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Veronica finished answering most of the questions submitted to her Ask Erik page. If you want to check out Part One, click HERE. Part Two is on its way! I’ll let you guys know when she’s open for June questions, but of course that’ll probably be on the first of that month!

Here’s an old session from November. I’m almost finished publishing everything from before my hiatus!

And here is the transcript courtesy of Jackie M. Thanks, Jackie!

Veronica:  Hello!

Elisa:  Hello busy lady!

Veronica:  I got some Xs and Os for you – I got some hugs and kisses  (lifting her mug to the screen)

Elisa:  Thank you. All i got is a red cup, a solo cup and some water.

Veronica:  Oh water, that’s boring, that’s not what you put in a red solo cup (laughing)

Elisa:   I know.  Okay, so, hello Erik and Veronica, how are you?

Erik:  Blowing kisses

Veronica:  I’ll tell you what, your boy has got me in some hot water today.  He is in rare form.

Elisa:  Oh Oh

Veronica: Smoking, like chain smoking.  He is like the Dickens man, he is all over me.

Elisa:  I know.

Veronica:  Wait, can you see him, because I had three clients today who saw him.  He sits to the right of me and can you see or do you see orbs?  Can you see anything there?  Maybe he’s gone like right there (pointing to her right)

Elisa:      (unintelligible)    Like one time I saw  a red orb come up from behind Kim’s head.

Veronica: He’s definitely in full force today.  We’ve had banging, kick ass sessions today, so we are in high gear.

Elisa: Awesome!  You guys are a great team, that’s why.

Veronica: I love him and he loves me, and he looks out for me, Iet me tell you, so.

Elisa:  That’s awesome and I know you would do the same .

Veronica:  I would.  I would.

Elisa: All right, let’s talk about Infertility this session.  You want to Erik?  Cause a lot of people do struggle.  And the reason I bring this up is because I had one woman, a blog member, that had recurrent miscarriages and I said, (of course, you have to check with your doctor) take baby aspirin when you are trying, all the way up to the first trimester and she did that and then she went to her doctor and her doctor said nah you don’t need that and she miscarried.  And this time she did not tell her doctor and she just gave birth to a beautiful girl. So that’s awesome!  That’s happened to so many people.  But of course you must check with your doctor.  So that has been on my mind and because of that and a few other stories.  And also your big sister is just days away from having her baby!

Veronica:  Listen, he is all over that.  He is all over that.  He is excited. He is like rearing to go.

Elisa:  Okay, these are from blog member.  Some are mine strictly and some are submissions from blog members.   Almost half of the women in my family, mother and father’s side have fertility issues.  Some have been able to give birth after years of trying while some have had no hope after years of trying to bear children.  So this is not a personal question, this is a general one.  What is the purpose of this or is there a way to heal or help them spiritually to be able to have children.  What is the spiritual approach to addressing infertility.

Erik:  This gets really deep. While it is not personal, where are they geographically? That is the common denominator. Look at the geographic, that will be helpful.  Know what is around you. Infertility on a spiritual level is hear to help couples grow closer so that they can discuss things that normally maybe would not even come up.  It deepens the intimacy.  There are so many moving pieces to this conversation, but understanding each other developing that bond, because you are frustrated.  You both want the same outcome, but  it’s not happening so you develop this relationship on a deeper level. The other piece of this is what is written in the contract.  We go back and forth so much on the contracts that it almost seems that we are putting all the blame on the contract,”blame”  but the reality is, there are 7 billion people with 7 billion contracts and there are a lot of common themes in these contracts.  If you are supposed to have a child, you will have a child.  From my perspective, I have an aerial view.  From my perspective, getting a child, having a child, being a parent does not necessarily have to involve biology.  You must be open to that, because it may be written that you will give a home to someone who really does not have a home.

Elisa: What is the spiritual contract behind adoption Erik?

Veronica:  Beautiful question.

Erik:  Very simple.  Give and receive.  It is a reciprocity of the souls.  At some point, you took, now you give.

Veronica:  Wow that gives me chills.  I love when he is so freakin simple.  Thank you.

