Erik on Love, Part One

Yesterday I sprayed my backyard, bushes and drains with this stuff called Mosquito Barrier. It’s great because it’s totally nontoxic to butterflies, bees, lizards, frogs, etc. but it’s a highly concentrated garlic solution so it smells awful, unless you’re hungry for Italian food. The smell in the yard goes away in less than a day, but even after taking a thorough bath and washing my hair twice, I still smell like roasted garlic dip. Still, I’ve used it before and it works great. Much better for the environment than malathion. 

Emma and I channeled the Higher Self of the contest winner, Sarah Leach, and it was amazing. I think it’s worth years of therapy. I’m thinking of devoting an entire session to channeling my Higher Self, too. I’m going to ask why the hell she chose such a difficult life. No need to be such a freaking over-achiever!

On and did you miss last night’s show? Click HERE. You might have to log in.

Enjoy the first of our series on love!

(Dog barking)

Me: Bark! That’s the first thing I hear, Polly barking.

Robert laughs.

Robert: She’s been on a barking spree today! Oh my goodness.

(Polly barks again)

Robert: Polly!

Me: Must be Erik teasing her. Hi, Robert!

Robert: Hi. How are you?

Me: Hi, Erik.

Erik (wildly waving his hands in the air): Hi, Mom.

Me: I’m doing well. All I can say is that the Channeling Erik event at my house this weekend was freaking amazing. The most common adjective: mind blowing. Everybody became so close. In fact, Cindy and Greg now have decided they might want to move to Texas to be around all of us.

Robert: I’d love to spend time with them! They’re awesome.

Me: They’re such great people. Anyway, maybe we’ll do this once a year, guys. Read the blog so that you know. I mean, some of you are only YouTube subscribers, but I would really invite you to read the blog or at least the announcements at the first part of every post. We’re going to do something a little different. Does that worry you, Robert? No, we’re going to be doing something a little different. I’ve been told by Erik through a medium is that people want longer videos. Now, my impression was that people can’t stay and listen for more than 15 minutes at a time, but he said that this material is different, and I will have this list of questions and I’ll interrupt Erik at the inappropriate time because I want to get through all the questions in that 15-20 minutes. So we don’t get into enough depth. So I think we’re going to revisit some of the most important topics and get really into a lot more detail. Erik, you, Robert and I talked about delving more into the subject of Love. I think that’s what we’ll do today.

Robert: How wonderful! My favorite subject!

Me: That’s my favorite subject, too!

Erik: Mine, too.

Robert: Aw.

Me: It’s the highest energy of all. It’s the highest vibration of all energy, and that’s what we are. We’re made of that high vibrational energy called Love. But I don’t know. Let’s talk to the man, himself.

Robert: Just a second ago, when we were talking about love, he immediately showed himself smooching.

Robert imitates Erik by making kissing noises.

Me: You’re not a sap like your mom, are you?

Erik: Fuck, no!

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Yeah, I am, actually.

Me: Yeah, you kind of are! I’m the biggest sap with my kids, family and friends and so on. But anyway, go for it, Erik! Tell us what we need to know, us peons down here, or over here. It’s not really down, I guess.

Erik: Well, Mom, I’ll just restate what I said before about what Love truly is. It’s the thing that unites everything. It’s what connects everything together. Without love, there’d be no structure to anything. There’d be nothing to connect one thing to the other. If that were the case, nothing would even exist. So it’s the kind of energy that unites things.

Me: Is that why we feel so connected to people we love and feel like we’re one with them?

Erik: Exactly, Mom. Robert, you’re energy is messed up.

Robert: What do you mean, “It’s messed up?”


Erik: Focus.

Robert: Okay.

Robert laughs.

Me: Uh oh! You shouldn’t have to focus!

Robert: Well, he’s right because in the beginning of sessions, usually I’ll start out slow and then as the energy gets stronger, then I connect better to Erik.

Erik: In the beginning, I showed Robert that image of me smooching and stuff because I wanted to talk a little bit about romantic love and what that is.

Me: Okay.

Robert: Okay, go for it, then.

Erik: Drum roll, bum, ba da dum!

Me: Oh, my nose itches! I don’t know why! Does that mean somebody is thinking about you or something? Ah, whatever. But go ahead.

Erik: Somebody’s romantically loving you, Mom.

Robert chuckles.

Me: Mm. All right!

Erik: There’s a gnome sucking on your nose.

Robert: Oh lord.

Erik: I’m kidding.

Robert laughs hard.

Me: M’kay! I don’t know about that. Get away, gnome!

Erik: I’m making a joke, Mom.

Robert: It’s embarrassing. See, I’m turning red!

He is!

Me: It’s not a very funny joke, though. You need ot keep your day job, boy.

Robert: Yeah! I’ll tell you one thing about Erik because he’s not very good at finding things, but that’s totally off the subject of love.

He’s good at hiding sunglasses and car keys, though.

Robert: Anyway. Romantic love, Erik.

Erik: Romantic love is partly about ego.

Robert: Really?

Me: Really?

Robert: Why?

Erik: Because so many people associate it with the possession of another person.

Me: Oh!

Robert: Ah, that’s really cool. Yeah.

Me: Like those Valentines that say, “Ur mine” or “Be mine.”

Erik: Love, when it’s separate from that whole side of possession and ego, which is rooted in scarcity, is about freedom. It’s about allowing someone to be exactly who they are and supporting them in that.

Me: Talk more about the connection with scarcity.

Erik: Whenever a person is approaching romantic love from a position of ego, they’re going to say things like, “You’re mine,” or “I can’t exist without you.” There’s this whole thing of scarcity.

Me: “I need you.”

Erik: Yes, all of those things. There all coming from a place of, “I don’t have it” and “I don’t see that I am enough.” When someone is coming from a place of love that’s in balance with how spirit expresses love, then there is complete freedom. You know that you’re completely whole and self-sufficient and so is the other person, and together you can help actualize each other.

Robert: That’s a big word, Erik.

Me (teasing): Yeah, for a little guy! I’m proud of you. What, do you have a thesaurus there that you’re thumbing through?

Robert (chuckling): For sure! I’m still thinking about the gnome comment he made. It threw me off! I think that’s why he said it. It was to throw me off.

Me: So that you could re-center.

Robert: I think that’s it because I started to feel more centered afterwards. What else, Erik?

Erik: Dude, just keep going! Keep going!

Robert (in his sassiest voice): Well, okay! He likes to throw me off.

Erik: Okay, now let’s talk about how romantic love can be in balance. I talked about how when two people can be actualized together, then they can do amazing things, and both people will not feel drained by having been in the presence of the other person. Now, to go off on a different kind of love, there’s the love that comes from family. It can also be expressed from a place of ego. If the person who is nurturing that child or that other family member is constantly trying to impose their ideas of what they think that person should be, they’re no longer allowing that person to be free to be who they are.

Me: Yeah, let people be who they are. I just think that’s so important in any kind of relationship even co-workers.

Erik: The same thing can feed into friendships.

Me: And that takes no judgment.

Erik: Absolutely.

Me: Talk about that.

Erik: It also requires you to have trust in the Universe and trust in that person to know what it is, on a soul level, what they’re meant to do.

Robert: Polly, I’m going to have to put you away. Wait, not put you away!

Me: Uh oh. Put her on your lap! Let everybody see Polly!

He puts her in his lap.

Robert: She’s been very barky today. There’s little Polly.

He kisses her.

Me: Hi, Polly! Hey, Polly-wolly-doodle. Erik why is she barking so much?

Erik: Cuz I’m working her up.

Me: Oh, okay. Well stop.

Erik: Yeah, I’m sorry, dude.

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