Are You an Alien? Part Two

I'm so excited! Blog member (and extraordinary writer) Lambert Scalvini and a friend of his is really helping me out with the radio show: the intro, the outro, the announcer voiceover and more. I can't believe he's doing this out of the kindness of his heart! I'm so blessed to have you all. We're … Continue reading

Are You an Alien? Part One

Last night, we put up Christmas decorations so it looks like Santa threw up all over the inside of our house. Arleen joined in by putting ornaments and candy canes on the tree. Of course they're all on the lower part bunched up in a 2 square foot area. She mostly enjoyed the Christmas carols, the … Continue reading

Pleiadians and Energy

These are two short posts, so I thought I'd give you guys a two-fer. Enjoy! ERIK ON PLEIADIANS Me: All right. One last question. Can you tell me, Erik, more about the Pleiadians? Erik: The tall, pink, sexy people? Me: I don’t know. I guess. Erik: What do you want to know? Me: Well, tell me … Continue reading

More on 2012 and “The Shift”

When I read the summary of the public channeling event where Erik described the details of his death, it took the wind out of my sails a bit. Of course it was all true, but I try not to think about that day any more. So yesterday was not easy. But then, I came to a realization. Were it not for you, … Continue reading