Elisa:  I know.  Yes,  I like when he honkers it down.

Veronica:  I am trying to read my notes because he was talking so fast.

Erik:  Infertility is another opportunity to wake humanity up.  The big kahuna, the forever man, the universe.  We are given so many opportunities on this earth to wake up and infertility gives us the opportunity to wake up because we have it in our head that we are supposed to procreate.  We are here to replenish the earth right?  When we don’t’ procreate, (Veronica: when we don’t give birth – I’m saying it that way) it gives us an opportunity to speak the message of love a little bit further and its really about an opportunity for humanity to be shifted.  To shift perception and loops back around to adoption.

Elisa:  What did he say.  When he said give birth, what did he really say?  Pop out a kid or two or something like that.

Veronica: Yeah, well he was saying just popping them out.

Elisa:  (eye rolling) Right, of course. I figured. I figured.

Veronica:   He was saying, just popping them out. Just popping them out.  I’ve had to censor him all day today and funny because all the people that I have had today say don’t senor him.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, don’t sensor him.  We want all of Erik. It’s hard for you, I’m sure, oh  my God, you must have to grimace.

Veronica:   I do. And he laughs because I have this little bandage on my face today and he was making fun of me, I have a little bandage, I call it face cancer cut out here and he was saying, you better tell them what that thing on your face is. So tada! There it is. (pointing to her bandage)

Elisa:  Oh, I thought it was a little shiny spot.  I didn’t see it.  Okay, Okay.

Veronica: I swear he’s telling me….He directs my life Elisa.  (Laughing) So go ahead what’s next.

Elisa: What general measures should females take to help  with their infertility.  I mean maybe it is a contract, but maybe it isn’t, but they want to love a child of their own.  What should they do.

Erik:  The contract is oh you think you are going to get pregnant the first time we have sex (not his word), but guess what, you are going to wait a year and a half and you are going to grow spiritually and then you are going to have that kid.  Infertility, it can be for a moment, it can be for months, it could be forever, so it’s all written.  So one of the things that is most important within fertility is that you take care and honor the vessel that your soul is in.  Now, given everybody’s walks of life and everybody’s ability to take care of their body is different. You know.  I may have the dollar fifty-nine for meals every day and I’m going to eat the greasy french fries so it’s really about betting back to basics and one of the most basic things to do for our body is be in the sunlight. The vitamin D is huge.  Don’t underestimate the sunlight.  It can help depression, infertility and it does not matter how much money you have and what kind of diet you have. Vitamin D.  Vitamin B12, can really push us and light our fires and get us going.

Veronica:  This is interesting to me and I did not know this,  he kept talking and showing me little needles.  I am kind of slow lower sometimes.

Erik:  Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture.

Veronica: I was not getting it.

Erik:  When you hit the meridians, you are working with the endocrine system, which us getting everything in the body flowing. For couples, who have been trying to conceive.  Don’t discount acupuncture.  Research your acupuncturist.  Make sure they have a reputation and have been around and clinically they are alright.

Veronica:  He is an advocate for that.

Elisa:  What Chakras do you work on in the male and the female?

Actually, solar plexus, sacral and the root.

Elisa:  Is that for male and female

Veronica:  Yeah, absolutely,  And he is showing me like right down here (standing up and showing the area).  I would be indecent if I took you down lower. (laughing)

Elisa:  Erik would love that. Erik would be all over that one.

Veronica;  Weirdo. (laughing)  So,just right down the center there.  And the other thing, it increases the blood flow which also can help with maybe depression that gets in there,you get in the funk cause you can’t conceive so it just has a multitude of good things for it.  The other thing he is all about (and it’s funny) because I think right now he has his leg behind his head or some shit, like he’s doing yoga.  Yoga, yoga, yoga.

Elisa:  Don’t break it off Erik!

Veronica:  (laughing) As he is puffing away.

Erik:  Yoga is the spiritual component to it, but it is also good for blood flow, flexibility and then he makes some sort of wise ass joke about being flexible in bed. Ewe! Okay.

