good for your body. Again, you need to, where’s their seaweed coming from and how is it harvested.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: You’ve got to think about all of that, just because it says seaweed doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You’ve got to think about where was it processed, so it goes back to us doing our homework and knowing where the stuff is processed at.

Denise: You know, knowing, I guess, I want to say the maker but that’s not it.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: Facilitated from.

Elisa: Okay. Where are you from seaweed? Bashar says avocado, asparagus and walnuts are really good against cancer, what do you think about that Erik?

Erik: Yes because of the properties that they hold. You know, but again you’ve got to be careful with it being organic and stuff, mostly for the nuts in that. You really have to be careful with that because you don’t want to start digesting something that’s full of pesticides.

Elisa: I know. Well I guess you could wash them off too, but their probably.

Denise: I’ve heard that soaking with berries and stuff like that and white vinegar for about 2-3 minutes really pulls all that stuff out, to a degree and it helps take the fungus off of things.

Elisa: Oh, okay, I’ve heard a lot about apple cider vinegar, Erik does that help against cancer?

Erik: Yes, that does have a big part because it helps with your digestive system, it helps with other functions within your body that help it to function more efficiently which will help alleviate that., from those things attacking you.

Elisa: Any other cancer fighting super foods that you can recommend Erik? Preventative or during.

Denise: Erik is showing me a bushel full of grains, fresh grains.

Erik: Fresh grains.

Elisa: Okay. Do you think cancer is more prevalent now that it was before? Or are we just better at detecting it?

Erik: It’s a two part question, yes we are very much better at catching it now, and we are having more advanced research so we know where a lot of other cancers are coming from that we were clueless about, but there’s some cancers that are new in a sense as far as, you’re seeing more pets come in with it and younger kids.

Elisa: I want to ask about that too, yeah.

Erik: It’s our, a lot of it, our environment, just how we’ve advanced so we think but it’s just our environment. There’s truth to a lot of the theories you read about.

Elisa: Okay, children, what’s the spiritual basis of kids getting cancer? I mean it might not be just for the kid, I guess, I could be to teach the parents about loss or humility, I don’t but go ahead. Take the floor Erik.

Erik: Yes, you know, some of it is the kids that don’t survive, it is to teach.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: For the, for everyone to learn about the..

Denise: I don’t want to say laws that more. Oh, that’s such a sensitive subject. It’s the teach for us to learn how to appreciate things. Not that we didn’t appreciate them before.

Erik : That’s contract stuff. So, it’s like before we came here, so it’s not like we’re bad and we don’t appreciate nothing. This is contract stuff.

Elisa: Yeah, that’s what it’s for.

Denise: He’s, giving me the feeling like a lot of these kids that have survived cancer and that, have a real intuitive knowing more about life than the average person.

Elisa: Wow. I bet. Did they develop that because they had a brush with death or do they come in like that?

Erik: Both. It kind of woke them up to that, but now some, some choose not to use that though. No, doesn’t mean that if it’s not there for them.

Elisa: Okay. Now I’ve heard that they’re allegedly a lot of cancer researchers and holistic doctors that are being killed. What is that all? Is it to prevent the development of cure or the discovery of some truth? So, if it does exist there, which I’m told it doesn’t, why?

Erik: There is truth to all of that. You know, when you get real good at something, people get jealous and he goes, it goes all the way back to fear, fear, fear, fear.

Denise: But he is showing me this picture of like somebody’s to squeeze through the doorway and get out.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: Well the way he showing me that, it’s like they can’t keep the secret a secret. It’s going to get out.

Elisa: Do big pharmaceutical company should make a lot of money off of chemotherapeutic products and also by the way oncologist are one of the few doctors that actually get revenue from the chemotherapy agents that they prescribe and dispense, but does big Pharma having a nefarious role to play and keeping some of the cheaper, safer, even possibly more effective cures hidden.

Erik: Of course.

Elisa: Oh Gosh, how prevalent is it?

Erik: It’s massive.

Elisa: Oh my God. Well, what did we do?

Erik: This is going to come out, it’s coming out now anyway. You know, like with these, um, with marijuana cannabis sort of, you want to call it how it’s becoming legal in the states, you know, how it’s going on a wave effect. You know, that’s having an effect. You know, like people are starting to use that more than going to the doctors for certain things, you know, for a lot of things. For a lot of things like anxiety medicine, pain medicine, you know, people do treat themselves with this stuff, cancer and other things

Elisa: It’s cheaper and safer, like LDD costs less than a penny a day and its anti-tumor properties are amazing, and it’s called the why not drug because it’s so very safe. The safety profiles are amazing.

