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The radio show last night was awesome, but we got off to a rocky start because 10 minutes before, Veronica said that a blog member told her it looked like our show wouldn’t start for 4 hours. Well, it turned out that Rob, the producer, was in the ER being treated for the flu and didn’t set up the studio page. He did at the very last minute, but I had trouble getting on and staying on throughout the first part of the show. Things settled down eventually, and I commend Veronica for holding her own alone for so long! Check it out here:

Before watching the video, I want to share these Erik encounters as well as a funny doctor story of mine.

Story #1

Hi Elisa,

So usually when I’m in the car and shuffling my iTunes, I ask Erik to be the DJ. I was on my way to LA and I didn’t like any of the songs that Erik was playing, so I asked him, “Can you be a good DJ?” I didn’t mean that he was being a bad one (well, sort of hahaha), I just wanted him to play songs that I would like better. I hit the “Next” button and the one song in my phone titled, “Fuck You” comes up wide and clear on the screen. I stifled my chuckle because my mom was in the passenger seat. I couldn’t help but to think, “Oh jeez.. this is so like Erik.” I thought that was so funny and I knew I had to share it with you! Eventually after that he started playing awesome music haha! Hope you thought that was funny, have a good one!

Story #2

I found your blog, and then your/Erik’s books, while doing random searches on aliens. I have never believed in aliens until recently when a friend gave me info that piqued my interest. I found one of the YouTube videos of Jamey Butler trance channeling the Tall Whites and short greys, etc. I was hooked and watched countless Jamey-Erik-Elisa videos that night and for a month afterward. I am a Mom of one beautiful grown son and I had overwhelming feelings of compassion for Erik’s family and admiration for Elisa’s courage. The blog, the readers’ stories and testimonials, and Erik’s crazy-brilliant-funny personality are so engrossing and emotionally authentic and compelling that it gets under your skin and into your heart. I have inadvertently come to rely on the CE website and “universe” like an old friend: Elisa and her generous sharing of her family and her humor, wit and intelligence; Erik with his fascinating stories and spiritual guidance; all of the kind and very hard working mediums; and the supportive readers. (Any haters can go away.) It’s easy to take CE for granted. But it is important for everyone who uses and is comforted by this website to acknowledge the work and money required to keep it running. I am very private and dislike (distrust) social media, but am only writing to thank everyone, especially Elisa and Erik, for helping me beyond words. Although, I have been a spiritual seeker all my life and a metaphysician for half my life, I have learned so much from Erik. It is impossible to properly express how much in this note.. The first time Erik pranked me was in my car via my Bluetooth and Siri. I think I jumped a foot out of my seat. I could sense a heightened vibe in the air. I said out loud, “Is that you, Erik?” And Siri beeped at me again, hands free. Since then, Erik has come through Siri a number of times and created awful odors that I initially blamed on the dogs. I also suspect Erik puts thoughts into my head, “answering” my questions when I silently engage him. I have shared CE and Erik stories with many people, hoping to spread your good work like ripples in the pond. Elisa, you just need to know how important you and your work is. You are a delight. Your and Erik’s love inspires me every single day. I know you grew bored of it, but I actually loved the interviews of the celebrities or famous people or historical figures. The Bigfoot and alien interviews are amazing – there are profound truths in that material whether one believes in those entities are not. I have learned something from each interview, regardless of topic.. I have yet to tune into the Hour of Enlightenment, maybe because I like the quiet of night reading. But no matter what, you, Erik, the mediums – the whole Team – are loved and appreciated more than you know. There are likely hundreds or thousands like me who may not take the time to write, but are nonetheless grateful and very much engaged with CE. I send prayers, light and love to you (ALL of you).

Now for the doctor story. Every doctor collects such stories, including me. I remember I was a last year resident in Internal Medicine and was on call with my intern. Dr. Glann (also known as “The Hammer” because he only admits the sickest patients) sent us a woman for admission. I sat in the patient’s room to supervise my intern doing a history and physical. Interns and medical students are notorious for asking a million questions, some of which are unnecessary like, “Do you have hair on your toes?” One of the questions my intern asked (which was an appropriate one) was, “What color are your stools?” She looked up and reflected for a while, then replied, “Well, the one in my kitchen is green and the one in my living room is pink.” It took everything we both had to stop from laughing. She also said, as part of her past medical history, that she had had a vasectomy. She meant a mastectomy. I have loads more that I’ll share over time. I love my patients. They bring me joy in so many ways. 

Now for the video on insomnia. I promise it won’t put you to sleep! Within a week, Jennifer should have her new website up: 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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