Raylene on Astrology

Lukas is the proud new owner of a little female mini-Aussie named Sailor. Annika always seems to pick names for everyone’s pets, and she likes the androgynous ones. Now considering himself rich with his job at Instacart, he decided that his toy Aussie, Scout, needed a companion. Once Michelle and her family moved out, along with their dog and Scout’s main playmate, Camo, she’s been a little sad. Bella is too small for her to rough and tumble with. He found a breeder in Pennsylvania with an awesome record of breeding great Aussies for much lower prices. He’s an Amish dude who says his transportation is a horse and buggy. So cool. Scout flew here on a Delta flight and arrived at 10:30 PM seeming no worse for the wear. She’s very friendly and affectionate and has yet to have an accident inside! (Of course she will, eventually.) Bella is a bit scared of her and so far, Scout just growls at her. She’ll come around though. The dynamics of the pack are shifting and have to settle over time. Here’s a video right after her arrival.

Sailor’s Arrival

Missed the radio show? Don’t let it slide because there was a lot of information that might be VERY important to you. Check it out here:

Important news: Please send love, light and healing energy to our wonderful medium, Raylene Nuañes, who is dealing with a family illness. She will be back online soon. Let her know that you love her!

Here’s the transcript for the Astrology YouTube as well as the video itself. Thanks to Justin Marsh for doing such a wonderful job transcribing! This is the last transcription, unfortunately. I do wish I had more time to transcribe them myself. Having volunteers do it presented too many problems because some would take weeks or not do it at all, but they wouldn’t inform me that they changed their minds and didn’t want to make the effort. I do understand, in part, because it’s a very laborious job!

Raylene: Hello!

Elisa: Hey Miss Raylene! Long time no see! How’re you doing?

Raylene: I’m doing wonderful. How are you?

Elisa: Good!

Raylene: I’m excited to talk with you.

Elisa: Yeah! How’s our boy doing? Your eyebrows look really good, by the way.

Raylene: Thank you!

Elisa: You have pretty eyebrows — I wish I could pull that off! I just don’t have them right here [points toward the temples] As you get older this part disappears! Wrinkles take the place of lateral eyebrows. Anywho… But Erik’s good?

Raylene: He’s good. He’s laughing.

Erik: Mom, you don’t have wrinkles.

Elisa: Yes, I do — and I earned every single one of them! But yeah, Erik and you want to talk about astrology, right?

Raylene: Yes. Discussing what astrology is and how it can help you.

Erik: Hello, everybody!

Raylene: He’s here. He has on a red shirt and blue jeans. He looks very casual, very relaxed.

Erik: First off, astrology is a tool — just like a tool such as using oracle cards or going to a medium. It’s that type of tool. It’s a birth chart — for you. When we’re born we come down with a birth chart. It’s not necessarily the contract that we signed, but it is our birth chart — and it can pinpoint when we’re going to experience hard times in life, or when we’re going to experience good times in life… Basically, what it is, is it shows us the flow of energy.

Raylene: I’m asking him for an example.

Erik: Right now, the way our energy is, we’re in Mercury retrograde, and…

Raylene: This is astrology. Astrology goes back from the second century. It really goes back a ways. It’s been around a long time.

Erik: For example, now we’re in Mercury retrograde — and what happens during Mercury retrograde is things come back from the past. If you notice, it starts with “r-e,” retrograde — like resurface, resign, re-evaluate, things like that. That’s what retrograde is. A lot of people tend to be afraid of retrograde because they say it causes chaos or frustration, which is very true…

Elisa: I thought that was it! I thought it was always bad.

Erik: …And it’s not necessarily always bad. Retrograde — Mercury retrograde — is very healing. It brings things up for a reason. To resurface and be healed. It’s also a time of creativity — for people who are into artwork, or jewelry work. Any type of creativity. Even—

Raylene: …Really?

