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First I want to apologize about the radio show last night. The producer and I got confused on time zones and it was an hour earlier than I thought. No worries. There are plenty of shows in our future.

Second, my good friend, Robert, shared this comment he read on the Sexual Harassment YouTube, and I thought it was so profound that I had to share it with all of you. I rarely read comments since some are so cruel–not all, but one is enough to spoil my day! Check it out from commenter, Voice of Reason:

No one here knows me. I don’t leave comments on any of the websites, but I’ve been with everyone for a while now, learning and experiencing beside each and every one of you. Erik found me a while ago, and brought me here. He’s easily the best person that I have ever known in this particular lifetime, and because he is my friend I feel the need to make a point that many people are not understanding. That point is this… It doesn’t matter if you believe the mediums. It doesn’t matter if you think that some people sound like Erik, and some people do not. Each and every single video that is posted is teaching you something. Every single video has a profound, and enlightening message of positivity that serves the purpose of helping you to heal, and allowing you to grow as people. Many of you have lost sight of the message because you are so concerned with who is sending it, how they’re sending it, and if they’re sending it right. It’s not the voice, but the message itself that is important, and each message is geared towards making you a better person. Understand this, and let go of the inconsequential. If a man in the dark were to save your life… would you obsess over who that man was, or would you be grateful that they were there in your time of need? This is the bigger picture. This is the message that’s being lost. Learn from the words, and from the wisdom you are being given. Become better. Try harder. Everything you’re being taught, you’re being taught for a reason. When you pick apart the little things you’re losing sight of that. We’re here to love, and to learn, and to grow. Every single medium here has helped you to do that in one way or another, and will help you do that if you stop wondering, and just listen. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

Also check out this awesome video from energy healer and co-host of The Shiny Show, Kari (Silver Lining) Mena.

Join The Shiny Show in Los Angeles, July 7 & 8 and in Houston, July 14 & 15! You won’t regret it. She’s a hoot and Erik adores her! Click HERE for information!

One more thing: Through Robert, Erik is suggesting that we change the CE model so that it doesn’t just involve channeling him or notable figures. He thinks we ought to include YouTube interviews of various guests, allow mediums to channel different guides and angels and more. What do you think? Take the poll, pretty please.

Here’s the YouTube for the day. It’s bound to create controversy and might make some jaws drop!

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