Elisa:   I’m not gonna wanna to hear that.   But I don’t actually care.  We used to talk about…He used to ask me all sorts of things about sex.  I had no problem with it.

Erik:  Omega 3’s good, good, good.  Ginger – ginger because it heats up inside the body and it does it’s thing and it heats up the blood and it flows.

Elisa:  Cool!  What about things to avoid, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes.  I’m talking about not when you are pregnant, but to prevent infertility.

Erik:  The number one thing that Americans, people, society, humanity is riddled with is stress. That’s the number one thing.   And the reason people smoke and drink alcohol is because of stress.  Manage stress and the way that you can manage stress – obviously, yoga, acupuncture, so all of the things that will produce a fertile person HELLO  “Produce” is a fertile life.

Elisa:  And meditation whether it’s active or passive.

Erik:  Rhythm.  Get into the rhythm.  And if you can’t meditate feel the rhythm, feel the vibe.

Elisa:  Are we talking about music?

Veronica:  Yes, yeah yeah yeah

Erik:  A lot of people cannot shut up in their heads.  If you can’t shut up in your head get caught up in the rhythm.

Elisa:  Okay, what about dancing, like doing the salsa.

Veronica:  Yes, anything that has rhythm.

Elisa:  oh oh we got a visitor (Baby Easton runs in laughing and his sister runs in and takes him away.)  He can’t be away from me too much.  Any other general measures besides those to help with infertility.  Wear speedo guys (I’m kidding) and don’t put your laptop on your lap in the bed.  That’s why you are not getting pregnant.  You’re on your computer all the time, in bed.

Erik:  Free the boy, free the boys.

Elisa:  Free Willy.

Veronica:  Yeah

Elisa:  What should be taken for recurrent miscarriages?  One of the things I recommend is a baby aspirin once a day, but if there is a problem, there are other things too.

Erik:  Once of the most prominent reasons for miscarriage is that it does not attach.

Veronica:  So physiologically, I kind of know what that means the “thing” attaches to the uterus.  The thing.

Erik:  The attachment, when you lose a child because it is not attached.  They give you that as a reason.

Veronica:  That is probably a contractual thing.

Erik:  You can try the next one and maybe the next one will attach.  It is a timing thing.

Elisa:  The baby needs to be in your life at the right time and place.

Veronica:  Absolutely.  And another thing. Erik wants this to be out there.

Erik:  If you’ve lost a child, whether through abortion or whatever, or just miscarried, most times that soul will surround you – keep coming around you again and again and that soul will incarnate through you.  This is more common than people realize.

Elisa:  Does LDN (lower dose naltrexone, apparently it is used for infertility.  Does that really work or not?

Erik:  Yes, it can work but a lot of this stuff is mental buying.

Veronica:  You and I would probably say the word placebo effect and he says mental buying, is what he’s calling it,

Erik:  I can give you a “smarties” and says this is going to tighten your uterus and you are going to have a baby.  And if you believe it and because our thoughts create our reality.

Elisa:  Okay, thoughts create reality exactly.  Intention.  What is the usual spiritual basis for recurring miscarriages?   Is it to learn about loss, to learn humility?  Is it to learn to deal with disappointment?  What?

Erik:  It is an individual basis.  But if you think about the overall concept, the overall word is loss and sadness.  If you are thinking in terms of spiritual growth; learning to cope with sadness and loss without artificial intervention.

Elisa:  What do you mean?

Erik:  Artificial intervention would be drugs, alcohol.

Elisa:  Oh oh! (Easton walks in laughing again and taken away.)

Veronica:  You know what’s funny, I live in Easton Pennsylvania.

Elisa:  Oh my God – that’s funny.

Elisa:  That’s all Easton.

Veronica:  Easton, Easton.  Right, well go on to something else and if it comes back I’ll just…

Elisa:  Loss, sadness, artificial….

Veronica:  Oh, dealing with loss without artificial intervention meaning alcohol, drugs, the “A” word, addition.  We mask our fears and we mask our sadness through our vices and when you lose a child the whole concept is loss, sadness and processing that.