Erik: Engineers. You know how they create plans? Things like that. So it’s really good with creativity. It can cause you to be low energy, so to speak, or have no motivation. Those are things that come up with retrograde too. So a lot of people tend to be afraid of retrograde, or they’re running away from it, when in reality you don’t necessarily have to be afraid. There’s a little secret with the energy. If you flow with the energy, you’re gonna flow right through with it. If you’re hesitant and you’re pushing against the energy, well, then the energy’s gonna be hesitant with you — and either way you like it, you’re still going to have to flow through the energy, whether it’s easy or whether it ’s hard.

Elisa: Wait a minute! What does it look like for a person to hesitate and resist the flow of energy versus somebody who just goes with the energy? I don’t really understand what that means. I’m kinda slow —especially today. I’ve been taking care of a two year-old. Well, almost two year-old. Twenty month-old. All day. Brain, fried..! If I start talking baby talk, forgive me.

Erik: We need baby talk around here.

Elisa: I know we do.

Erik: But that’s a really good question… [Raylene’s screen freezes]

Elisa: Uh oh, you froze! You’re frozen… Come on, there’s Mercury retrograde yet again! Alright, I’m gonna restart. [Raylene’s screen returns] Wait — there you go! Wait, you were frozen for a long time. Like ten seconds, if that’s a long time.

Raylene: Did you catch that?

Elisa: Not all of it. “That’s Mercury retrograde for you!” I said.

Erik: It is! Complications with electronics — that’s also a complication with it. So do you want me to go back and explain hesitating and going with it again?

Elisa: Yes, please.

Erik: When you’re hesitating with it, and you’re sitting here thinking “Mercury retrograde is coming. I don’t want to deal with retrograde, or I don’t want to deal with the things that may surface, or “it’s gonna make me not motivated.” That’s hesitating with it. Just go ahead and accept the retrograde and think “there’s something that’s gonna be healing” instead of “something that’s gonna be challenging. At the end of it, I’m going to have a healing moment — and it’s gonna be a positive outcome.” At the end of retrograde, it’s always a positive outcome. Always, always. There’s a healing in-between those weeks. Retrograde is something that typically stays anywhere from two to three weeks, and then it’s gone. It only comes, typically, about two or three times a year. So we don’t have very much of it that we have to deal with, but when it does come, it’s times of re-evaluation and, you know, of course a lot of people think they put things behind them or in the past, and then it comes back up a few months later — resurfacing for healing, or for finishing. Maybe a contract wasn’t done right. Maybe you have to look over that contract — and that’s actually one of the things that happens with retrograde is contracts come about. You should never sign a contract in retrograde. If you haven’t had that contract prepared, say, two weeks ahead of time… So say two weeks before retrograde you were gonna sign on a house loan, but you had to sign on it in retrograde. That was the final day for signing on it. You would be okay to sign for it because you’d prepared it before retrograde hit. But, say you were going to purchase a car during retrograde, you want to go over that contract really good. What happens is, the energy — it causes chaos. It can make a loan fall through. It can make finances change, change the interest rate on a loan. So you want to go through it in detail.

Elisa: Ok, so should not make any major decisions — like whether to get married or have a baby or anything — during that period?

Raylene: Never. Having a baby you can never control. If the baby comes and is born during a retrograde period, that’s a whole ‘nother topic. That child is going to have — not necessarily complications, but they’re going to have things in life that are challenges. It’s not going to be an easy-going life, but challenges.

Elisa: So do you have to be careful not to conceive in retrograde? Or — the baby born in retrograde? Or both?

Raylene: When it comes to birth, it’s not that you don’t want to have the child, or the child doesn’t want to be conceived. It doesn’t necessarily matter in that sense. In the sense of getting married — if you get married during a retrograde, you’re most likely going to get divorced. So you don’t want to get married through a retrograde period. If your marriage date is at a retrograde period, change that date.

Elisa: But back to — what’s important to avoid? Conception in retrograde, or birth in retrograde?

Erik: Neither.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: You can have either of them in retrograde. Now, if a child is born during Mercury retrograde, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, it just means that there’s going to be some challenges with the baby — such as premature birth; such as addictions with the child as they get older; confusion with the child being gay or straight. That kind of confusion — not knowing what they want in life. You can find out whether you were born during Mercury retrograde by getting your birthdate and searching for Mercury retrogrades for the year you were born, and see if you were born anywhere during that time. Or you can go to an astrologer, have them look at your chart, and figure things out. But everybody’s chart is different, so every Mercury retrograde is going to be different for everybody.

