Erik on Chakras, Part One

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Today, Emma and I had a session about North Korea and even brought in Otto Warmbier. Fascinating–no, mind blowing–stuff. It’s in queue to post. We also had a very interesting session on the spiritual basis for generalized fatigue and its solutions. 

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The session on Chakras is pretty long so I had to divide it into two parts. 

Kim: Hi!

Me: Hi! Back from Hawaii! You have a tan?

Kim: No way. Back from Hawaii, but I can’t sit still enough to get a tan.

Me: I bet! Well, welcome back. I hope you had a great time!

Kim: Thank you. It was nice to get away, but it’s nice to be home.

Me: Good. Awesome. Well, I want to say hey to Erik. I sweetie. I love you!

Erik (Kissing a finger peace sign, then extending it to me): What’s up, Mama?

I mimic him.

Me: Peace out.

Kim: He’s been funny because when I was in Hawaii, I was like, ‘Man, Erik’s been so quiet lately!’

Me: He wanted to give you a break.

Kim: Well, as soon as I said that, he said, “I haven’t been quiet. You just haven’t been listening.”

Me (teasing Erik): Good! Give yourself a break from that pesterer! I’m just kidding, Erik!

Kim: Yeah, I guess I wasn’t listening at all. I was trying to be as present as possible. With the kids in the ocean, you kind of have to be.

Me: Oh, I can imagine. The kids went, too? Awesome!

Kim: Yeah, it was craziness!

Me: That’s great. Well, anyway, we’re going to talk more about chakras. We talked a little bit about them in one session, but I’d like to get into more detail about what each chakra does, what it looks like when it’s doing well, what it looks like when it’s not doing so well and what we can do to keep them healthy and open and spinning in the right direction and all that. But first, let’s go back and talk about what a chakra is, Erik. Just to remind people.

Kim: He’s doing this shoulder shimmy every time you say the word, “chakra.”

Erik: That word just makes me want to shake!

Kim and I laugh.

Me: You used to be so uncoordinated, Erik, I just can’t see you doing the shoulder shimmy. I just can’t.

I try doing it and quickly realize where he gets his lack of coordination from.

Kim: He’s always got something!

Me: He’s always got something up his sleeve!

Erik: Chakras are just different energy centers in your body that help you take in and perceive the information around you: the world around you, your environment. So you perceive it differently depending on where you’re bringing in the information. So, let’s talk about the gut, for example. Everyone can relate to having that “gut feeling.”

Me: Yeah!

Erik (tapping his temple): Sometimes—

Kim (smiling): He’s talking really fast!

Erik: Sometimes it’s not always conscious. It can be an unconscious interaction or exchange, but we’ve all had that feeling. So chakras are just different places in your body that are two way roads that help you bring in information and also send out information.

Me: How does it send out? What’s an example of the information they send out? I did not know that! That’s interesting.

Erik: Emotion. Psychic conversation. Think about that, Mom. You can communicate with someone telepathically. You do it all the time, and you’re about half aware. So telepathic communication with your children, immediate family. You have telepathic communication more often than you realize. Sometimes you realize it, but sometimes you don’t. You can send out and receive information through clairvoyance and all of those different things.

My grandson, Easton, enters my office, laughing.

Me: Uh oh. Somebody is supposed to be watching my grandkid but nobody is!

I pick him up and put him in my lap.

Kim: Aw! I’ll watch him! Look at those eyes!

Me (to Easton): What are you eating? Say hi!

Kim: Aw, he’s so cute.

Me: Sorry about the interruption. (loudly) Michelle, come get your baby!

Erik: You can pinpoint information and really hone or cultivate—

Annika comes in and grabs the baby who immediately starts crying. He loves his Mimi.

Me: Uh oh. He got taken away from Mimi. He’s heartbroken.

Kim: He wanted you! How cute!

Kim laughs.

Kim: He’s making fun of me.

Me: Oh, Erik!

Erik: You can cultivate the information and get as precise as you need to by tuning into these energy centers. When you look at them, Mom, when you really get to know each one and how they affect your life, (tilting his head and widening his eyes) that’s when shit really starts to make sense. You go, “Oh, no wonder that’s all fucked up in my life!”

Kim laughs.