Erik: You know, everything’s coming out of the woodwork, Mom. It really is.

Elisa: Yeah. Yeah.

Erik: You know, it’s kind of like, these habitual criminals that are always robbing stores or people, you never seen him get rich. In the same with this, even though they’re wealthy and have a lot of money, obviously they don’t feel they don’t have financial freedom.

Elise: Yeah. Pharmaceutical companies.

Denise: Yeah.

Erik: The pharmaceutical people. Financial freedom because if they did, they wouldn’t be so grip tight on everything.

Denise: He shows me because they would know that there’s an abundance. This is, that they don’t feel that.

Elisa: Are there certain cancers that definitely have cures that are being concealed by big Pharma?

Denise: When you say that he gets me the feeling like when he, when you say that I use, are showing me blood cancer.

Elisa: Oh, like leukemia any kind hematic poetic cancers. I believe that.

Erik: That is a definite one, right there.

Denise: Wow, and I’m asking him how they had that for a long time because my father died of terminal Leukemia. I’m asking did they have that a long time.

Erik: I don’t feel like they knew 100 percent, but, they knew things way back then though.

Denise: I mean, my father’s been crossed over forever and a day.

Erik: Leukemia.

Denise: I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure if that was the blood. He tells me. There’s, he’s showing me something with the, he shows me the liver.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: The pancreas. He shows.

Elisa: God. Wow.

Denise: I know because and he tells me, but that’s it.

Erik: It’s such an aggressive one. But there is a cure for that, but you know, it’s like you got to start right away. Those are definite ones that they have right now.

Elisa: What are the cures for those? Or is there one cure for all three of these things you mentioned, or are they different? Are they chemotherapeutic agents like chemotherapy or what?

Erik: You know, there are some chemotherapies that do kill cancer. Sure, but the bad thing about it is how it really does your body. So, you have to be careful with that. And that in itself can cause other cancers.

Denise: I didn’t. Yeah, that’s pretty wild.

Erik So you have to be careful with that.

Denise: I feel like there’s some medicine or those combinations of medicine or something that they can give, and it has to do with, the filtering of what goes the filtering of the liver and the kidney. There’s something to help keep those flushed out.

Elisa: Okay. Um,

Denise: I’m asking him, do you have a medicine name or something?

Erik: It’s not just one thing, it’s a combination of things because they’ve done this in labs and that.

Elisa: Okay, well it’s probably to technical for us. Are there any cancer treatments that we should definitely avoid because big Pharma gimmicks?

Denise: This is what he showing me when cancer is at a certain stage.

Erik: There’s always a chance of something more.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: But he, he gives me the feeling like everybody should do cancer research on your basic cancer, you know, like for your organs and stuff because then you’re not waiting for to do all that research during 911.

Erik: A lot of doctors will tell you this is your regimen, and this is what you’d have to do. And really that isn’t how you should go.

Elisa: Yeah be your own best advocate. It’s amazing how many people just take, take what the doctor has to say as the Gospel Truth. No. I’ve had so many family members who have nearly died except that I intercepted at the, at the last moment. It’s just, it’s incredible. The most, the most prominent nephrologist in America was treating my sister had horrible diabetes and she was in the intensive care unit. I went to see her and her, her systolic blood pressure is like 40. Oh my God. She’s in septic shock and so I run out, run into the doctor and it said, so-and-so, Denise is dying.

She is in shock. She’s crashing. Oh, I know. She’s probably septic, I said well, you know, we did do something. It was probably coming from the central line an infection that she’s getting total parental nutrition feeding from. And he says, I know, but she has to eat. Why don’t you take the tip of the, the central line out culture, the tip it put another one and the other side said, oh yeah, we can do that. So, she lived for a while. Alright, let’s go quickly because we’re out of time. A does stress cause cancer.

Erik Yes.

Elisa: Okay. All right. Real quick.

Denise: And that’s real high in men, the stress can’t get.

Elisa: Because they don’t emote as much probably. What about is there any contribution, just real quick list to a yes or no. Chem trails.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Food additives, we said yes, like even preservatives, right?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Microplastics.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Glyphol, let’s say was a weed killer roundup, etc. Right, and we said that. GMOS genetically modified.

Erik: Oh yes.

Elisa: Okay, is there anything we can do to get big Pharma out of the way to allow the natural possibly less damaging new cures for healing to become available?

Erik: Yes, you know, one is going to have to do your homework because there’s legislators who are really protesting against these people and stuff, really support them, because they don’t get big dollars for doing this.