Raylene: So those are some things you can look out for and some things you don’t want to do — but for everybody it’s going to be different because… For me, I’m a Leo — and so for Leos it’s going to be different. [Each of] our ascending, rising signs are different. And our sun signs are different. So it can cause more frustration for others, more healing for others, or more happiness for others. For everybody it’s different, but ultimately mercury retrograde is a healing state.

Elisa: So what I don’t understand about astrology is — what does our soul have to do with where the planets or stars are in the universe, or solar system, or whatever?

Erik: Everything. Think about it, Mom — we figure things out from the stars. Presidential debates are figured out from the stars. But, specifically, our souls come from the stars, from up above. Planets — the way they orbit the Earth — some don’t get along with each other. So they cause frustration down here on Earth. It’s really about where the planets are in your natal chart, how it’s gonna effect you. But we come from the planets, essentially. The stars are where we come from and where we get our guidance from.

Elisa: I thought we came from Source. What do you mean, Erik, that we come from the stars? Our energy..? Our energy as a spirit comes from the stars..? And the stars, I guess, are part of Source because everything is part of source.

Erik: Yes, exactly. The stars have answers — the way that the stars are placed, they’re answers. The Milky Way — you notice how the constellation is in the form that it is..? Where do you think it comes from..? Source. Out there. There is knowledge out there, and that’s where we get knowledge from. It’s not necessarily where we come from, because we come from Source. We’re all a part of this big collective. But you can get answers from the stars, from the planets — Jupiter, Mercury — all of the planets surrounding Earth.

Raylene: The thing with retrograde is, retrograde is going backwards. We never go backwards as Earth. We just continue to orbit. So you’re going to get things from the past resurfacing — that’s the backwards you’re going. Does that make sense to you?

Elisa: Yeah.

Raylene: Using the planets, what the planets are doing, how it’s effecting the Earth and our solar system — that’s not how it’s going to effect each individual person. Not every planet effects every person [in the same way]. It’s specific to each individual.

Elisa: Ok. What determines that?

Erik: Your chart. Your rising sign, your ascendant sign, that’s who you are, the person that you are. So, thinking of astrology, we know about typical horoscopes, right? Your horoscope can tell you basically who you are; the person that you’re likely to be; your good traits and bad traits, right?

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: Astrology uses the same things. We use the planets; we use the zodiac signs.

Raylene: Thank you! That’s what it’s called. It’s called zodiac signs.

Erik: …To determine information and to help us figure out a little bit about the person, about who you are.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik: We’ve got the planets. We’ve got the moon as well. So, say, December 3 [2017], we just had a super full moon. This intensifies the energies of the Moon by about one hundred. It brings together closures. So, say, if you set an intention at a new moon, then whatever you set at the new moon will come to fruition at the full moon. Especially at the super full moon, because it’s more powerful. So the more intent you put out at the new moon, the more likely it will come to fruition. Even if you’re not putting intent but you have a goal that you’re working for — say you’re in school, and you wanna be done with school by the end of the month — if you set that goal, the moon’s going to help you to achieve it. So [the Moon] plays a huge, vital role in our charts — in who we become and who we are.

Elisa: So if you have an intention, go ahead and try to set it during a new moon and work toward having it manifest itself at a full moon. Super or not?

Erik: Exactly! Yes.

Elisa: So, we get information from the stars. Is that because information, knowledge, is energy too..? Everything is energy. Is it that part of the stuff of stars is energy..? And some of that energy is information..? Or how does that work?

Erik: All of that energy is information.

Elisa: What if somebody lives on Jupiter — would they have a whole different horoscope?

Erik: Yes. A whole different horoscope.

Elisa: Yeah, because things are retrograde on Jupiter, but not on — ok, interesting.

