The Afterlife Interview with Anthony Bourdain

I’m going to keep this pretty short since I’m taking care of my grandkids, Arleen and Easton. Easton is a handful at two years old, so I have to watch him like a hawk! First, here’s last week’s radio show if you missed it!

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And now for the interview with Anthony Bourdain, followed by the transcript. Great job by Veronica! Check her out at!

Elisa: Hello, Miss Veronica, how are you?

Veronica: Hello, I’m wonderful thank you, how are you?

Elisa: Good to hear, you look so pretty!

Veronica: Thank you! As do you.

Elisa: Thank you, and hello my little boy Erik.

Erik: Hello, Mother.

Veronica: He’s very formal.

Elisa: Mother? Oh wow! That must mean he’s in trouble.

Veronica: Motha

Elisa: Motha. ok, you know by popular request even though my list is sort of closed off because I have almost 400 people, I’m going to go ahead and let Anthony Bourdain kind of jump in there and see if we can find out more about him, his life and maybe lessons we can learn from him. So, Erik can you go and get Mr. Bourdain?

Veronica: Erik’s doing this (rubbing hands together) he’s one of my people.

Elisa: Oh good! I don’t know very much about him, I know he did something with (inaudible) channel but.

Veronica: Yes. I just want to tell you, Erik’s very casual today, he’s actually not wearing any shoes, he’s got a darker coloured t-shirt on and he’s got a pair of jeans on, so.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: So very casual and actually Mr. Bourdain.

Bourdain: Tony

Elisa: Oh okay.

Veronica: As Tony comes in the room, Tony is very casual too. Tony looks very scruffy, he’s got a pair of blue jeans on, lower on his waist, and actually he’s not wearing any shoes either and he’s got a grey t-shirt on.

Elisa: Okay! Well, they came just dressed for the occasion. All right, Tony if you don’t mind, can I call you Tony?

Bourdain: Of course.

Elisa: I have a lot of questions that blog members have submitted, I don’t think I am going be able to get to them all but, let’s just start out with the ones that I always ask everybody, and they start with What was your spiritual mission in your life as Tony Bourdain?

Bourdain: My spiritual mission was to really show people how they are all the same and how each and every one of us has a common thread that’s called humanity, and that each and every one of us is unique in our own way.

Veronica: That was his mission he said.

Elisa: I like that!

Veronica: He’s very well spoken.

Elisa: Oh! Were you here, I mean you were here to teach that but were you here to learn anything?

Bourdain: I was here to learn my own resilience. I was here to learn how very much of a survivor I really was. I never really had anything early in life to teach me how to survive, because I pretty much had everything. Until I chose, made choices, to get into a lifestyle that was giving me lessons as I now see them, to be resilient.

Elisa: Okay. What kind of choices are we talking about?

Bourdain: I delved deep into the world of drugs and (inaudible)

Elisa: Okay. Do you feel like you accomplished what you were here to learn?

Bourdain: On many levels yes, I do, but in doing my life review, I can see that that there are still areas that need grooming, and there are areas where I far exceeded. But it doesn’t work where one balances out the other, you have to work on one and do it all the way through, you don’t get credit for this one over here.

Elisa: For overachieving on one side, you don’t.

Bourdain: Yeah, it doesn’t work that way.

Elisa: All right, well I’m sure we all have plenty to, that we’ll find out in our life review. What is your biggest regret?

Bourdain: That my little girl will never know me.

Elisa: Awe. Okay, all right, well you can make yourself known to her.

Veronica: He’s working on that.

Elisa: Good. When you crossed over what was your biggest insight?

Veronica: (laughing) He’s very introspective. He’s looking like this, and looking up and he’s very handsome.

Bourdain: That there is a higher power.

Elisa: Oh, okay. So, you really didn’t believe that before, or did you maybe just have an inkling, and this just sort of sealed the deal for you?

Bourdain: I didn’t believe in anything, I just thought when you died you died. I didn’t believe in a higher power at all.

