Erik on Lightworkers, Crop Circles and “The Shift”

Argghh! I can’t believe my last session didn’t record. I can’t even remember most of the questions I asked, because I erased them from the master list. And poor Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia. Now they’re going to have to go through their interviews AGAIN! I think I might have to wait until they rest up. I can just see the two of them, along with Erik, rolling their eyes saying, in unison, “Typical.”

I remember one was about crop circles. Erik said that these are definitely created by aliens. Some of them are intended as messages for each other, and some of them are like gang graffiti.  One gang will try to outdo the other with their artistry. He also said that The Shift will happen over a few years. There will be nothing abrupt throughout the world. There will be more earthquakes, solar flares and storms, but it’ll only knock us off the grid for one to four weeks at a time. He suggests that you have food, water and survival gear (matches, candles, charcoal, propane, batteries, flashlights, water purifying tablets, extra essential medication, first aid kits, etc.) to last for that one to four week period. Anything that could be destroyed by water should be stored in Tupperware and everything should be in a “Ready to Go” bag in case we need a quick and easy exit. For those living on the coast, think seriously about moving in the next 6-12 months. It’s not that our lives are in immediate danger. It’s just that once it becomes clear that some coastal areas will slowly be submerged, our property values will plummet. This is not set in stone. It’s about what side wins: Love or Fear. So let’s continue to send love to the Earth’s core and out to the crust as Erik has told us before.

One last announcement: Sadly, Robert is back in the hospital. He bled out again last night. I think the anastomosis (surgical connection between the two ends of his resected colon) is not sound and the blood clots in his abdominal cavity are putting pressure on it, allowing blood to enter the colon. They’re going to insert a drain in tomorrow, and they might take a peek with a laparoscope. He’s down to 120 pounds and very weak, so everyone pray and send love, light and healing energy his way.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Hi Jamie! Hi Erik! I guess you’re there, right?

Erik: Yup and doing fantabulous.

Me: I was wondering, are you a Lightworker, Erik?

Erik: Yes, but not while I was on earth. I became a Lightworker when I crossed over.

Me: You know, it just seems like so many LIghtworkers have such hard struggles here on earth, and a lot of them do commit suicide like you did, at least from what I’m reading.

Erik: Yeah, that’s very true! At the very least, some of them drown themselves out with heavy medication, drugs or alcohol.

Me: Oh, yeah. Or all of the above, for many of them.

Erik: It’s just amazing how many of the indigo, the gifted kids come in and are not being paid attention to. They get ignored, and they totally slide to the other side of great confusion and disappointment. Of course everyone thinks they’re just manic depression because of the chemical in their brains. It’s such bullshit we’re being fed, and it just pisses me off, and it makes me so fucking angry!

Me: Well, why can’t these Lightworkers come with a little more spiritual awareness and a memory of what they’re here to do?

Erik: But Dude, think about it, Mom. If we come in all-knowing and we present ourselves as how we really are, we’re going to be such outcasts, and people will distance themselves from us. They’ll think their fucking nuts! They won’t listen to us at all!

Me: Do some of them have to struggle to become better Lightworkers?

Erik: Some of us have to have the struggles, but mostly it’s the authority and the people around us that need to struggle, because once they go through it, they know who we are and they can respect us and our mission.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: That’s what needs to be taught.

Me: Absolutely. Now, what was the name of your main guardian angel while you were here on earth, Erik?

Erik: Gabriel.

Me: Oh! THE Gabriel as in “when Gabriel blows his horn,” or another Gabriel?

Erik: THE!

Me: Oh, wow!

(For the love of God and all things holy, I have to spruce up my vocabulary.)

Erik: Well look at the shit I’m doing now, thanks to him! It’s amazing!

Me: Is he still guiding you? Do you keep the same guardian angel after you cross over?

Erik: Well, it’s not needed for me right now, cuz I’m working so hard with myself that I’ve gotten through all the shit I needed to get through.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Mostly, we send the energy to you, Mom. You’re really the vehicle. You’re the big news.

Me: Well, I hope I don’t drive that bus into a tree or—

Erik (laughing): Off the interstate.

We chuckle.

Erik: You won’t. You won’t!

Me: Okay. But maybe try to give me the turbo level of energy, cuz whatever you guys are beaming my way is pretty milk toast. I’m sure it’s partly my ability to receive it, but, just sayin’. Lock the friggin’ energy lasers on me and let me have it.



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