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Since the Beltway and many roads are closed due to flooding (see yesterday’s post for pics,) traffic around town is HOR.RI.BLE. I was supposed to go on Tiffany and Kerry’s Joyride Show starting at 9:30 this AM, but what should have taken 15 minutes took over 1 1/2 hours so we missed it, had to let the next show air, and then go on at 12:30. It was worth it, though, because many stories were told and it felt like a gaggle of girlfriends chatting. Very casual and illuminating. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Blog member, Faithe, H. found this great YouTube that uses binaural beats. You might get a bit of pressure in the head, but let me know what results you have after doing this daily for a while.

Here’s something weird before you read on. My grandson, Easton, babbles a lot, but a swear I recognize him repeating various strings of “words” over and over, like it’s a real language. I’m  going to ask Erik about it because maybe he’s speaking a language from another life. Or it could just be plain ol’ baby babble. 

Now, enjoy today’s Best of Erik:

Me: Does it matter what gender you are there?

Erik: No!

Me: Is your soul gendered the same throughout all of your incarnations?

Erik (laughing): No!

Me: Well, why do some spirits tend to come back as males or females?

Erik: Cuz that’s what they’re comfortable with.

Me: Why?

Erik: You should really ask them, Mom.

Jamie (giggling): He’s a smartass.

Me: For example, what do you come back as, usually?


Me (chuckling): Are you usually a sissy in every life?

Jamie bursts out in a belly laugh.

Jamie (to Erik): She nailed you!

Erik: Actually, I’ll have you know, I’ve been a woman more than a man. Does that demote me now, Mom?

Me: No, Sweetie!

Erik: No, the reason, in my opinion, that spirits lean to one gender more than the other is because of the roles that have been shaped for those genders on Earth, and in those roles, you can achieve certain contracts easier.

Me: For example?

Erik: Well, we can hit some really clear things like giving birth. Only happens with women! Head up!

Me (joking): Oh really? That’s news to me.

Erik: And if I want to be a man, but I want to have the role of loving a man, then in my contract I’m coming back as a homosexual. Let’s say one of my contract life lessons is to learn unconditional love no matter how strongly society tells me it’s wrong. Then I might come back as a woman who loves another woman. There are beautiful lessons that go with both genders, but sometimes it’s easier to learn those lessons in one gender over another—strength-wise, character-wise, personality-wise—that just comes easier.

Me: As long as we’re on the subject, what are other reasons for people having spiritual contracts to be a part of the LGBT community?

For those of you who don’t know, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Erik: A lot of it is related to emotional honesty, because if we’re looking at time being linear, in our history, this type of love hasn’t been approved of. We’ve had pockets where it’s been acceptable, but not mainstream, and coming into something that’s not mainstream, you really have to have a bigger voice and being able to handle not being “in the box”. Not socially “normal”. “Not normal” is the new norm, right, Mom?

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: And because you’re off to the side like that, you have to fight harder to be heard and to be heard correctly, because there are so many misperceptions on the concept of being LGBT-Q. (He chuckles at his questionable joke.) And because you have to work so hard, you find that language to be extremely honest. But also, Mom, it could be a lesson in the struggle of protection and being quiet. Perseverance. It could be the lesson in suffering. In lust and yearning. Wanting something that you can never get.

Me: Could it be when someone comes in as a male only to find his soul mate has come in as a male, too?

Erik: Oh yeah. And here you are—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, you can’t say that, Erik. Use another word.

Erik: Okay. So, the lover comes in, and here you are fucking all these woman and then you realize, “Holy shit. I never ever wanted to touch a man, and now I do.”

Jamie giggles.

Me: Can you tell us how the LGBT community is treated when they cross over?

Erik: There’s none of that labeling here. You love who you love. It’s like there’s no race, Mom. You don’t look at someone and see them shaped differently and say, “Oh, they’re a bald spirit or they’re round or they’re a sparkly light spirit and only sparkly lights get with sparkly lights and only fairies fuck other fairies, and only angels can touch other angel boobs over here.”

Jamie and I can’t help but bust out in laughter.

Erik: There’s none of that structuring. It’s just this crazy openness and compassion. It’s like you would imagine free love without all that hippie shit.

Me: So, I guess souls don’t really present themselves or interact with each other as a certain gender. It’s more fluid, right?

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, are you a male there, Erik, or are you a switch-hitter?

Erik (laughing): I’m just Erik! It’s not about penises and vaginas! Like we don’t’ have these genitals that we rely on to identify how we’re going to mate or what our role is. We’re just energetic beings. Our roles are so similar, but we’re not androgynous. We have our unique personalities and characteristics, and some might say more masculine or feminine, but it just doesn’t register as something we need to define or label so we can get to know who that person is. For me, I’m Erik.

Me: And when we focus on you, you’re Erik, but when we don’t focus on you, you’re—

Erik: I’m still Erik, but I’d say I have naturally have more feminine qualities, because I have the teacher role and I want to slow down and make eye contact and sit with people and embrace them and listen and help. So, if you didn’t know me and you came into my energy and you had to define if I was male or female, you’d probably think I was female until you heard me rant and cuss. Then you’d think I was a nasty ass female!

Me: And yet, when Jamie trance channels you, you complain about her little mousy voice!

Jamie (to Erik, clapping her hands once): Oh, dawg! See! He he he!

Jamie (to me): That was awesome. Thank you for doing that.

Erik: Yeah, that’s true, but that’s not how I’m known on Earth. I’m a dude.

Me: And you were such a masculine dude on Earth.

Erik (laughing): Thank you!

Me: But you did have a feminine side in that you had a strong sense of aesthetics. You loved beauty, especially in women. Even at the age of four, you had an appreciation for their beauty.

Jamie: That’s so nice that you said that, because when you said, “their beauty”, he said, “They’re so beautiful!”

Erik: I still think women are so beautiful. I’m attracted to that energy. No wonder I want to be everything that that energy is! But you plop me on the Earth right now, and I’m going to choose to be a dude, and I’m going to go after every girl I can.

Me: Are some souls neither gender or go between the two as far as personalities go?

Erik: Yeah, if you have to label them. You can easily switch between personalities.

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