Elisa: Okay. All right, well I bet that was a pleasant surprise.

Bourdain: It was certainly met with much appreciation.

Elisa: That’s funny (laughs). And that’s a funny way to say it. So, describe your transition, did you see a white light and all that kind of stuff or go in a white room or what.

Bourdain: It was a very simple transition, to me it literally felt like a dream. Like a dream that I’ve had many times. A very simple transition, there was no projection of white light, it wasn’t anything mammoth, it was a whoosh kind of thing and I was.

Veronica: What I believe I’m hearing was met by a paternal figure in his life, a paternal energy. I don’t know if it was father or grandfather.

Bourdain: Grandfather.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: Grandfather energy, so it was familiar in that sense, but it’s interesting because I hear him saying this was like a dream, it was kind of like he dreamt this before, is that what I’m hearing Tony?

Bourdain: Yeah. Not in a macabre weird kind of way (inaudible). An image that I saw, and when it happened I was very calm because it was familiar to me.

Elisa: Interesting.

Veronica: Oh, so I’m wondering was that like, were you psychic or intuitive is that what?

Bourdain: Well I guess I was on some level.

Elisa: Yeah, I guess you were, so you saw it coming. Can you describe a life that you lived in the past or future that most influenced your one as Anthony Bourdain?

Veronica: He’s talking about his life on a fishing boat.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Bourdain: I lived the life of a long shore fisherman. It’s funny, the parallel is, the fishing boat literally, you know did this (rocking motion), so did my life as Anthony (Tony) Bourdain.

Elisa: So, you had the roller coaster.

Bourdain: Mmmhmm, yep, one life it was literal.

Veronica: He’s making a joke about it being stinky, literally.

Elisa: (laughs) Oh, stinky fish!

Veronica: He’s got quite the sense of humor.

Elisa: Wow, that’s great.

Veronica: I’m sensoring a lot of it.

Elisa: Oh, no you don’t have to. Okay, share anything new about yourself that we generally don’t know.

Bourdain: I loved fashion.

Elisa: Oh okay.


Elisa: Were you good at it? Were you a clothes-horse so to speak?

Bourdain: I was in my own way, you couldn’t take me to the Metropolitan Opera in my dress, although I would go the way I dressed. I dressed for myself and I dressed to be comfortable and I took pride in how I picked out my outfits.

Elisa: Ah.

Bourdain: They were nothing to write home about.

Elisa: Okay, all right. Let me see here. All right what were the failures that you most cherish? I mean because failures are stepping stones to success, as they’re opportunities to learn something very valuable.

Bourdain: Actually, that would have to be my drug use.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: My use of hallucinogenic, of heroin, of alcohol, it’s interesting because I had a addictive personality but I was addicted to being high, meaning being, some people might get high from getting a new car or some people might get high because they cooked the ultimate recipe, or they’re high because they sit down and eat food. I could never find my high.

Elisa: Without some form of drugs?

Bourdain: Without some artificial substance.

Elisa: Yeah. Okay. What change the arc of your life, what made you go down that fork in the road?

Bourdain: On some level I was always on a downward spiral. I want everybody to know that I gave up drug use a long time ago.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Bourdain: I was clean, but I never could quite clear out the fuzz in my head.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: And he’s talking about if anybody had a reason to live…

Bourdain: It was me. I had everything, I was renowned in my field, I had great sense of income, I had great friends, I had my beautiful daughter, but the fuzz in my head, I just couldn’t get rid of it.

Elisa: Well when did it, how old were you when things started to go down that downward drift?

Bourdain: My mid twenties to…

Veronica: I’m hearing 40’s had artificial substances in them, so he really can’t count those years because there was a lot of back and forth.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: I was about 50, when it occurred to me that I might be bipolar. So, about 50.

Elisa: So, do you think that maybe starting in your twenties you were bipolar and just self medicating? Or was it a past life bleed through, I mean.

Bourdain: There was definitely something in this life, I didn’t like to process emotions, I knew that very early on. I didn’t like the way it felt when I didn’t get what I wanted.