Erik: “This energy is off a little bit!” When you can at least have an idea—you don’t have to be a mastermind behind it and memorize what each chakra means. Sometimes people get too involved and get in their own way.

Kim: He’s showing skewed energy. It’s not like they really block it. It just gets skewed. It’s all messed up.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So the energy doesn’t flow well. It doesn’t flow nicely. So don’t get overly concerned and too much in your way like, “Oh gosh. I did that! What chakra would that be?”

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: As soon as you get into that phase, you’re getting in your own way.

Me: I can imagine. Why do they spin and why do some spin counterclockwise and some spin clockwise?

Erik: Well, energy is always moving.

Kim: Okay, he’s showing me a ball of energy.

Erik: Let’s say this is me.

Kim: He’s referring to his own energy field. Even if he’s resonating in one “place,”—you know he’s multidimensional—but even if he’s resonating in one place, his energy is still moving.

Erik: With the chakras, it’s the same. There’s never “not movement,” Mom. There can be a lack of light, a lack of awareness—

Me: But why spin? Why can’t they just wiggle in place? Why do they have to spin?

Erik: Maybe that’s a misconception. Think of it more as a flow, not just a spin. It’s not limited to being some sort of spin clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s more of a flow.

(Long pause. Kim looks puzzled.)

Kim: Okay, he’s actually going back and forth between images and words. He shifted to where I can see –this sounds weird—but I can see into his heart chakra, so it looks like a cone shape, sort of. The direction it spins depicts what’s happening. Are you receiving or are you giving?

Me: Ah! Wow, I see.

Kim: That’s what he’s talking about. So, bringing in versus emitting or transmitting energy.

Me: Okay.

Erik (tilting his head with a matter-of-fact attitude): So, that’s why they spin in different directions. If you’re giving, it’s going to spin outward and if you’re receiving, your energy is going to spin inward.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Most of the time, people are confused. They’re not present.

Me (index finger in the air): That’s me.

Erik: And that’s when the spin or flow gets all fucked up.

Kim laughs.

Erik: It’s not like a lack of spin or something. It’s just off, like the consciousness, the connection, the presence with that energy center is just off. Think of something being off its axis. It’s going to flow or spin funny. It might still be moving, but it’s going to be caddywhompus.

Kim (laughing): That’s such a random thing!

Me: Oh god. I hope spell check will help me with that one! All right, so it’s really your awareness of the chakra that dictates, what? What am I trying to say?

Kim: He just kind of finished your sentence.

Erik: The awareness of the chakra—

Kim: He’s using “awareness” and “presence” interchangeably.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So the awareness, the presence with it, illuminates it, gives it light, makes the energy flow better, and then, of course, that corresponds with your health, your physical health.

Me: Yeah!

Kim starts laughing.

Me: What?

Kim: He goes, “Ask her.” She points to herself. “She’s got all sorts of experiences with fucked up energy causing fucked up health.

Me: Oh, no! I think we all have, or maybe most of us.

Kim: Yeah, for sure.

Me: So, you still have chakras, Erik? Do spirits still have chakras?

Erik: Yeah. I don’t “need” them like you do because I consider myself more like—

Me: One giant chakra.

Erik: Yeah, one light. One body. That’s because I’m whole. I’m fully present. It’s nearly impossible for humans to be that complete, that whole in their presence.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: He has those perceptions, like he can perceive in those energy centers, but it’s more complete for him. It’s more whole, more one whereas for us, we need a scale. We need a breakdown.

Me: Right. We need different centers.

Erik: To be able to relate to.

Me: Do all life forms have chakras even like insects, dogs, trees?

Erik: They do. They’re different but similar. Okay, lets say a human versus a dog. Dogs or cats, whatever, have concentrated areas of energy, too but they may not have as many. Same thing with trees. They have energy centers, but there aren’t as many and they don’t have the same purpose.

Me: Take a tree. What energy centers would a tree have? They probably have a root chakra, right? Just kidding! Get it, a root chakra?

Kim laughs.

Kim: That’s funny because that’s the example he was going to talk about.

Erik: A tree, for example, is a lot more whole and complete energetically than we are.

Me: Wow. Why?

Erik: Because all its being is concerned about is being present.

Me: Survival.