Denise: He’s telling me I make more money per year then some of them people do and I’m not a six-digit figure either.

Erik: And so, support them and if you can’t do that, send, them light, send them love. That’s huge and send those, those pharmaceutical people that, but also send that to the people who are fighting on our behalf. Legislators, you know, just that vibration goes out to them. So, there’s something that all of us can do rather if it’s financial, be out there and helping to be a voice or through our energy work.

Elisa: That’s pretty cool. I never thought about sending big pharma light because you know the people behind the scenes to control these big pharmaceutical companies, you’re probably right, they are probably very fear based. They’re greedy because they’re afraid they won’t have enough and that is not a very comfortable place to be. All right? To sum up, first of all, we have to try to put ourselves out of the self denial, um, position and

be authentic. Be okay being ourselves, purge any past traumas. You can do that with EMDR, psychotherapy, the soul happy techniques, tapping or emotional freedom technique. Anything else to help help get rid of that? Self-denial and trauma?

Erik: Be real conscious of your thoughts.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Because we’re like hypnotic in our thoughts and how we talk to ourselves. Sometimes it’s not even how we talk to ourselves, it’s how we feel about ourselves and he says, all of us do that. If you could just see our true essence than you wouldn’t, do that.

Denise: He’s promoting your book.

Elisa: Which ones?

Denise: The first one.

Elisa: Oh, the parenting books, my son and the afterlife.

Denise: Yes. He’s really promoting that because he’s saying there’s…

Erik: This is Erik’s work. There’s some really good shit in there that we all need to hear,

Elisa: But I like your book better, but thank you. I will give you a percent of the profits if I ever make any profits. All right now, so say I have cancer. Alright. So what is the strategy? Cbd oil, of course paleo-ish diet. Get rid of the processed foods and all that kind of stuff. What else? I mean everybody is different, but you know, obviously self healing, reiki energy, healing, law of attraction, manifesting health.

Erik: For you mom if you were to get cancer, you know, definitely, clean food. Start juicing. Juicing is huge. Huge, huge, huge.

Elisa: Well, I don’t want to just, for me, I mean, the most. I mean, that will…

Erik: Juicing and of course, clean up your diet, get out all the pesticides and everything, don’t be putting any of that, if all you can eat is salary and almonds until you can get the next thing that isn’t with chemicals then that’s what you do. You can start growing some of your stuff to, your produce.

Denise: Definitely he’s shown me CBD oil.

Erik: It’s real important when you’re juicing, that’s going to help alkaline your body. He says, because your affecting the PH.

Denise: He’s showing the baking soda in the water and I feel like there’s some other ways to alkaline too, that’s real inexpensive.

Erik: Don’t look at this as it as a death sentence.

Elisa: Oh yeah, no.

Erik: That’s what a lot of people, they think it’s over when they hear the.

Elisa: The big C

Erik: So, they feel it’s a death sentence. There’s a part of them that already starts dying. It’s about living. That’s what it’s about because we’re really dying from the moment we’re born. It’s about living.

Elisa: So cheerful! Should a person, start massive doses of vitamin C, low dose naltrexone, anything else that you’d recommend.

Erik: All of those things, you know, and it’s almost like a full-time job. Especially if you’re not used to doing this because it’s an, a, be a fulltime job almost to, to really get this down pat and have a regimen going. We should be taking vitamin C now, because it helps in so many areas. It’s not just for cancer or colds.

Denise: He showed me it’s for your eyesight. And he showed me.

Erik: It’s, it’s for every part of your body. Really.

Elisa: You know (inaudible) vitamin C because the tablets, I don’t think they have very good bio availability. You need something that really has good bioavailability. All right, so just one last question. Meat eaters, I mean the beef, if they’re going to be. Well I guess if it’s organic, I mean do they, could they still eat hay, that has glycoside or other pesticides on mean what do we do about that?

Erik: There are some places that sell beef in that you know, other means that are pretty clean.

Elisa: Okay. So, we have to do our research basically.

Denise: But for some reason he makes me feel like when you have cancer it’s really good to load up on the vegetables and the fruit for some reason, he’s showing me bushels of green and he’s showing me drinks with green and fruit. That’s what he’s showing me.

Elise: All right. Anything else you want to add before we close?

Erik: No, but I love you.

Elisa: All right. Denise, this was amazing.

Denise: You know, this was a shocker in the beginning, but it was good.

Elisa: Wow. It was really good. Oh my gosh. My Denise’s mama. You guys check out to Denise at and I will put it here.

Denise: Oh, thank you so much.

Elisa: Bye bye. Bye. Take care.

Denise: You too.

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