Elisa: Nobody likes that.

Bourdain: I always got what I wanted, one way or another.

Elisa: Okay. What would you have like to accomplish before your death or attain that you did not?

Bourdain: From my perspective, I am very happy with what I achieved, because of the fact that I united cultures and what.

Elisa: That’s true.

Bourdain: I would take somebody in this land and introduce them to somebody in that land and not just about each other but about the blending of each other. One of the things that was food for me is common ground. People could come together innocently, peacefully and they could join together over food.

Veronica: And he’s talking about how we use food in a safe way, whether we eat to keep us safe, or we say Hey let’s go out and get a bite to eat, we know we’re safe with friends. So, food was a big part my life and a big part of my mission. It is no surprise that I united people with the usage of food.

Elisa: Were you a good cook?

Bourdain: One of the best!

Elisa: All right! What did, what did you like least and most about your childhood?

Bourdain: I had a great childhood, I had a childhood of privilege, I had a childhood of culture, I had a childhood of independence and yet structure, freedom. I had a great childhood, I lived the best of both worlds, I was able to be academic and creative and it was both fostered and nurtured in me.

Elisa: Aw, that’s great, was there anything you didn’t like about your childhood?

Bourdain: Literally, what’s not to like?

Elisa: Okay. Awesome, you were so lucky.

Veronica: He’s literally saying I can’t pick any of it apart. That’s pretty cool, I rarely hear that.

Elisa: That is so awesome! Who most influenced you or was a role model to you? And how so?

Bourdain: Julia Child.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: The way that she presented herself, so confident and so convicted and yet able to laugh and have fun when needed.

Elisa: And she could laugh at herself too.

Bourdain: That was a big example for me, not to take myself to seriously and that’s when I began to create my passion for food because of her influence.

Elisa: That is so great! Could you laugh at yourself?

Bourdain: Always.

Elisa: Oh good! What advice would you give your younger self?

Bourdain: Life doesn’t need to be artificially stimulated.

Elisa: Well of course, and I felt that that was coming. Who, were you outside of work when nobody was watching? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Bourdain: Very introspective, very introverted, deeply analytical, and full of wonder and curiosity. I was that person always picking at something, always looking for something, always going on scavenger hunts and you know in search for things. I was always curious about everybody’s life, you might call me nosy.

Elisa: Well that’s kind of cool because the next question is what were you most curious about in life?

Bourdain: What makes people tick.

Elisa: Yeah, that’s a common one.

Veronica: He actually went like this, what makes people tick, you know.

Elisa: Oh, wow! I don’t think we’ll ever find out. So complicated, the answers are as numerous as there are people, I’m sure. All right, what things did you dislike doing? I know processing emotions is one.

Bourdain: I hated anything that was routined, I hated regimented behaviour, I didn’t like being in the box, I hated conformity.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: And I hated repression.

Elisa: So, you don’t do windows I guess huh?


Bourdain: No.

Elisa: I figured not because I was going to invite you to do a little housework you know. All right, what is the most courageous thing that you ever did?


Bourdain: Father a child.

Elisa: Ah, yeah well that takes courage, that’s fine.

Veronica: When he talks about his daughter, he just glows. He’s just on fire glowing.

Elisa: What was your super power or your animal spirit, either one?

Veronica: He’s very funny.

Bourdain: My spirit animal was a warthog (chuckles).

Elisa: Oh God!

Bourdain: My super power.

Veronica: What’s your super power? (laughing)

Bourdain: X-ray vision.

Elisa: No, you don’t have xray vision.

Veronica: I’m telling you he’s very funny! He’s like, yeah, I’m looking at your boobs now.

Elisa: Oh.

Veronica: And of course, Erik is chuckling.

Elisa: Ah, he likes that too.

Veronica: I can be a little risqué, and I really love the word fuck.

Elisa: OH, wow, you and Erik ought to get along really well.

Bourdain: And the exercise fuck.