Erik:  Think about it.  Think about it, people “go to their knees” (Veronica:  you mean get down on my) when there is immense sadness or loss.  and if you think about it.  It’s not who you are praying to it’s that you are fine tuning the love in your life.  Loss equals a greater deal of love.

Elisa:  Well yeah, and coming down to your knees is also what happens when you are broken.  But sadness is just one component of fear. It’s probably like the fear that you will never be happy again or the fear that it will happen again.

Erik:  Inferior – wow, I should have been able to carry that child.  I should have been able to give birth.  I’m a failure.  This is a mindset of a lot of women.

Elisa:  In men too, I’m sure.

Erik:  Exactly.  But women, because of the physical growing the attachment to the child once it’s in there.

Elisa:  I guess the spiritual basis, most of the examples for still births would be similar, right?

Erik:  Right.  The soul had a purpose and the purpose was conception and it was done.

Elisa:  That is one lazy soul. Seriously?

Erik:  We on earth are on pigeon hole time.  There is no time.  You don’t eat supper at 5 O’clock.

Elisa:  Right, right.

Erik:  It doesn’t work that way.

Elisa:  What is the spiritual basis for infertility for males and then for females.  The learning how to be okay with not have a l life according to social standards.

Erik:  The big thing is so that men can be introduced to their feminine energy.

Elisa:  Okay, what about for women?

Veronica:  Interesting, because Mother Theresa is popping in on that one.  Compassion.

Elisa:  Oh okay.  How’s that? Is it for yourself?

Mother Theresa:  Compassion just as a whole.  It takes a lot of emotion to be a mother and compassion is something we think we have a lot of but we give it away.  And so, how do we have it to ourselves.  I have this body and it’s supposed to do this thing but it didn’t do it.  And so I’ve got to learn compassion for myself.

Veronica:  Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Elisa:  Now a lot of people want to know, do babies suffer when they pass from a miscarriage or stillbirth?

Erik:  No.

Elisa:  What is their transitional life?  It’s like a revolving door.  Hi, I’m back again.

Erik:  No.  There is no suffering.  What you and I see as suffering, even if someone is killed in a car crash.  Let’s say a mother is pregnant and she’s in a car crash and she’s pinned in the car.  The minute that the soul checks out, that the soul is done, there is no pain.  So, the minute that the infant, that the embryo, or whatever you call that, checks out, there is no pain.  So, there is no pain.  No.

Elisa:  So what do they do, what happens after they cross over.  Are they like (unintelligible).

Erik:  They are back on the assembly line. Back in line to come in again.

Veronica:  Interesting.

Elisa:  Maybe there is a different spiritual basis or spiritual contract. (unintelligible) Is there something the parents are here to learn or teach that we have not already addressed?

Erik:  Healing.  99% of the time when a light comes in and it doesn’t come to fruition, it helps heal something.  So it’s either healing something in the tribe, the family of origin or it’s healing something with the individual, or it’s healing something collectively.  One of the ways it could heal collectively is that,  think about the saddest thing on earth, a child being gone, a child dying, you know.

Elisa:  Tell me about it.

Erik:  The saddest thing on earth. 9/11, it was a huge tragedy, everybody that was lost in 9/11.  But the pregnancies, it’s just a sad thing.  The pregnant woman.  We can wrap around that, we can wrap our sorrows and our compassion around an infant.

Elisa:  And in the family, I suppose, suppose they cut off any kind of communication with the family, but then her sister’s daughter has a stillborn, and all of a sudden she is compelled to heal that relationship and come back into the family again because of the tragedy.

Erik:  There are cases where women lose children in utero at 8 months pregnant, 6 months pregnant and they must carry them to term.  And there is a spiritual reason for that.

Veronica:  It blows our minds at what Erik sees, because we can’t even wrap our mind around it.  When he shows me this stuff I’m like, I can’t even wrap around this.

Erik:  There is spiritual meaning to that.  Symbolic meaning to that, if you will.  It is our job not to judge anything or to label anything.

Elisa:  What is that beeping?

Veronica:  Oh, listen my phone blows up all the time.