Erik (laughing and showing himself walking up to a tree): Hey tree. What time is it? That’s not a question a tree can process. It’s not anything real to a tree because the only thing real to a tree is now. There is no such thing as differences in time.

Me: It’s Now o’clock. It’s just Now o’clock to them.

Erik: Yeah, the tree is always now. The tree is always present. That’s why it’s more energetically complete and whole and pure than we are. We mix up our identity with the outside world. Trees, flowers, all of those things, don’t do that.

Me: All right. In other words, we’re more externally directed. We let other people and situations affect us.

Erik: Yeah, exactly.

Me: Okay, besides a root chakra, what other chakras does a tree or any other plant have?

Erik: If we’re going to compare to the human chakra scale, they have a crown chakra, so they’re much more connected to—

Me: All That Is?

Erik: It’s a higher vibration. When you look at the crown chakra and what it represents to humans, that’s more comparable to how trees and other plants function. It’s a higher vibration.

Me: All right. Any other chakras beside the root and the crown?

Erik: This is what’s cool You can think of them as more present and in existence with the heart chakra, but what’s cool about a tree, Mom, is that their heart center, like that love space, never gets jacked up. It never gets poisoned because it never becomes externally directed like we do all the time, and that’s what messes with our heart.

Me: Aw!

Erik: And of course a tree doesn’t have emotions to express itself or to try to know itself and its being like we do.

Me: So it doesn’t have emotions? Maybe they feel emotions but can’t express them?

Erik: They feel and understand, but it’s not like in humans. Humans place identity with emotions. Trees, flowers don’t. They can send and receive, but there’s no identity with it. That’s why they stay clean and whole as a form of energy.

Me: Okay. Now, one more animal or maybe we’ll do cats and dogs because they’re probably the same. Do they have the same number of chakras as we do and the same type?

Erik: They have less. Five.

Me: Oh, okay. What ones do they lack that we have?

Kim: He’s definitely showing a heart chakra. He’s definitely showing a crown chakra for intuitive connection. He’s showing a root chakra and the orange one, the sacral chakra, which is like, you know, emotions and insecurities, but they don’t need a throat chakra like we do.

Me: Okay.

Erik: They don’t need that to know themselves and evolve through communication and self-expression. Even though we might think we’re better than cats and dogs, they’re more present than we are. They do express and feel emotions, but they don’t need that—

Me: Self-expression.

Erik: Yeah, to evolve through. They’re more evolved in that sense.

Me: Hm.

Erik: They evolve through emotion, through companionship. They’re already highly intuitive and some are highly intellectual.

Me: We just don’t know how to interpret that. Just because they can’t communicate [in a way that we understand] we assume that they’re inferior, which is really sad. Erik, I think Bella sees you. Sometimes she looks around like she’s following something in midair. Is she checking you out?

Erik (bouncing and laughing): Oh, she knows me well!

Me: Ah, good.

Erik: Because animals are so present, more so than we are—it depends on what they’re here for energetically and on a soul level as far as how they’re going to expand and evolve and grow.

Me: Okay, because they have something similar to the human experience, right? They have the animal experience, don’t they? Don’t they have to evolve in some way just like we have to come here, uh well maybe they don’t have to come here to—we’ll have a whole thing on animals, I think. Maybe they don’t have to experience polarity. They’re probably mostly here to teach us something, but we’ll get into that later.

Kim: He’s talking about taking an incarnation like a cat or dog, it’s that experience that creates expansion.

Me: Okay.

Kim: And now he’s going into this whole new idea he’s been talking about. He’s mentioned it, but I’ve never sat down and channeled it. He says that no matter who you are or what type of being you are, your incarnation—

Erik: Mostly for humans. Generally, Mom, you’re going to have your main chakras, but most of the time, people are going to take an incarnation through a certain vibrational field. So here’s what I mean.

Kim listens.

Erik: This incarnation, for Kim, she’s incarnated through the throat chakra vibrational range.

Me: Oh!

Kim (chuckling): This is news to me.

Erik: Someone else might be in a full incarnation just through the root chakra to expand that chakra. So they might have monetary issues, material things, a pattern that continues or relationship issues that always seem to continue. That’s because people incarnation in accordance with an energy field.

Me: What energy field did I incarnate into?

Erik: The throat chakra.