Elisa: Ah, okay, it’s a verb, a noun, all sorts of stuff. So, why is your spirit animal a Warthog?

Bourdain: (laughing). No, that’s not true, it wasn’t a warthog.

Elisa: I figured not.

Bourdain: If I had to pick a spirit animal, it would be a python.

Elisa: Why?

Bourdain: I like the girth and the presence of the python. And I like the fact that the python gets the last word. Literally, when it gets a grip on you.

Elisa: I bet.

Bourdain: There’s something about the bigness of the thought of a python, you know the fact that it just moves so slow and appreciates everything and yet it can just take life so long to get through it.

Veronica: He’s very profound about this.

Elisa: It sounds like it.

Veronica: About the python.

Elisa: Okay, well so really what is your super power?

Bourdain: The ability to be chameleon like.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: I can blend in anywhere, and I can feel at home in any culture, in any economic setting, in any social setting, I can feel at home. Literally, I’m a chameleon. I blend.

Elisa: Erik what is your super power?

Veronica: (laughing) and don’t make it be about boobs.

Erik: To hear the rhythm of people’s lives. I can know somebody and just feel the rhythm that they are living at and just kind of march to their beat with them.

Veronica: So, in a sense I’m hearing, you know he could be chameleon like too but he’s calling it, he could march to the beat because everybody has their own unique beat. And Erik was able to, he’s telling me that he was able to relate to everybody.

Elisa: Even in life he was able to, okay what would you say to your fans now Tony?

Bourdain: Don’t be afraid to explore anything that’s different, in fact open yourself up to different daily and don’t let a single day go by without telling people that you love, that you love them.

Elisa: Yeah.

Bourdain: That’s so important. That is one of my regrets, I didn’t let anybody know that I loved them before I transitioned.

Elisa: Yeah, it’s really important, I mean I try to make it a habit to say at least two a minimum two positive things about somebody, whether its a waitress, or family or friends, it’s so easy.

Veronica: Yeah.

Elisa: And I don’t even have it on my to do list, I usually have an index card with a to do list, but that’s not on it. Bathing is, and checking the mail but not that.

Veronica: He’s also sharing, some of the most joyful people that he ever met were the most impoverished people.

Elisa: Yeah, the ones with the simplest life.

Bourdain: Mmhm, they had a very practical existence and survival was first and foremost to my outward eyes, but to the joy was their first priority, taking joy in the fact that they were alive, taking joy in differences, taking joy in their inheritance of who they were. Just met some amazing people that were probably nobody to anybody on the face of the earth except to the people they knew intimately.

Elisa: That’s amazing my daughter Anika, went to do volunteer work in Peru, she said the same thing, they were all so happy. I think when your life gets complicated and cluttered then the love is hidden, I mean it just gets buried in garbage and maybe your busy mind. All right now, I have a mystery guest in mind who is connected to our family, that is a big fan, I can’t say his name for some reason but it is a he, do you have a message for him, G.T. that’s all I’ll give you.

Veronica: They want a message from G.T. from Anthony.

Bourdain: Smoke doesn’t always mean there’s fire.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: It’s okay if it smokes.

Veronica: I don’t know what that means but.

Bourdain: It’s not okay to say no to your passions.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: I don’t know, does that make sense?

Elisa: Probably, I don’t know maybe. Is there any connection between your death and Kate Spade’s, it happened so close together, and you both all like fashion, I don’t know I thought I would ask.

Bourdain: No.

Elisa: Okay. Somebody wants to ask if you were involved in the Hilary Clinton so called Pizzagate, I don’t even know what that is, and I guess they wondered if, was there any truth to you getting to expose some great personalities for their involvement in child trafficking and sex racket?

Bourdain: No.

Elisa: No, What was going through your mind, the day that you died? This is blog member questions.

Bourdain: It actually started the day before I died, I began to go down a very dark hole and before I knew it, I couldn’t come out of this hole because I had emotionally put myself under so much garbage, that I couldn’t see the light.