Elisa:  Oh okay!   I had a stillborn baby pretty far along and I think it was for me to get used to the idea and to prepare for the loss of Erik.

Erik:  Absolutely, it was the prelude to something.

Elisa:  Is there something the child, the stillborn or miscarried is there to teach us or to learn something?

Erik:  Take the soul of the stillborn child, it is, now remember there is no time, it’s a bleep in our times, but it came in and it’s learned something.  Perhaps it’s making up karma, perhaps in another life, it lived too long and it tortured too long and now it’s going to come in in this life and it’s gonna make up by a quick exit, quicker than it even got to be. We don’t know the mission of each soul and for us to dissect every, we can’t do that.

Elisa:  I think that everyone who’s had a stillborn, miscarriage to communicate with that child through a medium if they can’t  (unintelligible)  to find out what that whole things is about.

Veronica:  And you can, you can.  I have done that and it’s brought immense closure.  Immense.

Elisa:  (Unintelligible).  Has there been an increase in fertility and if so, why? (Unintelligible)

Erik:  There’s been an increase in people.  So, in infertility it’s like this (Veronica is holding her hands out as a leveled balance) leveled out and doled out as it needs to be, for whatever contractual reason.  But there’s been an increase in people and you know I’m not getting into the whole what you eat and all.  It’s a whole other conversation, a whole other topic.  But it’s suffice to say there is an increase in people.

Elisa: (Unintelligible due to echo) at 28:49, Just saw an orb fly across.  Are there any environmental facts behind infertility.

Veronica:  Well I think he opened up with watch the water you drink (haha, no pun intended to Elisa, as she was sipping her water)

Erik:  Yeah, of course, there’s all kinds of shit in the water, there’s all kinds of shit in the earth.  Be careful, know what you live next to. And don’t stand for living next to anything that will pollute your source of life.  Your earth, your water. Take that stand.

Elisa:  Okay, should we drink (unintelligible)

Erik:  I don’t want to cause panic but normal tap water for the most part, is okay.  It’s not the best, it’s okay.  Filtered water.  You can buy those water purifiers.  Spring water is okay, you know, but environmentally if you think about one big pool of water and what is happening is that there is something in the earth that it’s not filtered through that these invasions are getting in.  There are some parts of the county where they are more prevalent than not.

Veronica:  He is showing me the middle of our country.  It is big on this polluted water.

Elisa: What’s invading?

Erik:  Dirty water, polluted water.  An invasion of bacteria. An abundance of minerals.  Something that mutates.

Elisa:  Okay.  What kind of aggressive measures (unintelligible) in-vitriol fertilization.

Erik:  Why not?

Elisa:  Okay, well i figured he’d say that. Okay we are going to talk about PCOX, (unintelligible) like ovarian problems that (unintelligible) infertility.  Why do we have polly—-unintelligle?  Why do we have that?  Some women.

Erik:  The spiritual answer is that there is a lot of malignant growth in the family of origin in your tribal beliefs.

Elisa:  What do you mean.

Erik:  So, what were born into.  What kind of dynamics are you experiencing with your family?  Is there a sexual repression? Is there a sexual identity repression?  A lot of these malignancies or these growths are really cell.  And when they choose to become cancerous cells, they are activated.  And so, you can have a cyst on an ovary and it could be there two months and then it’s not there. Is it putting the breaks on the pregnancy?  It could be because it could be saying, hey, not now.  And then two months later we all know that the thing can trigger and go away and you are going to be normal.

Elisa:  (Unintelligible)  Erik, is there anything else you want to add to this topic of infertility?

Erik:  (Veronica holds up a peace sign as she laughs) Everybody procreate!  Go out, live life to the fullest.  Look for the lessons in life.  Go deep.  Go deep.  Love your fellow man.  Know what you are drinking.  Don’t drink the cool-ade.

Veronica:  He’s going on and on and on, but that’s the jest of it.

Elisa:  You guys, please… (unintelligible)  And Erik thank you. Veronica, thank you.  I love you both.

Erik:  Love you mama.  (throwing kisses)



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