Erik: You see, Jupiter is further from us. Think of where Earth is sitting right now in the solar system, and think where all of the other planets are sitting. Each planet is going through their own shit. Here on Earth, each person is going through their own individual stuff, whether it’s happiness, joy, sadness, or grief. What’s happening out there in the solar system is huge, because those planets are playing a role in everybody’s charts. And all of the planets are not the same for everybody, because we’re all different. We come in at different times. Birth times are different, birthdates are different. So [everybody’s] planets are gonna be different. Also, we have rising signs, ascendant signs — moon signs — and these are all things you wanna get information on so you know how a planet’s going to effect you.

Elisa: Ok. So what is it about the time and date of birth that makes any difference at all? Like I was born April 21, 1955, at 1:01 in the morning. Why does that determine so much?

Erik: It’s a big deal, because that’s the time you came in. If you were born even five hours later, you’d have a different birth chart, because the planets are moving. Even though you can’t feel the Earth move, it’s moving — and the planets are moving around it. So there are things happening every second, literally every second. So that minute that delays your birth, or that minute before your birth — something’s changed. The planets have moved. The planetary system is changing. That’s why it’s important [to know the birthtime].

Elisa: So you arrive and flash freeze where all of the planets and stars are in relationship to each other, and that determines your natal chart?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: …What else is there? Does it effect our chakras or the meridians or anything?

Raylene: Yes. So, astrology: we come in with past life stuff, and we also come in with a contract, so to speak, with lessons that we want to learn. So yes, it does effect your chakras because it has —

Erik: Chiron.

Raylene: Chiron is the wound — and we can see what age you were when you had Chiron surface in your chart.

Elisa: Chiron? What is Chiron?

Raylene: It’s a planet.

Elisa: Oh, it’s a planet? Where is it?

Raylene: It’s far. It’s new. They just found it. I’d say probably about five years ago they found the planet.

Elisa: And what is it? It’s a wound, you say?

Raylene: It’s a wound. Chiron is the wounded healer in mythology. So we can look at your chart, and it will tell you at what degrees — the degrees are the age you had trauma, something that’s effecting you right now. That’s why I say everybody’s chart is completely different.

Elisa: So you look at Chiron — the position Chiron was at, at the moment of trauma or at the moment of your birth?

Raylene: It’s the moment of trauma, because you’re not born with trauma. You come in to have the experience. So in everybody’s chart, I can pinpoint what age they had something traumatic that’s still effecting them.

Elisa: That’s amazing.

Raylene: That’s how accurate it is. Now, back to what we were discussing before he interrupted with Chiron. I completely lost my train of thought, and I absolutely hate it when that happens. It happens when I’m doing channeling and he blurbs in there.

Elisa: Oh yeah! …Slow down, Erik!

Raylene: Yes?

Erik: When it comes to the Moon, and all of the planets, and how they effect everybody, that time is actually very important. If you don’t happen to know the exact time you were born — a lot of people don’t — ask your mother if she knows if it was more morning or afternoon, because that plays a huge factor as well. The planets are really shifting.

Raylene: …He’s talking about the information from your chakras — going back to where we left off now!

Erik: How it can show up in an astrology chart or how astrology can effect it… It doesn’t necessarily effect it; it just shows what [energy] you come down with.

Raylene: He’s using you as an example. Is it okay..?

Elisa: Sure! I don’t care.

Raylene: Your ascendant is in Capricorn. It’s in your first house. What this tells me about you is that you’re here to solve mysteries, to find out about yourself, to do self-care — that’s really important. It’s located in the first house — the house of the self. So when we think of Capricorn, they’re very blunt. So you tend to be very blunt when it comes to your self-care, and when it comes to figuring out mysteries, problem-solving. You’re a problem solver!

Elisa: Maybe that’s why I wanted to be internist, you know? To think about how to try and diagnose people.

Raylene: Yeah! There you go. Exactly. Diagnosing them and being a problem-solver. That’s where it fits with you — being the person that you are, the self that you are. For me, mine is not in Capricorn; mine is in Leo. My ascendant is in Leo, which is really strange — so I tend to be very blunt as well. But what I’m here for is healing. I’m helping people. That’s what Leos do. They’re very blunt, but they’re also here to help people. They’re the heart, the healers of the [Raylene’s screen freezes].

