Erik’s Atlanta Public Channeling Debut

Jamie’s assistant, Weedie, has very kindly written up the proceedings of Erik being Erik a few weeks ago at the public channeling event in Atlanta. Because of the power outage (which, as you will see, was probably orchestrated by Sir Erik, himself) the audio recording failed. Weedie took notes furiously, though, so this should give a very accurate account!

Robert is doing better, thanks to everyone’s love and healing. He should be out in a couple of days!

Tony also feels much better. Not entirely, but he knows the reiki is working and hopes you all send more!


Conversations with Spirits:

How Their Lives Change After Death.

Last month’s channeling was held on a dark and stormy night. Many participants in the crowd dodged lightning strikes and falling trees only to find no electricity at the Love & Light center. With the doors flung open and the room glowing with candlelight, the channeling began. Maitland exclaimed, “It would be a good night to be witches!” Everyone laughed and eased into their seats for what proved to be one of the most fascinating channeling evenings ever. Maitland stayed only a few moments giving an update on economic and global events. She again impressed upon us the need to become self-sufficient. She said that the weather patterns that we have recently seen in the mid-west are going to continue. Big bad storms will keep coming and are intensifying. Our cities and our government are not set up to handle the mega storms that may come our way, so we need to make provisions for ourselves. Maitland then bid goodbye saying that Erik had the stage for the rest of the evening.

Erik entered the room, said hello and commented that he felt like a Doberman in Jamie’s Chihuahua body. His demeanor and his easy laugh put everyone at ease. Erik began by describing life prior to his death by suicide in October 2009. He related being bipolar as feeling like the part of you that is really you is locked down deep within and another part of you is out there, but is not you. He felt internally trapped without perspective and, for him, suicide came as a solution. He stated simply, “I needed to leave. I wanted to leave. And I made it happen.” Erik shared that he took his own life where he felt the safest: in his own room. In that moment, he experienced an immediate separation as he watched his own body slump in the chair. He didn’t see a tunnel of light; instead, he stayed with his body and watched the ambulance arrive. He watched his body being placed in a body bag and stood in front of his house as the ambulance drove off with it. He wishes he had thought to say good-bye to himself. He did, however, spend time giving energetic good-byes to all the members of his family. He journeyed to several different places around the globe to say good-bye and to begin the work of mending some of the hurt that he acknowledges his death caused. He wishes that there was more support for the family and friends of those that take their own lives.

Saying his good-byes probably took a couple of hours but he said that it felt like several days. Then, he felt an attraction to what he described as a light, a kind of space, a vortex; Erik said that he took three steps into it and he was home. He explained that there is a limitation in our language to describe what happened. We don’t have enough words to describe the spiritual. Erik said that in life, it is all about “me,” but in death it is virtually impossible to think “me.” You become bigger than that and are unable to use old patterns. After you die, if you try to focus only on yourself as soon as you think about you, it becomes the whole. You are still contained after you die, but there is no resistance. You go from having boundaries to having water edges – you blur and you blend.

“You carry all your stuff with you, so pack lightly,” Erik advised. “If you are a jerk in this life, you die and are still a jerk. So, you should go ahead and work on that while you’re still here. You don’t die and get a ‘shazam’ like a bolt of lightning [Suddenly, there was a loud crack of lightning followed by booming thunder outside. We were collectively impressed!] Like that!” He laughed. “There, you see your life through other people’s eyes. You feel everyone else’s perspective of how they experienced you. If you don’t know yourself now, you will know everything then.” The Life Review can screw with your head and you will realize that most of the problems that we have with others in this life are based on poor language, inflection and silence.

Erik went on to teach us about time and dimension by asking us to imagine a stack of books. Each book represents a lifetime and they are happening concurrently. Your soul is not one spiritual identity and it has a connection to everyone in the room, in the city, in the state and in the world. We are all energy and energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only shared. When we think of time as being linear, we are limited to one tiny binding in that stack of books. Meanwhile, Erik said, he, and others like him, are creating new books.

“You all have the ability to be telepathic,” he said. If you think, “that Erik is a cool and handsome dude,” then I show up. We are wired to hear that. It’s like a tag in a blog. For instance, before a reading, Jamie has an assistant who spends time putting names into the calendar and then Jamie meditates on those names and sends out invitations to those around them. We can read your thoughts, we can read theirs and we know how to show up.

When asked about 2012, Erik echoed what Maitland has been stressing to us for months. He said that we are going to need to know how to do a bit of urban camping; that we are entering a new astrological era that is wreaking havoc with the earth. We need to be self-sustaining for a week at minimum. Preparedness is key and we need to stock up on batteries, flashlights, gas burners, propane tanks, and 1 gallon of water, per person, per day. Solar powered cell phone and electronics chargers are a good idea, too. “You are here for a reason,” he consoled, just as we were getting ready to freak out! “Start creating the community that can support you,” he continued, “grow your own food. Use bartering as a viable system, tighten your belts and keep them tight. You need to play it safe.”

He concluded the evening by saying, “Learn how to be quiet! Be still. Let it come and ride that wave as it comes in. Learn how to shut up. The purpose of meditation is to learn how to stop listening, how to turn off the listening skills. The voices will still be there, you just need to practice learning the ability to stop listening to them.”

You are the driver in your own life and no one is going to mess with your free will. Me, I’m doing the work I was meant to do.

Some of us in the crowd were already familiar with Erik. His mother, Elisa Medhus created a blog Channeling Erik shortly after his death. Channeling Erik has been featured in the Huffington Post, on several radio shows, including The Sheila Show and Every Thing Positive!, and a large vibrant Channeling Erik community has formed as a result. Erik acknowledges his mother as an angel, that following his death, she took her loss and their relationship in a different direction. She created her blog and began writing about what it’s like to lose a child to suicide. He said that she is working to heal the world. Love and Light is beyond excited to hold the first Channeling Erik workshop here next month!

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