Veronica: He’s saying that he actually took his life, he’s saying long before they found him, so I’m not sure what.

Bourdain: I was a very private person, and people knew not to bother me when I was alone, and I knew I had that advantage and I knew that.

(dog barking)

Elisa: Dog time. Okay, go ahead.

Bourdain: I knew I could pull it off in peace. I knew that nobody would be looking for me right away because I liked my privacy.

Elisa: What was is it a spiritual contract, your death?

Bourdain: Absolutely.

Erik: We’ll always know contracts with suicide because he wasn’t somebody who (inaudible), so it was contractual.

Elisa: You kind of broke up there.

Veronica: He wasn’t somebody…

Erik: We can tell it’s contractual because he never talked about it, if a person’s contract includes suicide, they will never talk about it. You will never know that, so yes Anthony’s, Tony’s was contractual.

Elisa: Okay. What was your first impression of the after life? There you are,

Bourdain: Whoa! Dude. Talk about psycho-fucking-delic.

Elisa: Oh my God.

Bourdain: It was better than any false high I could ever get.

Elisa: Oh my God.

Bourdain: Actually, it was literally just walking into a different building, almost like I’m just going to take the catwalk across into this building, it’s very similar to what we experience here but not.

Elisa: Okay. What was the first thing you saw?

Bourdain: I saw an archway into a building that was completely white, that had all glass windows all over, but it was an archway.

Veronica: He’s showing me that it’s was just literally (breathes in quickly) swoop and I’m there.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: And he’s standing there, and he’s whole and he’s not hung and.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: He’s just whole but.

Bourdain: I went like this, and I didn’t have a body.

Elisa: Okay. That must have been weird.

Bourdain: You would think it’s weird and it sounds weird when I’m saying it to you but it was normal.

Elisa: Okay, yeah.

Bourdain: After I went on to be there, I could conceptualize a body. I wasn’t there very long before I could conceptualize my body.

Elisa: Ah, I got you. All right, here’s a quote of yours that a blog member shared, “I respect people that practice as they preach, but hypocritical religious types make me angry.” Do you still feel that way? And that religion is hypocritical. I don’t know if they’re just generalizing.

Bourdain: Absolutely.

Elisa: He probably said abso-fucking-lutely.

Bourdain: That will never change because religion is a man-made thing. The creator and I’ve met him, the creator doesn’t talk about religion, you don’t have to go to a building to find the creator.

Elisa: Or read a book, a special book. Okay, tell us about your meeting with Source, God, the Creator, what was that like?

(Veronica laughs)

Bourdain: What the fuck, I’ve shared dinner with the president.

Veronica: He’s making a joke of it.

Bourdain: It’s just like meeting another energy. You’re meeting literally.

Veronica: And Erik is shaking his head.

Bourdain: You’re meeting you equal.

Elisa: Because we are all part of God.

Bourdain: Listen, when you get here, you’re going to see it’s all about vibration and we are all equally vibrational.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: And so, meeting the creator, was just like meeting a piece of yourself.

Elisa: Oh, that’s awesome! Did you ever regret ending your life?

Veronica: He’s really thinking hard about this but no he’s not coming up with any regrets.

Elisa: There’s your contract, he probably regrets.

Bourdain: I did everything I wanted to do, I had everything I needed and then some.

Elisa: Okay.

Bourdain: I guess the conventional answer could be, yeah, fuck it, I regret the drugs but I don’t.

Elisa: Okay, what did you learn, what was the biggest thing you learned from all the far away places that you visited, that our current society should take away?

Bourdain: That every single nation has the ability to peaceful, every single nation has the ability to break bread if they choose too. Every single nation brings something unique to the table that should be savoured and enjoyed with the company it’s with.

Elisa: Yup, we ought to get this gigantic table and all sit around it all across the world and chow down.

Bourdain: Yeah.

Elisa: One person is wondering if your taking your life has anything to do with a girlfriend that was cheating on you or was there a girlfriend cheating on you?