Me: Yeah, I had a feeling.

Erik: Expressing yourself.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That doesn’t mean you’re limited to having that awareness. That’s important to know. If this whole incarnation is about expanding the throat chakra awareness and who you are at that level, that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t experience awareness of the other levels. It just means that’s where your energy field is going to hang out for the most part.

Me: Okay, is there such thing as a human that has no chakras? I can’t imagine.

Erik (with his hands spread apart): There’s a whole group of people, a huge massive amount of people who don’t believe that you need chakras. They’re reference points, but there are some people who don’t resonate with that concept at all. They see themselves more as one light, one energy center, one chakra.

Me: Oh!

Erik: But Mom, think about this. They’re like a ball of white light, but of course, in that light is every other color. It’s still an energy field and they still embody all of those “chakras.” They just don’t reference them the same way.

Me: So then they’re more like you, Erik. They’re kind of more like you. You see yourself as one chakra.

Erik: Conceptually, yes, but the presence isn’t there. They’re not as complete and whole, of course.

Me: Yeah, of course. (in a high pitched mocking voice) You’re just little Mr. Perfect!

Kim laughs.

Kim: He’s referencing the highest like the Dalai Lama. There are a few who are primarily present.

Erik: Super consciousness. They have an expanded awareness like psychics are whatever. They have that intuitive exchange.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It takes a lot energy. The reason why humans can’t be completely whole like me is because of the physical body. The physical body gets fatigued.

Me: All right, let’s run through the chakras one at a time. We’ll start out with the root chakra. What’s its purpose? What does it look like when it’s well and when it’s sick, like what diseases can you get?

Erik: The root chakra is all about—

Kim: Oh, okay. This is neat.

Erik: –the internal relationship with yourself and external relationships with other people. A good, healthy root chakra helps you, uh, energetically, you’ll see yourself as more capable of relating to people and feel connected and feel that sense of belonging. It also helps you feel connected to things. For example, an unhealthy root chakra will make you feel like you need things. A healthy root chakra means you know yourself without needing things like material things to create an image, a self. If it’s healthy, you’re going to see bright fire engine red. I like that. Say it again. Fire engine red.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: With an unhealthy chakra, just dim it down. It’s like seeing it through a gray filter or a brown filter. It looks murky. The energy doesn’t flow well. If the energy doesn’t flow well, you’ll have repeated issues with family ties, with relationships, lacking a sense of belonging and connectedness—a connectedness to this life, to the world around you. So a lot of times, Mom, if people have a lack of awareness in that chakra, they feel like they don’t know their purpose in life. They feel lost. They do things for instant gratification, quick fulfillment. They start something and never finish it.

Me: Okay. That sounds a lot like you when you were alive, Erik. What sort of physical manifestations can occur with an unhealthy root chakra?

Erik: Well, you can expect issues with your shitter.

Kim laughs.

Me: Uh oh!

Erik: Digestive issues, anything in the reproductive organs, urinary tract issues, even circulation problems in the lower part of the body like the lower limbs. You might see injuries like breaking your ankle or hurting your knees. Think of like from the hips down and that’s where you can manifest physical conditions and diseases. You have to be willing to ask, “How did I manifest this? What is this from?” and be willing to listen.

Me: If you have a disease and a not so healthy chakra—and of course with all of these, you can probably balance and cleanse them by listening to specific tunes on iTunes or YouTube. They have all sorts of root chakra balancing and root chakra clearing tunes, but besides that, what can you do? Can you wear the color red or sleep in red sheets? Is there anything else you can do to help the root chakra? Any visualization exercise?

Erik: Absolutely. The easiest thing is to offer things that you can do because a lot of times, even when people listen to music or listen to binaural beats, some people don’t “know” what to do.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So, I’ll give you things to do. Ingest anything red that’s ingestible. Eating cherry tomatoes is great. Eat or drink anything red. Then there’s aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is more restorative than most people realize. For the root chakra, aromatherapy like wood, smells of wood like cedar, cherry wood, frankincense, things like that that are really earthy.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Of course you can wear the color, too. You can even buy colored light bulbs and be in that light, but if you can ingest it, you’re taking it to a whole other level. You’re becoming really intimate with that light.