Elisa: They’re the healers of what? You froze.

Raylene: Healers of the world.

Elisa: Healers of the world. Ok. You froze for a little bit, but it’s ok… So, what do you mean by houses, and ascending, and all of that stuff? What’s a house? You gotta dumb it down for me girl!

Raylene: There are twelve houses in your chart. Each house represents something different. So for each person, it’s going to be something completely different. But the first house is always the house of Self. The house of you. The true self. The 2nd House, the 3rd House, the 4th House — each one represents something else. You could probably talk about each house and the subjects they represent for an hour. That’s how much they represent, and what they say about you.

Elisa: So one might be a career house; one might be a relationship house…

Raylene: The tenth house is the career house; the third house is relationships, but there’s so much more that goes with them, so you can’t just put one thing in them. So right now, what everybody’s experiencing with this full moon, it’s gonna be like love. It’s gonna be happiness. The energy is also coming in Gemini. That’s why it’s bringing about love. It’s also bringing about career changes for a lot of people. See, we’re also in Mercury retrograde…

Elisa: Yeah.

Raylene: …So the energy is chaotic, but at the same time not so chaotic in that it can bring about positive outcomes.

Elisa: But do you really wanna make a career move when Mercury’s in retrograde?

Raylene: No. You don’t. But you can start looking for a job…

Elisa: …But you don’t wanna make that decision.

Raylene: Exactly. You don’t wanna sign that paper if you are hired in Mercury retrograde. If you were looking for the job two weeks before retrograde came, and they’re calling you during retrograde, you can take the job — because you started planning it ahead of Mercury retrograde.

Elisa: Yeah, I’d like to see how that happens! “Look, dude, I will take the job — but we’re gonna have to wait until this Mercury retrograde is over with!” Yeah, that’ll go over real well!

Raylene: Right!

Elisa: Ok, what does it mean “ascending?” So-and-so is “ascending..?”

Raylene: There’s different ways it’s meant. So “ascending” means going to a higher level. You’re ascending. You’re becoming more aware of consciousness. Of your higher self. Of who you are. Of other beings out there. Of spirituality. You’re ascending, becoming higher. But in the form of — ok, I’m pulling up your chart really quickly, Elisa…

Elisa: Ok, and you guys, I will make that available to everybody when I post this, when I post it on the blog.

Raylene: The ascendant. Your ascendant is in Capricorn. Now, what does that mean for you? Your ascendant, essentially, is going to tell you the key to self-discovery. It also tells how to express yourself as an individual. It’s not so much about your identity; it’s more how you choose to express that identity, and your primary motivation in life. That’s your ascendant. And it’s really interesting because it’s in your first house — that’s the house of you. So you have really come in for self-care — that’s something you’ve really come in for.

So, there’s Chiron. There’s Pluto. There’s the North Node, the South Node. there’s the Midheaven — and the Midheaven is really interesting. I love the Midheaven. Midheaven tells you about your public life. This includes social status, your chosen profession. It can also show you how you crave attention, how you want attention or how you perceive attention coming to you. How you receive it and how other people perceive you as you receive the attention as well.

Elisa: Ok. So basically, [ascending] means you’re expanding in self-discovery or whatever — when it’s ascending… Right?

Raylene: Yes. Exactly. And Midheaven also refers to spirituality. Your Midheaven is in the tenth house — that’s actually pretty spiritual — and you’re also a Scorpio [Midheaven]. So when you think of Scorpio — scorpions, they’re not nice creatures, right? They can be very mean with each other. You require a profession that gives expression to the resourceful side of your nature. This could be, literally, working with other peoples’ resources or investigative work. And that’s what you’re doing. You’re investigating the afterlife.

Elisa: That’s true.

Raylene: Your Midheaven is… You’re doing what you should be.

Elisa: Awesome! So Erik — wait, one more before I talk to Erik — now obviously we have different phases in lives. Childhood, adolescence, young adult, middle age, whatever. Do you have different chapters in your astrological chart?