Bourdain: No. I was very much in love with my girlfriend, I was very supportive, very protective of her as was she of me. There was nothing to report there.

Elisa: But was cheating on you?

Bourdain: No.

Elisa: Okay, good. So, nobody else was involved in your death?

Bourdain: No.

Elisa: Just you? All right. Do you harbour any secrets, well everybody has secrets but do you have any secrets that you think if you (inaudible) would help us grow in someway?

Bourdain: So, do I have any secrets…do I have any secrets. I had a fetish with my toenails, I needed them cut and manicured at all times.

Elisa: (laughing) Oh, that’s funny, that’s cute.

Veronica: I’m just the messenger.

Bourdain: You know the secret, and it’s not really a secret. I was surprised that basically everything is edible.

Veronica: I don’t know why he’s telling that.

Elisa: Oh, interesting!

Veronica: I don’t know what the hell that means but everything is edible. Secrets, he’s not coming up with anything.

Elisa: The toe nail thing’s a secret, that’s fine. Well, it’s not anymore. What was your favorite dish?

Veronica: Oh! He’s saying some sort of like balls that he ate.

Elisa: Animal balls?

Veronica: Animal balls.

Elisa: Ew.

Bourdain: Testicles.

Elisa: What kind? From what animal?

Bourdain: Sheep testicles and I once ate the asshole out of a pig.

Elisa: Oh, did you like that? Ew, that’s awful.


Elisa: You are joking, aren’t you Tony?

Bourdain: No.

Veronica: Listen, I can’t even catch my breath. He’s got this face and.

Elisa: Ew.

Bourdain: The worse thing I ever ate was the asshole out of a hog.

Elisa: Ew, that’s gross!

Bourdain: But, to some people it’s a delicacy.

Elisa: I hear that for cannibals, I hear this area right here, this area between the thumb and the first finger is a delicacy.

Bourdain: Shall I try?

Veronica: I wish, I wish people could see his facial expressions the way that I’m seeing them.

Elisa: Aw, your so lucky!

Veronica: He’s contorted and like and Erik’s like busting a gut over here like.

Elisa: That’s so funny. All right, let’s go onto something nicer, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Bourdain: You’re never going to believe this, Vanilla.

Elisa: Oh really? Oh my God, I would never, any toppings?

Bourdain: No, I’m a straight vanilla kind of guy.

Elisa: Okay.

Veronica: And actually, I just want to show you, he’s sitting back and he’s very tall and very lanky and he’s got his leg up on his other leg and he’s got this long face but it’s covered in scruff, and he’s just very freaking chill. I mean very chill.

Elisa: I bet!

Veronica: Yeah.

Elisa: Let’s see what was the first thing you ate on the other side and how did it taste?

Bourdain: I had a croissant, it was a French, because of my heritage I looked for the French food, it was a croissant.

Elisa: Oh, all right. That sounds good! I’m hungry now. And it tasted like a regular croissant or did it have any special afterlife flavor to it.

Bourdain: It was beautiful, and fluffy and melted on the tongue and it was just a simple croissant and I was so grateful for the taste.

Elisa: That’s awesome! Now, what do you do there now?

Veronica: What’s that? You broke up.

Elisa: What do you spend your time doing there now?

Bourdain: I’m learning how to be a better soul.

Elisa: Well that’s good, everybody is, but anything else?

Bourdain: I’m learning how to be a better soul and I’m practicing healing parts of me.

Veronica: Oh! Oh!

Bourdain: I’m also calling home pieces of myself.

Elisa: Oh!

Veronica: So, what does that mean? So, he’s showing me a piece of Swiss cheese, like with all the holes in it.

Bourdain: I’m the whole piece but these holes are pieces of myself that I left on Earth, and I need to get them back.

Elisa: Is that difficult?

(Veronica chuckles)

Bourdain: What the fuck, I still haven’t done it.

Elisa: Oh, so how do you do that?

