Erik on Demons and Possessions

My eldest daughter brought to my attention that I received a lot of very nasty comments in response to the fact that we plan to raffle off some of Erik’s things at the October CE event and that everyone would get one free ticket and the rest would be a dollar apiece. What I failed to mention, because we hadn’t decided on a charity yet, was that all proceeds were to go to AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is what Erik wanted, and slowly removing Erik’s belongings from our house will be healing for me and my family. I was very disappointed that people actually thought I’d exploit Erik’s death for a meager sum. I thought my peeps knew me better. But again, I wasn’t clear. So I guess, if we give away anything at all, it’ll be free. I don’t want people to misunderstand my motives. 

Don’t forget tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. In Thursday’s show, before taking calls from listeners, guest, Ryan Adragna, will read the energy of those who call in. Then, Jennifer Doran will channel Erik when he takes questions from callers. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. I’ll see you among the list of callers and I usually go down the list from first on. If you’ve tried to get on to talk with our boy more than 4 times, email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Honor system, though!

Enjoy this session on demons, possessions, ghosts, negative entities and more, courtesy of Erik, channeled by Jennifer Doran!

Enjoy these awesome Erik Encounters:

Story #1

Here I am in sunny Southern California at a day spa. I should be happy, right? Well, I am now, but I didn’t start out the day as such. I’ve been severely depressed and anxious due to having been sexually assaulted and having a 12 year relationship come to an end. I thought I should spend the day at the spa to try to lift my spirits. I brought along My Son and the Afterlife. I’m floating along in the pool reading when I suddenly just HAD to go back to my seat. I had just read the part about how Erik visits total strangers, and I was thinking how lucky I would be if I were to be visited by him, as I’ve been having a very difficult time lately, but I also held little hope of a visit as I’m not as familiar with his story and didn’t feel deserving of a visit. Well, lo and behold, there was a dragonfly waiting at my seat! I have not seen one for YEARS! I stared in awe and said, “Wow, it IS you!” The dragonfly appeared to clap his wings, and I had a vision of Erik clapping his hands in jest and saying, “Well yeah dumbass, of course it is.” I had to laugh!

So much of what I’ve read so far has really resonated with me. It’s as if I’m reading about myself. When I saw the dragonfly, I truly felt my burdens being lifted, even in the PHYSICAL sense. I am in awe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of the book and the gift of Erik. It may be a small gesture to some, but to me, it was a true lifesaver.


P.S. He says hello.
P.P.S. He seems to still be a ladies’ man. The dragonfly seemed preoccupied with my chest!

Story #2

My daughter Miranda couldn’t sleep in her room herself….on account of feeling negative energy throughout her room…so she came out and asked if I could sleep beside her…I said ok…I layed down and instantly felt what she felt…a feeling of anxiety and energy pulling from our heart chakra…It was strange feeling…We layed down facing the opposite direction with our backs facing each other…Once we comfortable and ready to fall asleep…we heard clear as day a sound like someone stuck put their tonge and blew…like a strange raspberry sound… (like when you blow on a tummy)…It took us a second to turn around and ask each other what that was and did you hear that?…We both thought each other made that noise…It was so clear…right between us…it wasn’t neither of us…We knew someone was there…So I started praying and asked my Ancestors…Angels my Mother and Father to step forward and help remove the negative energy from my daughter’s room…not long after I prayed the negative energy literally went away…it was nice.. .then I fell asleep…

In my dream my oldest daughter and I were in a room…talking when we heard some people running out in the hall…women screaming…I ran up to the door to make sure it was locked and just as I reached the door a man burst through tryng to get all the way in…there was another man behind him…they were dressed all in black clothes with black ski masks on…I screamed for my daughter Ashely to come help push the door closed…She came running over and just as she did…the man that had a gun…somehow managed to get his arm in the door and started shooting his gun…

We kept slamming the door on his arm then he pulled out and started running away as we heard police sirens…I stood there looking at Ashley…She was screaming and yelling “no no no!!”…I said “What Ashley?” and fell backwards on the floor…she was kneeling over me and holding my chest…I had been shot…I said “I felt that and saw it go through me”…Ashley said “No talking mom you need to save your energy”…and I then told Ashley “It really doesn’t hurt…I don’t feel it”…I then felt myself pulling away…separating from my body…floating in this beautiful space…I remember I saw alot of family members that I haven’t seen in a long time…family that have passed on years before…
The scene changed…I then was laying in the same area on the floor and sat up…I looked up at Ashley and said…”Goodness how long was I sleeping?”…She was sitting in the same spot folding towels…there was a little chub bub baby sitting on the bed beside her…(he was so cute)…Ash said “Mom…you’re dead…you passed into the spirit world”…I said “No…no no…I couldn’t have…I didn’t feel no pain…and plus why are you talking to me like I’m right here with you?!?”…(she looked so much older…like older than me now)…Ashley leaned over…with the most gentle smile and eyes that gleaned with bright beautiful sparkles she placed her hand on my chin and said “Mom I’m a medium remember…I have the gifts to see you!”…and then I woke up…I sat up and looked around Miranda’s room (My youngest daughter) and layed back down and immediately fell back into the same dream where I left off… I asked Ashley “who’s baby is that?”…Ash said “oh he is rashad’s baby boy”…I said “oh my he is adorable”…I asked why can he see me and no one else can?…She said “children can see the spirit world remember mom…they are closer to the spirit world”…I then told her I am now watching over your children but I am assigned to this lil guy…

I came back to visit my oldest daughter Ashley in another time…(same dream) She was alot older…And the lil chub bub baby was a young boy like 10 years old…Ashley’s hair was a mixture of grey and black…beautiful…She was so beautiful…Her facial features were older but still beautiful…She sat there folding towels…talking away to me like I was there…I could see everything so clearly…She radiated gold…so many beautiful colors…Then I woke up…there was a lot more to this vision/dream…I cannot remember it all…I do remember drifting of to this beautiful place in space…Speeding out of earths linear time…seeing family members who have passed on years prior…I also saw Dale…(A young man I knew who was killed in police custody a week ago)…He was freaking out…asking where he was…he was scared…he didn’t know what had happened to him…he said he couldn’t breathe…I don’t remember saying anything to him…but I know I saw him…Then I woke up…

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