Raylene: You do. Different chapters. That’s a really good way to explain it. So, I’ll use myself as an example. Right now, it’s called a Saturn Return that I’m going through. You go through a Saturn Return from about 28-30. The big Saturn Return Starts at 29, but you can start feeling it at around 28. That’s actually your childhood resurfacing, things from childhood — friends, relatives, school, high school reunions. These happen during your Saturn Return. So, yeah, there’s different stages in life that we go through. There’s different types of events that we go through. Have you ever heard of the midlife crisis?

Elisa: Oh yeah!

Raylene: Often you see people having a midlife crisis around the age of 30, and around the age of 50. It’s no surprise because the Saturn Return comes at those ages. When you get it at 50, that’s when you have the thoughts of “did I do what I wanted to do with my life? Am I happy? Am I satisfied? What do I need to change?” So you have the ability to change things around the age of 50 — at your Saturn Return — because you have the energy of Saturn. Saturn takes awhile. It takes 29 years to orbit your chart one time. So it’s a very slow-moving planet. You typically only get through Saturn about 4 times in your lifetime. So what Saturn does is bring change to you slowly.

Elisa: It seems like I heard several years ago that the dates of the zodiac signs have shifted. They figured that they aren’t what they thought. Is that true?

Raylene: It is true. They have shifted. It’s not by much… So Aries is March 21 – April 29…

Elisa: So I’m Aries now?! I’m not Taurus anymore?

Raylene: It changed, you see?

Elisa: Wow!

Raylene: But not by a whole lot; by a little bit. With you — lets see what your rising sign is. I get all of the information from a program, you guys. It’s not something that [I] just created. It’s a program that you use. You pay for the program. Your sign is the rising sign, by the way. You’re a Taurus. So you’re going to have more of a Taurus background.

Elisa: Ok, yeah, that’s what I feel. But my sign is Aries?

Raylene: It is.

Elisa: But the rising sign is Taurus. Ok. Now, I want you to give information. You do astrological charts for people?

Raylene: I do, yes.

Elisa: How can they find out theirs?

Raylene: Go to my website and click on astrology. There are links for a birth chart and a prediction chart. The difference between a birth chart and prediction chart is a birth chart tells you about who you are; what you’re likely to do; obstacles that you’re likely to have; people coming in and out of your life whether it’s Mom, Dad; the job that you’re likely to have; fears that you’re likely to have; ups and downs that you’re likely to have; children that you’re likely to have. That’s the birth chart.

The prediction chart is something that you use to help you for one year. You get the prediction from the day that I run the app, and then you get it for a year — and this tells you what to expect, whether it’s healthcare changes; the healthcare of another person; perhaps job decrease, losing a job; getting a new job; increase in income, things like that. The birth of a child. New family members coming in. It’ll tell you what to look for during these timeframes, and it’ll give you the dates of when it’s possible to have it. There are even times when it tells you not to make money decisions, or not to sign on papers. I’ve had people come to me that were about to purchase a home, and they wanted to look through the chart to see if the energy was beneficial for them on that day — and actually it showed that it was not gonna be beneficial. That person’s loan ended up falling through.

Elisa: Boy..! It’s amazing — you did my astrology thing, and I thought it just thought it was so in-depth. I mean, really! It covered everything! Pages and pages and pages… It’s pretty cool.

Raylene: It’s a lot to read. They’re typically 15-30 pages, each one. It comes directly to your email, and it comes quickly. It doesn’t take me long to get it because I’m not having to sit with each individual and go over the chart. It goes over it in detail with you, so that way you understand it. A lot of times people end up getting charts and they’re not the detailed charts. They’re just a wheel that they’re looking at, and they’re not sure how to interpret it, or what it is. So they’re like, “what do I do with it?” You wanna get one that’s in detail, that’s going to explain things for you. There’s a lot of reading — it’s anywhere from 15-30 pages with the birth chart and with the prediction chart.

Elisa: Yeah, it’s pretty cool! So it’s www.angelmedium7.com, or — I forget.

Raylene: Yes, www.angelmedium7.com.