Veronica: Yeah, I’m very curious, I’ve never…

Bourdain: You do it through, it’s an extension of the review, you sit down and you watch different instances of your life and you can acknowledge where you left it by watching, it’s almost like seeing clips, movie clips of your life and when you know that, and when you see the movie clip that’s electrically charged like where something is happening, that’s a piece of you that needs to be reclaimed and simply, the idea is that you just reclaim it and bring it back. The biggest trick

to this is realizing what needs to be reclaimed and what doesn’t and that’s where the people come in, the energies, the guides, the council come in and help me do that.

Elisa: Because.

Veronica: That’s the first time I’ve heard that.

Elisa: I’ve never heard that. Look, if you can give me some GPS coordinates I can go get them for you.

Bourdain: Well, some of them, a lot of them were in 1972, it was a really fucked up time.

Elisa: Oh boy! So, was your suicide a spur of the moment decision or did you plan it over a certain period of time?

Bourdain: I won’t say spur of the moment but I won’t say it was planned forever. It was something that I had been loosely thinking about for the last several months.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Bourdain: Couldn’t find an opportune time.

Elisa: Okay. Now, this comes up again, does your suicide have anything to do with Asia Argento, I guess that was your girlfriend, she was recently seen with a French photographer days before your suicide. So, no, I mean why was she with the French photographer, it doesn’t mean that she’s having an affair with him. Right?

Bourdain: Professionally, she was her own woman. She could be with anybody she wanted to be with.

Veronica: And he doesn’t mean sexually.

Bourdain: Why couldn’t she been seen with a photographer, why do people think, everybody’s fucking somebody when they’re seen?

Elisa: Ah, I know. What does all the red scarf and the door knob mean? I don’t have any idea what that is.

Veronica: The red scarf on a door knob?

Elisa: And door knob, I don’t know maybe it is on a door knob but it says what does all the red scarf, door knob mean? No idea.

Veronica: I don’t know. I’m not getting anything. Erik’s laughing though.

Elisa: Let’s see.

Erik: I know what it means when the sock’s on the door knob.

Elisa: Of course, you do! Or a tie. Oh, let’s see, I don’t understand some of this. Of all the places you have been and the groups of people you have met, where and who was the most difficult to adjust to? And how did you grow or change in response to that challenge.

Bourdain: I always could fit in and adjust anywhere but the most unique place was in the middle east and.

Veronica: Something about, he’s telling me he was actually, there’s a lot of explosion he said and a lot of stuff going on around him where he literally.

Bourdain: I could have literally shit my pants. It was that close to me. That was a very eye-opening experience and I began to really have a respect and appreciation for my freedom.

Elisa: Wow! All right, any final messages? What about a message to your daughter? And then also a message to humanity.

Bourdain: The message to my daughter is, never say you don’t like something without first trying it, that means food and experiences in life.

Elisa: Okay, but not drugs.

Bourdain: Hell no!

Elisa: All right, for humanity?

Bourdain: For humanity, when all else fails, share a meal with somebody and bond over food.

Elisa: Oh, that’s a good one, how about you Erik, do you have any questions for Tony?

Erik: We’re going to have a jam session later.

Veronica: Tony’s got the drums, the bongo’s it looks like and Erik’s going to jam on the guitar and they’re just going to have a jam session, and Erik has actually hung out with him before.

Elisa: Oh!

Veronica: You know in a sense that you know, Erik wasn’t there when he came over, but very quickly Erik’s energy gravitated towards him.

Elisa: They sound similar, yeah.

Erik: Yeah, there’s a very direct connection there.

Elisa: That is cool, and Tony will bring the food, right, but no pig assholes.

Veronica: No, Tony, no pig assholes.

Elisa: Please. All right, thank you Tony, thank you Erik for bringing him, I really appreciate that, I love you Erik, you guys thank you so much to Veronica, you can guys can check her out at and I will put it here. Bye everybody, hope you enjoyed it. Be sure you subscribe to the channel.

Erik: Bye Mom.

Elisa: Bye.



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