Me: Yeah, and smelling those things is like ingesting. What about the sacral chakra? What is that for?

Erik: Oh, Mom, that’s probably the one that most people have trouble with! It’s your sense of self, your emotions, it’s the energy center where you build the foundation of who you are, but all too often, we become insecure. The insecurities happen, energetically, in the sacral chakra.

Me: And it’s right below the belly button, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay. And the root chakra is at the pubic bone?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Easton is knocking at the door! He wants to see Mimi! (Yelling) Y’all come get him! Jesus!

Kim laughs.

Erik: The root and sacral chakra are so closely related. Of course they all feed into each other, and a lot of times, if the root is off, so is the sacral and vice versa. (Holding his finger up) Both of them have a lot to do with your sense of self and your security with that and that feeds into your sex life, your passion, your ability to be intimate with others, to be vulnerable in conversations or intimate in the bed.

Kim chuckles.

Me: Yeah, because if you’re not secure with your self, you’re not going to be okay in those areas.

Erik: Yeah. If you’re feeling insecure in one of those areas, you need to ground yourself through that chakra. Well, how do you do that? You need to become present with that issue first. So, if it’s trouble being intimate, physically, then you need to ground yourself. You need to be present in that. You need to do it, no pun intended—

Kim (smiling): He’s being completely straight-faced at the moment, actually!

Erik: You need to be intimate but be present in that, too. Be aware of what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: That’s how you work through the insecurities. Insecurity is just a lack of presence.

Me: Yeah, don’t be balancing your checkbook in your head while you’re doing it.

Kim (laughing): Yeah, exactly!

Erik: Exactly, Mom! That’s what I’m talking about. The energy of these chakras get misaligned when you’re not present with something.

Kim: He’s showing the sacral chakra. It’s orange in color. It’s like this deep fiery orange.

Erik: It represents the emotional self. (Waving his hands) I don’t want to get into it, but try not to create an identity with your emotional self. So anyway, when you begin to see a lack of flow or stagnancy in this area, emotional will begin to rule YOU, so you might cry at the drop of a hat. You might become angry at the blink of an eye. So, you’ve got to be on top of that! Again, we talked about intimacy, passion. You might feel a lack of drive if the energy there isn’t flowing well.

Me: Any drive or sexual drive?

Erik: Both.

Me: Okay. Any kind of drive. Okay.

Erik: Yeah, like motivation and that sort of thing. At the physical level, when illness manifests, Mom, a lot of times you’ll see inflammation in the intestinal tract, sluggish digestion or even the opposite like IBS-D. So when we look at the chakras, look at where they lie in the body because that’s what it’s going to affect.

Kim: He’s talking about Hashimotos. I don’t know—

Me: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. That’s the thyroid.

Kim: He’s talking about it affecting the stomach. How would that affect the intestines?

Me: Well, if you have hyperthyroidism, you can have diarrhea or you can become constipated if the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, the auto-antibodies, have destroyed the thyroid tissue, making you hypothyroid. So, yeah, it can.

Kim: Okay. He’s showing me inflammation of the gut.

Me: Okay, like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis.

Erik: Yeah, all that and any kind of illness that can manifest at this level. (He rubs his belly.) Even male and female reproduction. If you’re a female wanting to get pregnant, look at these two lower chakras. If they’re out of whack, it’s going to be hard to conceive. Maybe it’s not the female having trouble conceiving. Maybe it’s the male. So you gotta look at these levels and practice presence as much as you can, energetically.

Me: With those chakras, yeah.

Kim: As far as aromatherapy, he’s still referring to the woody scents.

Erik: Sandalwood, rosewood, wood scents that are a little sweeter.

Me: Probably patchouli?

Erik: Yeah. Earthy.

Me: Earthy, okay.

Erik: Eat oranges, drink orange juice, eat orange peppers, anything you can ingest that’s orange.

Me: Okay, and sleep in orange sheets, wear orange clothing. I’m sure that helps a little bit even though it’s not ingestible, unless you eat your sheets or pillowcase!

Erik: And spend time in the sun. Now, don’t go out and bake yourself, but the sunlight actually cleanses your energy completely—your whole energy field, not just one or two chakras.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So spend some time in the sun.

Butterfly Chakras

Here’s the YouTube video of the session:

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