Elisa: And Erik — tell us about your astrological information, and how we can better understand you through that.

Erik: You can better understand me by using the planets to your benefit. Right now, for the next year and a half, we have Jupiter — Jupiter’s the planet of spirituality…

Raylene: Thank you!

Erik: Do you know how on Halloween they say that there’s a thin layer between the other side and Earth? The veil..

Elisa: Is that true?

Erik: No.

Elisa: Oh… Well, it sounds cool.

Erik: Using that term, the veil is low right now… For the next year and a half, you can connect to us a bit more. The energies are present for us. So, everybody — feel how sensitive you are. Feel your emotions. Feel other peoples’ emotions and realize: is this mine or is this somebody else’s? Feel when I’m around you. Right now is a time of sensitivity. So find out where the planets are, what those planets are gonna be doing, how long they’re gonna be there for, and how you can use them. That’s how you can use the planetary system, astrology, in connecting to me or spirit guides. You can even find out if it’s likely for you to have a spiritual job. That’s something that’s really easy to pinpoint in an astrological chart. It depends on which house your Midheaven falls in.

Elisa: Of course. Erik, looking at your astrology chart, what could I have known about you more when you were alive?

Erik: Challenges. The one thing that my birth chart Indicates is that I’d have problems accepting myself, and having other people accept me. I accepted myself toward the end, but I got tired of people not accepting me for who I was.

Elisa: Yeah… It’s too bad… What else can you tell me about your birth chart?

Erik: I was a prankster, I was a jokester. I got pleasure out of making people [Raylene’s screen cuts in and out].

Elisa: You still are! Could your predictive chart have predicted what ultimately happened to you?

Erik: No. It wouldn’t have said that death would’ve happened at that point. It would’ve said that my mind was in a lost place at that point, and my emotions were kind of scattered. You could’ve had that — yes. But in terms of was I going to die? No. We have freewill, Mom — and our chart, that’s just something to guide you. Your chart’s not going to tell you that you’re going to die during this time, because you have freewill. I had options of staying or leaving; I just decided to leave when I wanted to. So it wouldn’t have been pinpointed that that would be my death.

Elisa: Ok. Alright. Anything else you want share about astrology?

Erik: It can help you figure out life challenges, relationship challenges, even if you’re in the right relationship or the wrong relationship. There’s a lot of ways to go about figuring this out. So, guys, find an astrologer.

Raylene: This is something I don’t offer yet, but this is something that is out there. If you can get the info for you and your partner, you wanna look for a relationship chart. Have somebody pool that for you and combine that information together. It will tell you if you’re likely to stay or likely to break up. It’ll also tell you the challenges that are going to be in the relationship. Or the happiness that’s going to be in the relationship.

Elisa: Is that something you don’t offer but will offer eventually?

Raylene: Yes. I’m actually in the process of getting it up on my website. There are also different types of astrology. There’s Western Astrology, which is what I do. There’s Chinese astrology. Hindu astrology. Thai astrology. There’s a lot of different types, and they all pretty much [involve] the planetary systems.

Elisa: Erik, is there one that’s better than the others? More accurate?

Erik: No. The Western one is finding to be more accurate.

Raylene: The Chinese uses yin and yang — that type of energy. I don’t quite understand how the Chinese astrology works. It’s really complicated. The Western is more logical and you can get information quickly from it.

Elisa: Ok. Anything else you wanna share, Erik? Or Raylene?

Erik: I love you.

Elisa: I love you too. This is awesome! Alright, when I post this on the blog I will include my astrological information — and wait a minute, do I have Erik’s?

Raylene: We can do Erik’s astrology chart.

Elisa: What do you think the blog members would be most interested in seeing? Probably yours.

Erik: Mine. It can pinpoint some of the challenges I went through in life — and it can help others.

Raylene: It’ll be Erik’s. I’ll get that to you.

Elisa: Well, thank you! Check her our at www.angelmedium7.com

Raylene: Thank you, everybody!

Elisa: Thank you! Love you guys!

Erik: I love you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Featured image courtesy of astrology.ca

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